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Google Chrome Onfocus='this.select()' Problem

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I'm having a slight problem with Google Chrome.
I have a fairly straight forward form with only a single text field. When this field gains focus, all text should be selected which should work with the following code:

<form method='get' action='/cms/search.php' style='margin-right: 10px; margin-bottom: -10px' name='searchform'>				<input class='tbox search' type='text' name='q' size='20' value='Zoeken' onFocus='this.select()' />				<input type='hidden' name='r' value='0' /><input class='button search' type='hidden' name='s' value='Zoeken' />				<input type='hidden' name='t' value='all' />				<input type='hidden' name='adv' value='0' />			</form>

In Google Chrome however, the field gets selected and then deselected immediatly and it's almost impossible to select the text in that field.

I've searched the web, but didn't find any solution :) . Is there anybody else who had this problem and knows how to fix it ?

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SolutionGoogle Chrome Onfocus='this.select()' Problem

We can avoid whatever is happening in webkit browsers as soon as the focus event handler is finished by forking our text selection using setTimeout:

$("input[name=myInput]").Focus(function () {

 setTimeout('$("input[name=myInput]").Select()', 10);


Good luck.

- Corey

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