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Is It Possible To Destroy The Internet?

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All the internet is, is a network between computers out side of your local biulding. So by that you could not totally take down the internet, as you would have to take down every single provider and every single internet modem in the world. Long story Short, alot of work. CLose to impossible.


It is like television destroied. If the search engines will be virused,or non-existing some way, the Internet will be crash ..


Not sure, But it was similar to the internet being destroyed. Right after Sept 11 the government shut down access to the internet, as far as I know, it shut down everywhere, and Big Business was pissed as well. I heard Escalon was involved in its shutdown. I know it started a stir online once it was turned back on, It's shuttdown was something noone knew could even happen. I am wondering if it was shut down just inthe US or all over, or just certain areas in the US. Just a thought.-Master Ascension


It's Impossible


if you mean possible you alone then no. but if your a terrorist group maybe.destory all connection going outside a country of all countries. and then destroy the internet one by one.also destorying the transmission lines by just 50mins will maxout the bandwith and cause the server to crash. so i think it's possible but highly unlikely.


We gotta be really unlucky for that to happen, impossible i think.There isn't a way to take down the internet. Not permanently anyway. The most you can do is take out an area at a time by destroying the systems at an Internet Hosting Provider. Even then you wouldn't really be able to destroy it all completely. People would still have the internet. Plus without Internet, the economy would drop, communication would have to go back to telephone, and all hell would break loose.Life would be boring without internet x_X

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I definitely think that the internet could be destroyed. The only way of destroying it that I can think of, is by a super mega ultra virus, capable of attacking all the internet servers at a very super ultra fast speed all at once. This virus would be capable of destroying all information on the servers regardless of the operating system, but I doubt something like that would be very hard to do. The creators would have to have knowledge of many types of operating systems and ..... but now that I think about it.... many hosting providers have all their information backed up.... So I guess that even if they destroy the information on these servers, they could easily restore the information and the virus would be no good.... Now I have to think on another idea to destroy the internet... :lol:


my friend the internet can never be destroyed it is apart of everything we do


That is a silly answer. The internet is mainly held up by a large array of huge computers called the "backbone" of the internet. These computers are powerful, and well protected, and thus, very difficult to attack. But coupled with this is the fact that many of them have backups, meaning that anything you change would soon be up again. Also, there is a hellava lot of them. And it's not so easy to trace each and every one, as the tracert paths would be different depending from where you connect.A "mega super virus" wouldn't destroy the internet. A virus can only be sent through certain routes, and only if allowed through. Even if you wrote a virus that can enter port 80, and infect the webserver, the rest of the computer could isolate it, and clean it. Getting through that would take a lot of programming on the virus side.And to destroy the whole internet would mean you need to DoS attack every single backbone computer (or at least more than 6/7th of it I believe) which is quite impossible to do. As you attack one, the other will have already been restored.


OK, I see that all of you are in fact thinking in some other direction and probably opposite to me. So what is the point here we are talking about destruction of internet and nothing else not if it is possible to write virus strong enough to kill all the computers and so on it is certainly possible but anti virus companies are working around clock to produce virus and to produce things that will kill them, the problem here is how to effectively destroy internet.

I am not sure if some of you are aware how internet works. I see that people are mentioning internet backbone and DDoS attacks (DDoS stands for distributed denial of service) its an attack where person has many computer slaves or zombie computer if you like it in that way and starts pinging some server it can be turned on against web site or against servers and some are already mention in the wikipedia. There were also attacks on the internet backbone it is group of servers that is handling all the traffic over the internet. There are currently two internet backbones one is largely in the ownership of american that is US united states government and other is financed from the EU european union however this one is not in ownership of any company that is companies grant servers and bandwidth however they don't owe it and it is run by groups of volonteres. You can read more about it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dos_attack

Today the strongest bot network is STORM and it probably could collapse parts of internet and seriously harm the fluid work of internet all over the world however they are used more for the sending spam and so on and they haven't been used for the DoS attacks at least not yet and they haven't been and signs that STORM network will be used in the future for any DoS attacks though as I have already said it might prove to be powerful enough.

One other thing is to break connections between continents since most of the traffic between continets goes trough undersee cables optical cables that connect continent with each other since sattelite networks are not powerful enough at least not yet so we are using underwater see cables to send information from one continet to the other. The recent attack I am not sure how many of you are in fact familiar with this "attack" that happened but connection to India from Europe has been hampered seriously in last months when three optical cables that connect europe to the africa and near east were cut and by that seriously hampering connection of the europe to the indian subconinet and by that harming india's outsourcing industry. This is one way to hamper internet via cutting communication links and one organized action would do quite some damage if all teh cables would be cut. This kind of attack would be probably led with some new technology in place and strong company behind it.

On the other hand what I would like to mention as serious and almost certain destruction of internet would be series of EMPs (electro magnetic pulses) these would destroy most of the servers and most of the home computers that you and me are using. Though military internal networks would be intact most of other ususual people like you and me wouldn't have any chance and would not be able to connect to the informations and everything else connected to the internet effectively destroying world economy and producing chaos all over the world.

This is the only certain way that would destroy the internet probably for many years and it would destroy it for good.

EMP can be produced by exploding nuclear bomb on certain hight. This would not in facct harm people however it would destroy all of electronical components like new cars television sets well most of teh casual things you and I am used to in todays world.


Actually, while it may not be possible to remove the internet, it is possible to create a way to stop people from using it.
Have you heard of, "Digital Doomsday"? This is a theory that, what with all the internet hackers getting smarter every day, soon someone will have figured out a way to send a powerful virus to everyone connected to the internet, with the ability to permanently jam the connections. This basically will make the internet useless, which is just as bad as destroying it, really.

This actually happened once, in 2001, I think. But all systems were back up in about three days. So, it's not possible to destroy the Internet. People will just find ways to put it back up again, after the hackers destroy it. You can't shoot down the Internet and expect it to stay down. It's immortal, basically.


why would you want to destroy the internet?even if someone found a way it will be their loss aswell as the planets


why would you want to destroy the internet?even if someone found a way it will be their loss aswell as the planets

Hmmm, I think that you haven't spent enough time thinking about it there are so many anarchist groups all over the world and terrorist organizations who would certainly prefer to see internet going down. Opposite to the good sides of the internet like sharing of informations making contacts easier and of course business.

Important thing is that such groups prefer to harm people. I and you probably don't see good reasons or we see good reasons but we cannot understand them behind suicide bombers however such guys exist and they will stop at nothing to destroy foreign property (referring to property of foreign countries in theirs). And sometimes even against their own government. So you see terrorism has all the requirements one would have to destroy the internet.

On the other hand I have mentioned anarchist movements which would probably like to see internet destroyed since this would be the first step of spreading misinformations and other things that could push the world into anarchy. I hope you all get my point here.

And to conclude I would like to say that though many groups would prefer to see internet going down they probably lack organization and finances to organize and spread themselves all over the world to destroy it.

However remember if they lack support today it doesn't mean that they would lack support tomorrow.


Actually, while it may not be possible to remove the internet, it is possible to create a way to stop people from using it.
Have you heard of, "Digital Doomsday"? This is a theory that, what with all the internet hackers getting smarter every day, soon someone will have figured out a way to send a powerful virus to everyone connected to the internet, with the ability to permanently jam the connections. This basically will make the internet useless, which is just as bad as destroying it, really.

Permanently? That would be permanent either... probably it will last as long as everyone re-booting there system. Yet, I am interested to know how such virus would infect every single computer connected to the internet at ones... what happens to those that where disconnected and connected later on after such event took place? Many question so little time. By the way... why would you would someone make such a virus... more likely who? The producers of Anti-Virus? XD


Actually, while it may not be possible to remove the internet, it is possible to create a way to stop people from using it.
Have you heard of, "Digital Doomsday"? This is a theory that, what with all the internet hackers getting smarter every day, soon someone will have figured out a way to send a powerful virus to everyone connected to the internet, with the ability to permanently jam the connections. This basically will make the internet useless, which is just as bad as destroying it, really.

Yes, but this won't be happening. Because the fixers (or safers or whatever) are getting smarter every day as well. And there would be no way to send a virus to EVERYONE. At least not today


I don't think the internet can be destroyed.Well.. actually it can be, but then, every harddisk, every Internet service provider, everyone who is connected including their pc's, every mobile phone on earth (Since you can go on internet with those too, just look at the iPhone) and every server pc, well almost anything related to computers that has some memory or some connection should be destroyed.I don't think it's gonna happen.Maybe by magic? Naaah..I Think It's inpossible.... Well it's possible .. but I think it's inpossible for us to do the above thing.-ReBrawl


The Internet is made of tubes. So if you kill every plumber in the world and demolish every sense and existence of plumbing... :lol: Branching from the joke, that IS the key to killing the Internet: connectivity. The Internet is basically a massive global network of servers and clients. If you take down the medium that holds them all together: the fiber optics, the cables, the microwave dishes, the satellites, and all the sites that deal with those mediums, no one would be able to connect to each other, which is the essence of the Internet (connectivity).What we know as the Internet is commonly misconstrued as the "world wide web," or what we see on the screen. But as I've said, if you remove any sort of connectivity option from every computer, every cell phone, or really, any device, any form of a network would cease to exist. You would not be able to dial/connect to your ISP, which gives you an IP address to identify yourself as a client to the Internet network, which means that you cannot send or request data through the non-existing network to servers across the world or even any servers or peer client machines right next to you.So yes, it is possible. But in all reality, since we have such a dependency on being connected with each other, there would be no real incentive (unless there were radical extremist groups planning on returning an aspect of "normalcy" or for whatever cause it would support), and there isn't any easy way to do it... which would make it near impossible.


I have a few points to make. i go to high school and i take a few computer classes and we HAVE to use digital portfolio. one of my friends logged in as an administrator and blocked every sight visited in the last 24 hours before hand. he got arrested but we were completely unable to get on the digiport web sight or any other web sight for a week. every web browser now seems to have the feature to block sights so how hard would it be for someone to make a virus that blocks every sight you have on your history without you being able to fix it? also not every web sight would have to be blocked, only 15 id bet. shutting down 15 pages that way could cause enough people to get angry that the average person doesn't wont use it. then it would become something only used by the workers.what web pages would have to be blocked tho, google, hotmail(email), socail networking,youtube all come to mind.


Anyone ever see die hard 4? The same concept used in that movie by the bad guys CAN potentially be applied to the internet, HOWEVER it would have to be a much larger scale. The major problem would be that you could only do it in 1 country at a time unless you had a very large organized groups that had some form of communication and perfect synchronization.Remember that even tho the internet started in the USA it has spread to almost every country in the world, each with their own set up. Honestly though the internet could be as simple as 2 or more computers and a server. A LAN is actually a basic form of the internet. So It would be a tall order to destroy the whole thing.


You cannot possibly destroy the internet, but you can disable it... for a short while...Lets not think of it as a virus, lets think of it as ...ah ...ah malicious code... ah... weaponized algorithm...All you need is a capable weaponized algorithm, you start off with one computer, it sends the weaponized algorithm disguised as friendly traffic... ah... lets just say... infects packets of data travelling towards the target computer, slowly and steady the weaponized algorithm materializes inside the target computer, undetected... Once fully materialized, the weaponized algorithm will activate itself, but won't do anything yet! It will multiply and infect out going traffic packets, slowly re-integrating on the other side, it will then materialize onto the next target and so on... Once the weaponized algorithm reached google's servers the world is doomed... Once it reaches microsoft's servers the people with computers using microsoft are doomed... Once the weaponized algorithm infects every computer connected to the internet, the make of the virus can then maybe, embed itself into the BIOS of the computer/s, embed itself into the MBR, making it effectively invulnerable for the time being... All the computers connected to the internet would reboot as a result of that, and the real devastation would begin... On command the weaponized algorithm would activate and continuously upload/download between servers jamming and overloading the connections between the servers, effectively DoSing every computer connected to the internet, this would keep happening until the people who own the computers shut them down, buy entirely new servers/computers, because of the infected BIOS and/or MBR, and the virus would be erased from the internet, all it takes is for the maker of the weaponized algorithm to reset and re-initialize... Soon however they will make a "firewall" that would block the weaponized algorithm and end it's rein of terror, but then someone will make another based on its code and the devastation will begin... again...