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  1. Click here to go to site. I apologize i just got it a day ago and have been working one the template so there is little content. Please creative critisism only. Feel free to register and participate on the forums.
  2. I would suggest switching to 3d gamestudio. It's very easy to learn and incredibly powerful. Some of the code you can get fo free on the forums will allow you to use the same techniques used in the latest 3d engines such as doom 3, quake 4 and the source engine (as in half-life 2, css, vampire masquerade, etc.)
  3. It's insane, we can expect cards with 2gb of ram within the end of 2006 when Windows Vista comes out. Personally I think we're going to soon me in the age of true 3d gaming within teh next couple of years or so, I have no idea where we'll be in 50-100 years. THere's this one theory that says computer power will double every couple of months, so that'll be just crazy cool
  4. This stuff is gonna be NOTHING when Vista comes out! From what I hear, we can expect video cards with no less than TWO GIGS of RAM in them and hard disk trives with TERABYTES of storage. One terabyte is 1,000GB for those of you who arean't familiar with metric prefixes. in fact, Vista itself has a completely 3d desktop, which is AWESOME.
  5. It's fairly obvious you haven't read the hardware specs for it. The 360 runs not one, not two, but THREE 3.2 Ghz CPUs and has a graphics card that can render something like a million polygons a second. To translate into English: Think the power of 3 high-end desktops put together for the processor and like 5 of the best PC video cards available for the 360's one vid card. The 360 allows for individual beads of sweat on people, which is something the PC has no hope for far at least another year or so. Don't get me wrong, I love my PC, but it gets owned by this.
  6. Actually hardware isn't an issue for emulation. If you go around looking for stats, the xbox, gamecube and ps2 have absolutely pitiful hardware. Think like less than 64 MB RAM, less than 733Mhz CPU, etc. Also: I'm pretty sure you can't swap hardware between consoles. I don't think the different CPU's, video cards, etc. support the same instructions (this is really advanced computer stuff, even more so than simple code, for instance ATI and Nvidia cards actually have very different commands, games look about the same on the different cards because programmers had to adapt the shader code)
  7. You can purchase a HDD for a Core for about $100 USD, so in essence both sytems will be able to play the original Xbox games. You'll also need to download patches from the Live service, this is whay you need the drive (it's not some stupid marketing bull)
  8. I've had some success with those programs, however there IS a way to speed up your broadband connection. Unfortunately this method is also illegal, it involves modifying a router to use more of your ISP's bandwidth. Doing so is unstable and can screw up the entire network and is also very easy to detect on the ISP's part. All in all, just go for a better package if you want more speed.
  9. Still sems like you're holding your grudge, though. Whoever said that it isn't compatible ith 56k modems needs to get their facts straight, the lag is caused by your dial-up! Consider getting DSL, it's pretty cheap and ahs TONS of advantages. Secondly, Runescape has AMAZING graphics when you consider that it's browser-based. The fact that it's in full 3d is something that I think ALL other browser MMO's (like AdventureQuest) don't have. For those of you that played RS classic but haven't seen RS2 (the current RS) I'd highly suggest checking it out to see how far this game has come. Plus, a bad game wouldn't have lasted the 6 years RS has!
  10. The $5 a month isn't too bad, actually. Worth it for all you get. And yes, I am aware this is a site for a free website when you could host one for less that a membership costs. It's just that I don't have a credit card.
  11. Well, i dont agree with it at all but to other people it would seem morally correct. What I have to say:This process doesn?t hurt the animal as well. You may think this idea is very wondrous but is very hazardous to all humans. They get these body parts by genetically modifying rats or other various animals so they will grow human body parts on their backs. Everyone would think that this seems fine but they don?t know the major risks involved in this process. Most people don?t realize what is happening with this transplant. We are basically taking a part of an animal and attaching it to us! This is a big mistake. It only takes one transmission from one baboon to one human to start an epidemic. There's no way you can make it safe. What if the animal is carrying a disease it could transfer to a human. This transplant could easily kill the human who received the body part.Approximately 6,000 people are on the waiting lists for human organs: does xenotransplantation offer them real hope, or might it be one of the greatest medical disasters of all time? The success rate for xenotransplantation is very low, there for we can?t really rely on this method for organ transplants. All transplanted organs are liable to rejection or the body?s own defense mechanisms will attempt to destroy the ?foreign? organ. To try to prevent this, the body?s defenses must be suppressed with large doses of very powerful and toxic immunosuppressant drugs or medifying the DNA to the recipiant's DNA which is dangerous and is unlikely to suceed.Nothing could be worse than if in trying to save our lives we inadvertently engineered a plague. It is well established that most new emerging human infectious diseases generally have their origins in other species. A direct method of establishing new infectious human disease would be to implant infected tissues from a nonhuman species into humans thus allowing virus?s direct access to human tissues, if ever have we had as much knowledge to prevent a future epidemic. "What is lacking is the wisdom to act upon that knowledge." says Dr Jon Allan, Virologist. They are quite right too, some viruses carried by pigs are impossible to eradicate or cure. Experiments also have shown that these viruses can infect human tissue. There have been many instances of diseases crossing between species with catastrophic results like HIV and the recent chicken flu epidemic in Hong Kong. Patients receiving xenotransplants will have to take immunosuppressant to prevent rejection and drugs that inhibit the very defenses that protect us against such diseases. That will increase the risk of infection of the transplant wound and that they would become ill of some ?present? that was with the organ or body part. The patient should know of xenotransplantation risks before surgery.Over all the whole operation and process is risky but beneficial if successful. The transplant could be life saving for the patient. Plus over time xenotransplantation will become more advanced and less risky. There also will be more stock of body parts and organs. The process does not hurt the animal either. Xenotransplantation is not entirely bad in essence.Xenotransplantation is dangerous and can have catastrophic affect on the patient and society, if it goes wrong. I believe that xenotransplantation is not right, morally and physically. We are not actually hurting the animals but we are actually HARVESTING their organs and body parts. Xenotransplantation should be used rarely and only when in a dire situation. I do not stand with xenotransplantation. Notice from jlhaslip: edit to insert double quote as reported
  12. I would have to say Halo 1. The graphics were fairly good and it had a killer storyline. Not to mention the multieplayer which was fairly good but unfortunately the only downside was that Xbox Live was not out which limited the multieplayer.
  13. Right i understand your thinking but toasted oatsis a copy off Cheerios,Nova i ant so rich either, but it seems like a copy off the regular brand.
  14. Well it is a good solution to coling organ havesting and it does have some kinks to be worked out but once perfected it could be really usefull! Also modifying the DNA is quite hard. Not to mention it seems morally correct.
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