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  1. hi u r cho chweet

  2. Eh..I had no idea... it doesn't sound very pleasant at all. I never knew much about UAE. However, I don't think the situation will get any better by burning the place down eh? ;p Where do all those mosquitos and flies come from btw? o_o Is the sand everywhere so bad? Anyhow, try to get the best out of it. Somehow you'll be able to return to Canada, I hope for you ^__^
  3. Bring a whole lot of your friends I guess. It would make going out much less between you two, less romantic. Make one of your friends entertain her or something, in a good way. That might make her realize that she can come along with you, and have fun, but she'll focus less on you as being her date.
  4. No candy, don't buy them anymore, instead, use the money you saved, by not buying candy, to buy lots of fruits instead. Drink a lot of water to give yourself a 'full' feeling. Try to dance around a bit not on slow music, put on loud, fast music and dance as if it were to save your life ;D Use the stairs a lot. On random moments, just grab your coat and shoes and take a walk in the neighborhood. You don't have to walk till you get exhausted, just try go get your body moving a bit, instead of hanging on the couch in front of the tv, or pc. Before you take a shower, do some simple exercises after you wake up.
  5. I like reading the posts in this thread nice one. Hmm..the story about my name isn't so interesting. I remember that the fun ones I wanted were already taken, and I wanted something very short. One of my email addresses and domain names which I like very much also has the word 'ink...blablabla' in it, so I extracted it from that. And mbacarra, you sig!! O__O Soooo much Death Note love!!! ^O^ I adooore it!
  6. I must say that this one sounds a bit more reliable than the majority of the links which is dumped over here. However, a real job still makes me earn far more money per hour ^^; still, thanks for posting though And for writing up a little review. You might want to change the 'on mylot i didn't earned $1' in 'I DID earn' I think...
  7. Hi Jase, I don't have any questions, I just wanted to tell you that I read this thread and I want to say that I think it's extremely wonderful that you started this topic here on the forum I hope people with questions will make good use of it
  8. 1. Draw more2. Learn how to use certain software, music making programs, macromedia flash, adobe illustrator3. Lose additional weight, the prettiest clothes seem to be available in really small sizes only. I wouldn't mind looking scrawny for a little while xD4. Learn to sew maybe, it could become useful, at the moment I hate sewing though o_o5. Speak more in foreign languages, to train my accent in the latter O-O6. No last-minute studying, stop studying at night and stressing over exams while I should be peacefully sleepingI'm not too serious about these resolutions of mine though I should stick to quitting the procrastinating regarding my studying, but I won't go too far on the dieting, I don't want to develop anorexia in the new year.
  9. Looks fine on my screen, it's all clear, clean and neat
  10. You people all seem to take this topic title a bit too seriously I think the topic starter is well aware that it's not the worst of the worst, since his house didn't get burned down, he hasn't been sent to prison for the rest of his life, he didn't lose one of his (perhaps non-existing) children and such. He just wrote it like that because he was in a bad mood, and when people feel like that they simply do use exclamations like 'I'm so dead!!" A little bit of a dramaqueen can be quite amusing, this sounds mean... ;p , but people tend to be interested in other people's failures. And for the topic starter himself, he might be asking for a little bit of sympathy, and imo he can have some of mine ~ That's quite a series of bad luck, but don't worry...I'm pretty sure you've lots of good days coming up aswell ^___^d Maybe it would be nice if you'd post a happy event sometime too n__n
  11. I think this is very awesome and definitely useful for me, thanks for typing that all out It does give me plenty of motivation =D
  12. I like your intro too Dan, welcome here! You make me jealous with the number of pets you have ;p There's nothing wrong with Star Trek. Perhaps you could create a blog, or a picture journal, a fan site for something or someone, a messageboard and ah..there really are so many possibilities, I just can't think of so many right now ;p Well, regardless whether you do or don't make a website, I hope you atleast make good friends over here Have fun!
  13. Interesting ^_^When I first read Hadi's comment I fully agreed, but after reading Murda Warrior's comment I'm thinking that I agree with him (or her) a bit aswell. On the other hand, non-Wow life is not only about earning money eh? Some Wow-players lose all their friends and I think in Korea (don't know whether he was WoW-ing, or playing a different game) died after gaming non-stop for 10 days in an internet cafe, and another one died after exhausting himself by playing for 50 hours non-stop. But these are exceptions I guess, and one must admit that atleast they did doing something they loved. The same goes for skaters, mountain-climbers, Steve Erwin and such. So yeah, if he enjoys it, then we should be happy for him I think Just make sure you don't forget to eat, sleep and (all that sitting is not so good for your legs' blood circulation) to exercise a bit Murda Warrior ^__^//
  14. ink

    Omg Liek Hi

    jhaslip, her deviantart account's userinfo shows that she lives in Canada :DETCZ, your artworks are lovely. You make such good use of facial expressions You draw a lot btw. I used to love oekaki too, but nowadays I find it a bit of a hassle, because it has so many restrictions when it comes to layers and line-art, so the applet frustrated me a little, compared to Open Canvas. Anyway, good to see another oekaki user over here Welcome and I hope you have a wonderful time
  15. I can't really decide. Religion has created some hate and wars in the past. But on the other hand I think religion is something good aswell, as long as it forbids wars, terrorism, suicide attacks and stuff like that. Religion is sometimes what the people need, it gives them strength and it withholds them from doing stupid things. Lying or being greedy is one example: even though it's not forbidden by law, not everybody does it, since they might have actual inner norms and values, often inspired by the 'lessons' given through religion, and the knowledge that god or angels are watching. (In combination with the risk of being sent to hell, even though nobody discovers or punishes you for lying or greediness during your life.)
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