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Angelica Jolly

Can Any One Help Me With This C++ Programming Question?

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<h1 class="western" style="margin-left: 0.3in; text-indent: -0.3in; font-weight: normal;"> Hi,</h1> Can anyone write a c++ programme which allows the user to solve the following non-linear equation:

f(x) = sin(2 x / 5) - x + 1 = 0

to an accuracy of 10^(-5) using both the Bisection Method and the Newton-Raphson method.
The user has to input the appropriate initial estimates to the actual root.

Thanks For The Help!

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damn, if only I remembered these two rules :o Never been good at solving those equations (the only I can tell you is that x must be between -2 en 0 :o ).If you could give me a quick recap of the two formulas then I'll give it a try :lol:

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