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Google Chrome Os ?

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I don't think google chrome os is faster than linux. i think linux is most real time os you can find. as you see for developer boards based on arm cortex a8 processor they prefer using a linux distibution (named angstrom) because linux is more real time meaning that sending a hardware interrupt to the computer for doing something (like ringing the alarms) will take a little time compared to non real time oss so i think chrome will never take place of linux because their goals are different but for windows i agree with mahesh2k. the lack of privacy in such os is the main problem.

Google chrome OS uses linux so it's not another distribution but more of fork of linux. So chrome is linux based to begin with. I don't know how it differs from linux if the kernel is linux. Google OS is going to be risky because of privacy issues and the way they monitor their users for activity and ads. Who knows they might even embed spyware in their OS be it desktop OS or mobile OS. They are more risky than microsoft.