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Bootvis Alternative ?

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Vista starts to take up a long time before it become 'workable' when I start it (I doesn't realy respond the first 2-3 minutes after logging in). So now I'd like to know which apps takes such long time to start and I need an application that is capable of monitoring the startup-process. I know M$ had a tool called Bootvis, but that application is too buggy and I don't want to risk screwing up my installation.


So, does anyone know a free alternative for bootvis ?


//edit: ps. it must monitor processes too ;)

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i am not familiar with the programme so this might not be as good but i would try...

click on the start button and type in the search box "msconfig" then hit enter then click the startup tab from here you can see all the processes that run on startup, untick ones u don't need to speed up your system, be carefull not to stop any system processes

Click to see a picture

hope this helped

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I know msconfig, but the only thing it does is listing what loads and what doesn't load. I want an application that monitors the programs when they are starting.

For those not familiar w/ bootvis, this is what it looks like:

Posted Image

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