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  1. Probably a BSOD which triggers an auto-reboot.Open the start menu, right-click on "Computer" and choose "Properties". In the window that opens, click on "Advanced System Settings". Now in the "Startup and recovery" part, click on settings. There, uncheck "Automatically Restart".Next time your system fails, you'll get a BSOD with an error code (style 0x000007FABD). Googl'ing this error code should give you some info. If it's not clear, feel free to post the error code here
  2. It might be a problem with your icon cache, try rebuildling it: http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/49819-icon-cache-rebuild.html
  3. Ok, thanks . The request was sent so it'll all end soon
  4. Hello,after many years I've decided that I don't need my hosting at a Xisto anymore and I'd like to terminate my hosting account (mainly because I hardly use it anymore).Is there a certain procudure to following ? Also, I've been quite late with this and my new hosting plan will start 19th and a part of the invoice has already been payed using myCents, is there still a way to cancel this invoice in order to stop my hosting plan ?
  5. Ow, so instead of running it full-screen, you want to black banding ? You should be looking for the "flat panel scaling" option in the nVidia settings menu and set it to "Do not scale"
  6. A quick search yield the result: tadaa
  7. You can't . Such an old game is not designed to handle 16/9 resolutions, it can properly place the GUI elements and all that stuff.Also, it can't handle the high resolutions because it's lacking the high resolution texture maps.With some luck there's a Warcraft III mod out there that allows you to get it running at 16/9 and then have your graphics card upscale the image to fit your monitor (which will look ugly and blurry )
  8. Thanks for bringing it up again . Just installed Mint 14 - Cinamon edition over my Fedora 17 and I'm quite happy with it, it surely gotten even more mature since Mint 10.I must say that it's refreshing to see that there's at least on linux distribution that looks really nice (Ubuntu is fine too, but Mint is more refreshing).However, it's much slower compared to Fedora 17. Logging in was instant and the Gnome 3 'tablet style' start menu were actually really easy to use (and I even miss it on Mint).
  9. If it's an MTP device then it should just show up without any problems on your computer. However, I had a similar problem with my Windows Mobile device and it turnoud out that the DHCP service must be running (by default it's running, but some people prefer to disable this if your pc has a fixed IP). I have an Android tablet and to be honest, you shouldn't worry too much about back-ups nowadays: everything you do is in the cloud (whether you like it or not). Your contacts, mails, photo's, video's are all stored in your Google account and so are the apps you've bought. Office documents and larger files can be synced using (Drop)Box. As you state, it are indeed the manufacturers apps that make or break a tablet. I have Cyanogenmod ROM installed on my tablet and compared to what you get with Samsung it's really a useless ROM (in terms of: you don't get any fun stuff). Viruses are indeed a common problem with Android, there are virus scanners but I highly doubt their efficiency. As usual, common sense is the best safety measure (tough a virus scanner, firewall and permission revoker can get you pretty far too).
  10. The thing with Apple is that if they offer you the ability to upgrade to a newer version of iOS it means it's going to run stable and smooth. If they can't guarantee a high quality experience then you'll just have to buy their new hardware .Besides, what's wrong with a 2 year old phone
  11. @Cinnamon: I'm quite curious what you mean by "more than MySQL can handle". As far as I know, MySQL is a powerfull database which is used in many production environments with extremely high loads and huge datasets. I'm quite sure that the performance bottleneck will be on the hardware side and not on the software side (except when you fail to define indexes and stuff like that ). I can guarantee that even a simple query takes a few seconds on a production DB2 server if you're searching inside a table with +100.000.000 entries ;)If you have non-relational data to store you also might look into NoSQL databases like MongoDB.
  12. Using shared folders should be the quickest way since it's just a disk-to-disk copy without it going through the network or USB. However, maybe the fact that you use NAT makes things slower inside VB (I always use a bridged network connection, this way I also have quick access to all my network shares).
  13. Hello Xisto,I'd like to address the problem with the recent spamming issues on the forums. There are a lot of spambots which are bumping old posts and mess up newer posts and some of them just post crap as 'guests'. This is really annoying because I often use the 'Show new content' button which now acts like a 'Show all posts with spam' button. It's also annoying because it makes it harder for me to gain myCents because I just can't find any interesting and active topics.Please do something about these problems Eg.1) disable guests2) better capthca on registration3) auto-close all posts which are older than 2-3 months4) Posting URLs is not allowed in the first x days after registration + you need at least 5-10 posts without URLs ...
  14. I think he want to increase the WiFi signal in his house. There are several ways to increase your WiFi signal: 1) Turn your wifi antenna's (or just turn the wifi router if it's doesn't have external antenna's). Most wifi antenna's are slightly directional which means they send more energy in certain directions. 2) If possible, install a better antenna on your wifi router. These antenna's boost the signal with a few dB in certain directions (so in certain places it'll be better and in other places it'll be worse!). This is not possible if you can't swap the antenna's on your wifi router. 3) This highly depends on your wifi router, but certain firmwares allow you to boost the WiFi signal. You also disable power saving features to get a more powerful signal. 4) Get a 802.11n WiFi router if: your cell phone supports it and if you don't already have on. 5) Get a WiFi repeater
  15. I guess it'll survive a week or two in stand-by considering that it doesn't need to keep a radio power all the time . But then again, it's not nice you won't be able to use your camera after leaving it two weeks on the shelf . On the other hand, it's a nice camera with great specs and it'd be cool that you could share some high quality pics while traveling without the need of a laptop. On the other hand ... I prefer my dSLR
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