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  1. Well not sure of your first question?\ But here is what I can assist you with. 1. If you have images stored on your computer, then simply open up photoshop and open a document. Simply find where ever you have the picture saved and open it. Only do this if you want to make edits before you upload it to the web. 2. You can upload pictures directly to your pc from your camera. 3. you can also scan then to your pc if you have a actual photo. Uploading. Once you have the image you want saved on your pc. thenyou have a few hosting options. you can use sites like Photobucket and Image Shack Flickr <<-- Google them. They will ask you to simply upload image find the file on your pc and select ok upload and your are done. Most will give you some html code that you can later post into forums or direclty to sites. Hope this helps if not please give moredetail to what you are needing.
  2. Well It has been a very long time since I have stepped in here. Ever since I switched over to a pay hosting service, I have been busy with that and helping a few business out.Well im here just wanted to say hello to all of you who remember me or my name in the forums, and for most of you who are just reading and looking on, hey this is a great forum, lots of information and lots of great people here.Well thats it just wanted to say a quick hello to everyone.
  3. thanks alot Opaque , Im just glad it is back up and running...Thanks
  4. Where are the admins and the support. It has been three days now I have submitted a ticket and I still have no response.Can I please can some help from an Admin.
  5. I am a paying customer now and was not using a free hosting account, but now that i deleted the free asccount it doesnt even give me the option to enter password to cpanel no more message.. so this is really weird I submitted a ticket already tho.
  6. I just did this and I dont think I should have done it.. I cant acess cpanel or anything else. it takes me directly to the Apache is working on oyur cpanel page now.. what does this mean. Please tell me I didnt delete everything cause i didnt run a back up last week.
  7. Im just wondering as to why my site has been suspended. Im no longer on a free hosting plan and im getting the not enough credits and no forum activity message when i try to access my site at http://ww35.sabasdesign.com/rg-erdr.php?_rpo=t. I have placed a ticket already and this is now going to be the second day down. Can I please get some help thanks.
  8. using a studio type od box is great especially when it comes to small things such as jewlry. and also alot has to do with lighting and angles but having the EZ Box im sure is great.It really does show a big difference from the first few shots to the last couple.
  9. This first image here was shot with a digital camera in color. But I did do some color touch up in photoshop. as well as text and small extra. The next few shots were taken with Balck and White film Ilford Hp5 But I scanned them in and did photoshop on them with colors tones levels stuff like that just practicing some stuff. Also here is one that I thought would look cool in black and white and then with some work done on it. So post your comments.
  10. garbage


    Im sorry that im getting back to you all very late on this but Im not sure as to waht the artist was trying to capture. now i did take a picture of this image on a side building to a vodo type shop, the only things i did were take picture develope picture and use a really cool negative carrier to make the border when I printed the picture.
  11. There is some good stuff in there.
  12. But if you do happen to find a polaroid somewhere a camera, I say hang on to it. Look for them at yard sales and garage sales. then pray that you can find some film on ebay.
  13. well i wouldnt mind giving some to you but id rather give some to someone who hasnt tried the hosting service yet
  14. Thanks but man how many sites are you gonna try and run.
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