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Solar Energy the solar boat

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rechargable batteries are definately the way to go for now, but all you're really doing is substituting one energy source for the other or just transfering energy. i doubt rechargable batteries will ever come that far down in price or the manufacturers would be losing tons of money.i remember a VERY long time ago, there was a tire company(i forget which one) came out with some special tire which was supposed to last the duration of the car's lifetime. it sure did do it's job and there was a lot of demand for this tire too(i forget what this tire was called too....it's been so long). well eventually the tire company had to stop manufacturing and promoting this tire because it was causing them to lose money.i can't wait til solar power becomes common place. it will cost more in the short run, but well worth it in the long run. as indego had said, any excess power, you can sell it back to the power company so instead of them charging you, you are charging them. probably at a heavily discounted rate, but you are effectively earning your money back from that power source.windmills is nothing new. i being originally from california was about 2 hours drive from a place called palm spring. 30 years ago they started building windmills in the desert on the outskirts of that town. you can't drive through there today without seeing hundreds of windmills and that town gets most of their energy from that power source. it's ugly as heck though. i'm in missouri now and there is so much land here to put windmills without it being too noticable or taking away from too much of the nature that surrounds the land with a farmer(land owner)/consumer co-op(joint venture), it would be easy to pull something like this off where everyone who buys in would have a share

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