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  1. Noone made God, God is just God. If your like me and believe in God and know just a tiny bit about the Bible you wouldn't even question it.
  2. Everyone i know that has a wii likes it. You can't really compare it to the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 because instead of trying to compete with everyone graphics wise it offers something both consoles dont which is the whole movement thing. I guess if you getting tired of the same old controller console type thing the wii would be a really good choice to get. I have both the playstation 3 and the Xbox 360 and the Xbox 360 is definately the better console. Some games on the playstation 3 have very pixely edges on buildings and characters in the game. No i dont have a cheap tv, we have 5 LCD HDTVs in our house and its like that on all of them... Online for the Xbox 360 is way better also so its really no competition between the two.I havent got to play the nintendo wii yet but Im sure I will end up buying it sooner or later. I kinda think the whole moving around stuff might get a little boring or tiring but guitar hero is fun as crap so maybe all the games for nintendo wii are too.
  3. It looks really good in this picture. I've seen a bunch of different tutorials using rain effects but this one looks to be one of the best. It's probably just because of the picture you used because they all really use the same techniques.
  4. Yeh as stated above I think the photo has changed. I really wish I would have had a chance to see this photo because to me all this UFO stuff on google earth is very interesting. Its really amazing all the stuff google earth has captured. If you think about it all that stuff is happening just outside of our houses and you never even know about it until you see it on google earth lol.
  5. I like rock the best. But before I started listening to it I listened to rap. Now I hate rap besides when I listen to it in my car because of my sound system. Too bad rock doesnt have as much bass as rap though...
  6. I use AVG Antivirus. It's free and it seems like it cleans almost every single virus that I ever get. Im not too smart when it comes to antiviruses and firewalls but a lot of people say it's good so I decided to use it myself. Every morning I wake up and its scanned the computer and downloaded new virus definitions so it seems pretty good to me.
  7. Im 16 and I have a debit card. I just had my mom go to our local bank and sign up for a bank account for me when I was 15. I definately don't want any credit cards to screw me over so ill stick with my debit card thats basically just like writing a check.
  8. It might not look professional but its a very neat design. It will definately stand out on a page too. If there were anything that I would change to that design it would be to make the text a little easier to read. But its a very unique design and I really like it.
  9. Im not too smart when it comes to firewalls and all of that but I downloaded Zone Alarm and it seems to work pretty good. Even when im on Xbox Live and I try to join someones game it blocks the connection so I have to disable to firewall to even play online. I figure all firewalls would do that but I tried clicking Game Mode under the options to where it wont block those connections & it still does it anyway...
  10. Everyone that I know says that you should turn off your computer and all of that stuff but I NEVER turn mine off. Im only 16 years old and I have had two computers, including this one, I have never had any problems with them. The only reason I even got a new computer was because the old one was outdated and slow because of the small amount of RAM. If I ever ran into any problems due to the fact I leave my computer on I might start turning it off. The only reason I dont turn it off is because I hate waiting for it to load up everything.
  11. I chose mine because I have been using this username for a few months ever since I got my car. Its a Scion tC so instead of my username being two letters I just chose to spell out TC into TeeCee. The 06 part of my username comes from the year of the car.
  12. Ive noticed all of that also but it doesn't bother me one bit. I've also noticed how good Xisto is in the search engines. You can search for almost any broad keyword and Xisto will be on the first page. It's really amazing if you ask me... Did you guys do anything modifications to this forum to help that or is it just because of all the good articles on here?
  13. I have the phpBB3 beta 4 installed on my trap 17 hosting account & it is simply amazing for a free software. I am very pleased with what they have done, especially with the admin control panel. I can't wait until the final release comes out so I can convert my Simple Machines Forum. I'm really starting to hate SMF...
  14. I don't think i've ever used this technique before but it seems pretty neat, im gonna have to try it later... Ill post an example of what I got after I try it out but I really don't feel like opening up photoshop lol.And by the way to the people that said this isnt a "glossy effect" If you have ever used high gloss paper in printing off pictures you will notice the similarities between the outcome of this effect and printing a picture off on high gloss paper... Im not saying that if you do this technique then try printing it off it will look like you printed it off on gloss paper because thats just not gonna happen but it will give the effect from the computer screen... Nice tutorial
  15. This is looking very good so far, ive tried it on another server & I will probably switch after the final is released. Im currently using Simple Machines Forum software but I really hate their template selection. Noone who uses simple machines makes good templates so the only way to have a good one is if you make it yourself. It always seems that PHPBB has good mods and templates so when they make a converter from SMF 1.1 to PHPBB3 im gonna switch for sure.
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