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  1. Convinced by ? I even can't imagine a server with any OS rather than linux, it would be waste of resources ! Debian and CentOS are the most used linux distros by me. Both good for different purposes. For daily usage like internet surfing and watching movie i use Android but for gaming still use Microsoft Windows. Also with help of office 360 i just think that there is not any usage for windows remained other than gaming which means if I get a console i will probably delete windows from my laptop. I'm a fan of centos, it brings the highest stability I have ever seen in free linux also it is always good to know with just some simple steps you can switch to enterprise support of RedHat. I should say that linux desktop environments are just not as good as windows yet. Currently I think the best one is KDE, but it is still not as users friendly as windows and mac but fortunately it can be hgihly customized. Anyway microsoft windows will remain popular and may even get more popular because it is just a better start for anyone who don't even know how to turn on a computer. With so many different linux distros out there, there is only a little guid available for each problem you face in them and also there are so many problems you face and you don't even find anything about them in internet. But windows is not like that.
  2. I usually use notepad++ for writing html pages, but when i stuck then i get some help from browsers they are very good for real time processing of the html code and you see the results just as you change it. I've never used any other software for writing html pages.
  3. The design is good but doesn't seem to be friendly with lower resolution displays, i have a 1280x800 tablet and using it i browsed xisto and word wrapping in the first page was a lot ! and android tablets can not zoom out from 100% to lower percents like 50% so it is a little hard to read forum descriptions. But in desktop everything looks good so far
  4. Images are deleted, i recmmend to avoid this tutorial as it will auto delete all of the spams you receive and I can asure you that spam detection of google is not 100% ture ! for example i get transactional emails from many websites , sometimes one of them goes to spam and if I don't look at it or delete it I may not get aware of pending invoices and etc. Spams will be self deleted after 30 days so i don't think you really need any auto delete method and also if you think some emails are just spamming your email, you can define their email address to be autodeleted, just like the above tutorial but when you create the filter just enter the email address of spammer. There is only one annoying thing that i haven't found any solution for and it is yahoo groups. I don't know how, but it seems that admins of these groups can add you as the memeber of the group without asking your permission and then you will get hundreds of spam emails from yahoo groups. I contacted yahoo about this problem but haven't got any answer till now. Of course you can leave the group but i don't want to be even added to those groups. These emails mostly contain useless adverts and it is obvious that they try to make their group bigger to get more expensive ads to be sent to group members.
  5. There are many ways to make a website popular but the most important ones from my aspect are : 1. Unique contents : It is very important to post and write something in your website that others don't have. this is the main key to get a website more popular. copying contents or even trying to change them to not be a complete copy and paste will ruin your website and result in bad ranks in search engines like google. so you have to write your own articles or try to collect and merge contents about a specific area. This can be done easily for those who write down daily happenings and diaries but for those who write about specific things like technology, games, sport and areas like these it is a lot harder and you may even find out that your own written article is very similar to others. In these areas i recommend to write articles about problems that haven't got a certain answer yet. For example if your website is about technology you should know that there are tons of reviews about mobile phones and tablets and just rewriting them again will not give your articles any reputation. but if you go around and see problems that people have and collect them and gather them around in your website and lets call it common problems about specific phone or tablet then these articles can easily get high reputation because they are useful and people will click on your results in the search pages. later you will even see that visitors come back to your website which is very important if you want to get popular and get better ranks in search engines and alexa. by following some simple rules and always trying to avoid simple copy and paste of others contents you can easily get better ranks but for getting people back to your website after the first visit you need to provide useful information that can't be found in other websites. 2. Listening to feedbacks These days each website provide many ways for the readers to contact the owner and authors of website. for example social networks like facebook and twitter are now the most common way that people say what they think about your website or your article. another example is comments section of your website, people that have found your content useful or useless will write down something for you. that is very important to read these comments and answer them ! answering them is very important so the reader of your websites feels that you really listen to him/her. this is very important in their behavior about your website at least they will come back to your website if they find an email saying that you have answered their comment in the website. While answering to feedbacks is very important, it is also important to take necessary actions if needed. for example if many people say that you don't mention specific mobile phone models in your website, it is better to provide articles which contain those models so users will see that their comments have worked ! Having a forum for your website is a great idea too, so people can argue with themselves about the things your write in your website and so they will come to your website to read others too which means you will get a lot more popular. Some may say that a facebook page can do the same too but i don't think so. a face book page is necessary but it can't do what forums do, forums are better when you want to talk about a specific thing with others. 3. Continuous Update : It is very important to update your website regularly with new news and articles, if you have written many articles do not publish all of them at the same time, so by doing this you will have a website that every day comes with new articles and it is more interesting for people as well as search engines. These were the most important things that you should do to get popular from my aspect.
  6. Actually what they have introduced is a little different from what you are expecting, it is not "customizing your own skill" it is just "customize the appearance of your skill" , so you can't not create a complete custom skill, it will be just one of the skills with different look but same effects. for more information look at two images available in the address below : http://www.mmoreviews.com/conquer-online-receives-expansion-jiang-hu-the-chaotic-age/ It shows that skills are same with different appearance, so design means only changing the look but yes you can create a different look and show it to other players. i'm not a fan of mmos so i don't know any game with same capabilities but i'm nearly sure that popular mmo games should have some mods to do such things.
  7. There is always a difference between the day that invoice opens for you and the date you have to pay it. It is in all hosting providers that they open the invoice 5 to 15 days before the date it should be paid, so you may have received the invoice notification and the date you have to pay it is 7th or 8th as you mentioned.@k_nitin_r : does the rule you mentioned about domains true for domain renewal too ? i mean how many renewal can you have with mycents in one year ?
  8. Old windows media players were not able to show meta data of any stream, it was not important if meta data was preset or which type of stream you are using it simply couldn't show meta data information. Now i don't know inf newer version like 12 support meta data in streams or not but i remember that i have played a radio station using my windows media player which 12 version and as i remember i was able to see title and song name when it was playing. So before trying any plugin first get sure that windows media player doesn't support meta data for the type you use to stream your station.If you find out that your media player doesn't support meta data for that type then you can use appropriate plugin for showing them. i don't know which format you are using for your streams but if you are using aac+ which is very popular these days for streams and windows media player can't show its meta data then i recommend you "Orban" plugin which is capable to show meta data for aac+ in your media player.I use VLC myself for listening to any stream, i found it to be a lot better than any other player because it never lags when playing and also in newer version they have added an equalizer which really works and i can even get better and sharper sound than winamp with it.
  9. I think time travel never would be possible because there are many things that won't let such thing to happen from my point of view :1. If you be able to travel trough time and if your works in past can affect future then your age should change when you travel trough time because you can't go back 10 years and still be same age while you think your works will affect the future and this can not be done because our body can not change back and get younger. metaphysical world would not exist if something like time travel exist even for just micro seconds, every micro second that passes our cells get older now if you try to make it younger even for just a micro second then you can't call it an alive cell because it is nature of alive body that can't get younger and that never can happen.2. Now let us assume that there is no need for your body to change during time travel and you can travel for hundred years without any problem. then how this thing can be managable ? how you define death in such condition ? so you can see a man from 2000 years ago in your time which has come to buy an iPad 4 and how he can pay for it ?! and what you call his age ? there are many things that doesn't let such thing to happen as you see. if something like time travel happens then you can't define age and even death doesn't have the meaning it has right now. so we see just some simple rules of this world doesn't let something called time travel to exist.3. Some research has been done on transferring a living from place to place using wire but they have shown that even if such thing happen the result of transfer would not be alive any more. so while we can not go from our place to another place faster than airplanes how we can expect to do things like time travel. of course this example is not related to time travel and someday they may find a way to transfer livings using something really fast but this example shows that some simple physical rules that this world has can not be changed and these rules doesn't let some specific things to happen which one of them is traveling through time.By the way if it exists i really like to do some changes around the world. Probably i mostly use it for seeing around the world and not traveling trough time, but i'm interested in ancient china and it would be great to be able to live there for a day
  10. Yes if you open in trough desktop it will open like the normal one, actually mirosoft has thought that all users will switch to tablets soon but i think they are wrong because tablet will never let you to do your works as fast as a PC with mouse and keyboard. No one knows what they have thought with themselves that have put the address bar in the bottom (maybe they have thought it would be easier for tablet users but in all android tablets address bars of default browser is in top and i've found no problem with it !)but the only thing i know is that flash player of tablet mode IE will not work correctly most of the times and i have to modify many things manually to make it work ! so anyway i don't recommend using IE in metro GUI.
  11. The config seems great but never go for a cheap PSU ! a cheap PSU can really damage your performance and even damage your hardwares, PSUs must output a voltage with just a little oscillation on the voltage and should be able to give enough current on each voltage required by your motherboard and graphic card, cheap ones will not come with a good quality neither on voltage nor on current so you should go for at least a normal PSU which is able to provide your requirements. there are many PSU brands out there most of them are chinese bad made ones which if they do not harm your performance or even your hardware will die very soon. The thing that makes a PSU price change mostly is the parts they use in it because most of them come with same technology but brands of things like capacitors and other parts are vary in them which makes their price change.Brands i recommend for PSU are Corsair , Thermaltake , Antec . there are of course many other reliable ones which i don't remember right now but you can find them with a little search. As you said you are going to use your GT 440 graphic card in this setup then you will need a PSU with output power around (95Watts for cpu + 65Watts for vga + Max of 50Wattd for MB + 200 Watts for other things) 500 watts for current setup but if you are going to upgrade you video card later (a powerful graphic card can easily use 300Watts in full load) then maybe getting a more powerful PSU would be better but new generation of graphic cards are consuming less power and you probably don't need to get a very powerful PSU.For H.D.D my recommendation is SDD but it is really expensive yet and if you don't want to spend lots of money then maybe a blue edition of Western Digital suite you best. i don't recommend any Seagate hdd because i don't have a good experience with that brand and of course hdd is very important and if it brakes you may lost lots of important data. 1TB of blue edition will cost you around 60$ , black ones give you better performance but they are more expensive and 1TB of black edition will cost you around 85-90$. the space really depends on your needs but a 1TB or maybe 500GB is the minimum these days with softwares and games that need 40GB of space in your hdd.About linux i should say ubuntu 13.04 is quite good and linux have changed a little after andoid born and now you can find many games for it because now there are many softwares and games that you should pay for them which wasn't in ubuntu years before. of course this comes with disadvantages too but at least you can find some games that can enjoy.
  12. There are many softwares to do this , if you look around you find many of them which most cost you a lot and will they work ? you just have to test their demo version before buying to see if they suite your needs. Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium seems to be one of the best in this category but it costs a lot ! it costs 200$ which is a lot for this type of software , there is also another version which is home version and costs less than half of this but i haven't tested it. I have tested this software and results are acceptable, you can be nearly sure that if you don't pronounce a word a lot different than normal pronunciation then it will detect it completely right, i actually amazed when i tested this software and compared it to default one comes on windows 7 and it was a lot better. as k_nitin_r said it can learn your pronunciation too and after that it can guess the words a lot more better, by the way the price is a big problem for this software. top ten reviews website has scored this software 93% for its recognition which is good but it mean from every 100 words you say you have to correct 7 by your self in average. The one that comes with windows it self is just a toy , it never can be used as a real speech to text or at least i wasn't able to use it because its accuracy was around 40% for what i was saying. the training procedure is very important in these softwares, a good software have to learn you voice and pronunciation during time , with every single word that you correct it need to correct its detection of your voice. so even if you use the best softwares you always have to correct some words, i have seen some bloggers around internet that are trying these software to write their articles on their blogs with more speed but there is not a global success in this matter. I still prefer to type because my typing is even nearly as fast as my speaking but still there are some advantages for speaking which one of them is that you don't have to sit on the chair and type, you can even do it when you are lying in your bed without needing to sit an put laptop on your bed. another advantage is spell check ! of course all of softwares will do it automatically because they choose the words from their database but when you type you make put a wrong key and then if you don't look at your writings it will be hard and time consuming to correct them later. still i'm writing these posts by typing them but maybe in future i went for other ways of posting these things
  13. Probably when you connect it to your computer you can use it as a removable memory (i'm not familiar with this brand but if it doesn't force you to use any specific software for connecting it to your pc then you can do it) and if you do so then you can open it in your computer as a memory and for having a complete list of mp3 files you have on it you can use search function of windows. Just use the search option and it is not important if you are in windows 7 or windows xp just type "*.mp3" in the search box and it will list all of your mp3 songs, if you have used windows media player to copy your files they may be converted to wma so you can do another search with "*.wma" and find those files too, but the list you see is not printable if you want to print it and have it with your self when searching your CDs. you can get a screenshot of your screen then print it but it will not be as good as a printed document and of course if you list is long then you have to scroll down and do the same for many times. But there is a small and handy software which i use for doing stuffs like this and it is : http://www.infonautics.ch/directorylistprint/ , it prints out every file in the directory you give to it and the best part is its free version which i think is enough for your work. when you downloaded it the structures are so easy and doesn't need any help just select your mp3 player drive and print the list.
  14. Iniyila

    Straight Talk

    So your new plan for two lines is 90 but what was the price of your previous plan ? was it a lot more ? Actually in many accounts even in may servers unlimited bandwidth doesn't mean you can use as much as you want, in some server providers they say the bandwidth is unlimited but actually it comes with a bandwidth like 20TB and if you use all of that ports of your server will be downgraded to 100mbps or even 10mbps and if you want more bandwidth you should pay for it. Now for data , most providers use a term which is : "Fairly usage policy" this means your bandwidth is unlimited as long as you use it fairly ! so it is not unlimited in real meaning but it will be enough for most non leecher users which doesn't want to download all content of Web inside their phone or PC. 3GBs per month is quite good , i have heard some people had problems in US with unlimited plans of their providers after suing 1GB of it. but anyway it is mobile internet and should not be used as a normal internet connection you have in your home. I never used contracted phone myself, an i have always this question that is it any good ? some say it will cost you less than buying the phone and getting the service separated but you always get limited to the options your provider provides. so i will be glad to hear your opinions about contracts you have currently and how much satisfied you are.
  15. You have many options :1. You can get email service from your domain registrar, if you've bought your domain from Xisto then there is an option for providing unlimited emails ! for (i'm not sure) around 24$ a year which is quite good. I'm using those 2 free emails which comes with every domain you buy from xisto and they are quite good without any spam problem.2. You can use many free email service providers which support custom domain, google was free some time ago but now they just don't provide their service for free anymore. now i have heard that outlook.com provides something similar, i don't know how many free emails you can create and you can try it, i've just checked it and they don't provide DKLM keys which can result in sent emails to go to spam folder in gmail ! because google is very sensitive to SPF and SKLM of a received email and checks both of them to validate sender of email.3. You can use many paid email service providers too which with a simple search you can find many of them.
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