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Area 51 What do you think it is?

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Shadow X

I think it's real. There has to be at least 1 secret, mysterious organisation in each country to be lookout for weird things. But they have to be secret isn't it because the government will definetly interfere and try to make suggestions and changes and then they'll ruin it or maybe shut it down. But it's hard to imagine what Area 51 is or where it is because of how much secrecy they have.


Area 51...that's definitely one of the Unknown Wonders of the World! ... There is so much speculation as to what that place is about...I guess it keeps us all busy thinking, eh? Conspiracy theories, recorded documentaries, amateur photographs...all contribute to the speculations of what ifs...What if the government is hiding alien beings or spacecrafts? Well...what if? And, why not set the record straight, instead of having all the conspiracies floating about the U.S. Maybe it's just a Military base that develops new technology and tests aircraft safely in the desert...But that would be boring...and not make good news stories, huh? Our society thrives on exciting, strange, weird, and unknown phenomena. We don't want to deprive the American people of their fantasies and dreams, do we? (We, being the Government, I guess, or the Press).Me? I like to speculate that maybe, just maybe, we have been contacted before by an alien race, and maybe one was injured, or left behind, and we have been studying the being ever since, in hopes to understand more about it. Because the thought that we as humans, are alone in this universe, and beyond...is disturbing. How can we be the only intelligent beings? We can't be, right? That's every child's question and thought at one point in time or another...And maybe Area 51 is one of the only last unknowns that everyone can make their own speculations about, and keep the childhood dream alive that there IS life on other planets...and we are not alone...I for one, do not believe that we are alone. My child inside lives and dreams on...until my time on Earth is done. Don't be afraid to dream. B):P


Here are some COLOR arial shots of Area 51 for all you SciFi fans to gawk at. I have no idea what area 51 REALLY is but I dont think they left those cargo planes out by accident, I think they want to take our mind away from what is really going on there. Why else would they have two fighter jets on base ready to scramble. Click the images for a larger view.


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OK sorry, for some reason the thumbnails didnt show up in the post, it worked fine in the preview before I posted, but don't worry the absent image boxes still link to real images that do load, and if you want to see them all in thumbnail order you can check out My Blog and they are right there. Once again I'm sorry about that.


Personally I think itâs an airbase used by NASA to test their new aircrafts. It is well known that NASA is developing secret airborne machines all the time and I think Area 51 is the place for the tests.

I have to agree with you there. I know that a lot of people think the military is hiding some supernatural alien spacecraft there, but it makes more sense to me that it's a top-secret testing facility.

Which, when you think about it, makes the aliens-have-landed stories a very good cover for the government. They don't want civilians snooping around looking for evidence of new flight technologies, so they don't bother saying much when stories about aliens come out. Let the public believe that if they will, and the advantage is that said public will leave the flight stuff alone, not even thinking about it in most cases, and let NASA/the military work in peace.

Besides which, where *else* would NASA/the military be able to test top-secret flight stuff? They'd have to have a pretty large area that's well isolated and highly secure. All of that fits Area 51's description, so ... yeah. For example: they had to test stealth fighter jets *somewhere* - and they certainly didn't do that any place where we regular old civilians could look on.

Kid Saiyan

But aall the rumours say that its a place for aliens...and if it was just a place for testing, then why is it meant to be so secret? And why so protected...with the fighter jets and all...?


I think a bigger secret than any of us can imagine is hidden there.(dare to hope) I think there are not "aliens" there, but maybe, an advanced species of humans? What if what is hidden there, is magic?-Satine


But aall the rumours say that its a place for aliens...and if it was just a place for testing, then why is it meant to be so secret? And why so protected...with the fighter jets and all...?

Civilians came up with aliens, and if it'll keep them away, the Goverment won't deny it.


I agree with DigitalDingo Area 51 is just a test site for the US Military. I think the whole alien thing was a way to scare people from going there (back before it was heavily protected). I guess it kind of had the opposite affect in a way. I think Area 51 is where the US stores their military equipment like tanks and bombers ect. I may be wrong about that though. I have heard that they are developing new war technology there, in a safe place in the middle of the dessert. This probably because they dont want other countries to find their ideas before they use them. It may also be because they don't want to in danger civilians with toxic material (of-course that is probably not the case after all we are talking about the US army). As for the aliens I have no clue why someone in the generation would even believe for a second that aliens have come to earth. The government may just want to put out a secretive feeling to other countries so the US seems like they are up to something. I think it is possible (quite possible) that they are studying microscopic "alien" organisms that have come off of a comet, but nothing that would affect the average human. They may keep that secrete so that if they are wrong they don't make the US look completely stupid.We will probably never know that truth about what is up with area 51 but some day we will get a better idea.Thanks,Sparkx


I'm sure Area 51 definitely exists. The US Navy/Government seem to get up to some suspicious things....The only real reason they would want to hide it from us is if we could use it for something bad. So they're probably hiding/working on something really dangerous there. It's probably some kind of weapon. And as they have plans for settlement on the moon, you never know what they're thinking up...Though, I do think they're a bit paranoid if that's the case, I mean, if there were even aliens around our planet that wanted to kill us, they would have done it by now!I think it's very probably there is other life on other planets though, I mean, how likely is it that there's this gigantic universe with trillions of stars and planets, and only one of the planets has life on it. I don't think these aliens would live anywhere close to us though. The universe is very spread out. They probably have no hope of ever seeing us, and we have no hope of seeing them.

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I've always wondered about all the crazy theory's people have made about that place. But I'm more leaning to the more reasonable side of things. The government is obviously hiding for a reason, although most of the world knows that that place exists, they still need to keep it a secret. So most likely they are testing out stuff there, and don't want anybody to know of it. It's a fact that the US government did test out weapons and bombs and stuff back in the day. I don't know about all that alien stuff though... I'm sure that there are other life forms out there, but I don't think that the US government got a hold of a spaceship and a alien. I don't think anybody will really know...


Re: "I donArea 51

You don't think the U.S. Ever got a hold of an alien or spacecraft?  Ever hear of Roswell and.M?  Do you think that that really WAS a "weather balloon"? & how about all the alleged pictures of an alien? As far as the pictures & vids of the "alien" in question,sure,they might have been faked,BUT what length(s) do you think the U.S. Is willing to go to cover up info it doesn't want the citizenry to know? & do you really think "Uncle Sam" is only looking out for our own welfare? We are numero uno in the world today(except for the fact that red china is now our mortgage holder/landlord) & remember ALWAYS "power corrupts & absolute power corrupts absolutely!"

-reply by pappaw



Call me a conspiracy guy but I beleve Area 51 was used as a "moon" to fake the moon landing. There is very strong evedence moon landing was faked, for example astronauts magically being lifted up etc. Also strange that the government does not want to talk about it. They should just come clean to prevent more wild theorys and conspiracys being made up :)