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Is It Possible To Destroy The Internet?

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Oh My God Destroy all internet :P its not impossibleyou must stop all backbone and datacenters in all country and


I was talking with my professor and advisor at school and he was telling us about some hackers that got into and almost crippled the internet. He said something like there is a place htat has huge servers and computers that run the internet. There is something like 14 computers that do it all and some hackers were able to get in to 3 of them. That's pretty scary when you think about it. One thing's for sure...if someone were to take out the internet....somebody would work harder just to get it back up and running. It'll be interesting to see if anything crazy happens in the next few years with these e-terrorists lol.


It is, in theory, such a possibility for destroying the whole Internet. At the same time, destroying all electronics in the process. It's if a nation decides to blow the world's economy by dropping a massive EMP bomb. It will take us a good half of a century to repair this damage. It will cost us quadrillions of dollars to fix this.xboxrulz


I don't think you are able to destroy the internet unless you destroy every configuration in the world which is not possible seeing as there are so many countries in the world and so many servers to take down. If anything, the internet will be destroyed by a national phenomenon, and not by mankind. The Taiwan earthquake was a good example, it crippled South East Asia's connection for a few days and it took time for them to actually fix it. At the same time, they had planned backup connection cables, although not as fast as the original, but it provided a stable alternative. Following this incident, I am sure they willl build more backup cables to assist in situations which may occur like the earthquake. But imagine 6 earthquakes occurring at the same time and hitting each continent, if that ever happens (unlikely) but lets not rule that out, our internet connection would be gone. If 1 day, we ever found a way to be transmitting information over the internet through the air instead of using cables, then there could be a solution that we may never ever get our internet connection down due to a natural phenomenon.


I don't think that to destroy the internet. Internet is a "world big lan" of computers connected each other and it has high security and firewalls. Also there are many strong companies, organisations and goverment beside the Internet... so Its so difficult or impossible


take scissors to the mainframe, that's what i say.You know, all those computer viruses can easily be used to take the whole interenet world hostage. That would effectively render us incaple of using the internet, at least for a while. And of course the economy would suffer, people wouldn't be able to earn a living, and the whole society would be in turmoil. As for recovery, i'm sure that would happen. I don't think you can destroy the interenet forever, if only for the simple reason that somebody, somewhere, would know how to set it back up.


If EVERYONE would quit using it, it would be destroyed. But the chances of that is none.


or u could go to all the hosting company's bases and destroy their servers....the more servers u destroy, the less people get hosted, if u do it on a worldwide basis and destroy every single computer thats being hosted on, then u might have a chance to get rid of the internet for a few days, untill people start to get new servers..i dont know if i made sense at all...lol, but anywayz...its impossible...


You can destroy sections of the internet, but it is nearly impossible to destroy every single server in the world, thus truly destroying the internet, and this possibility is very, very remote. Taking out key servers owned by ISPs can render the internet inaccessible, but not truely destroyed. Even then, people can revert to the many hobby BBSes that roam various parts of the world, though I doubt that anyone is willing to look behind the poor graphics of the BBS world.


Well I don't know... I guess though if you created it or if you are some strange computer mastermind you could.... well the only thing I'm sure about is you can open the Control Panel, delete the Internet from your computer, and deprive yourself of the best creation since the World was made, by either God or science. Well hope that helped, bye bye!!


Well I don't know... I guess though if you created it or if you are some strange computer mastermind you could.... well the only thing I'm sure about is you can open the Control Panel, delete the Internet from your computer, and deprive yourself of the best creation since the World was made, by either God or science. Well hope that helped, bye bye!!

1. You cannot delete the internet from your computer. The internet does not exist on your computer. The only thing you can do is pull the plug on your internet connection.2, You cannot open up the control panel and delete your internet connection. You need to pull a cable to stop your internet connection.


Governments surely can do that. Eventually I think they would try to. But Internet would be a much powerful tool then. Also ISPs can do that. Broadband connections work these days because not everone uses Internet to watch movies or download them. But with sites like youtube becoming popular and applications like JOOST promising to change the way we look at internet, the day is not far off when streaming and downloads would be more common. Now the percentage of users using p2p and streaming on a regular basis are hardly 10% but they use more than 90% of the ISPs bandwidth. The ISP is therfore able to manage it. But inagine what would happen if the percentage of users increases which would most definitely occur. All the ISP servers would be down. Bandwidth rates would shoot u much like oil....Doomsday? Not quite...


No matter how good the hacker would be, no matter how smart he would be to be able to shut the internet off, he's an idiot. Shutting down the whole internet for good is the most idiotic thing you can do. It's not funny. This is serious matter. Communications, trade, commerce rely on the internet. If someone does take it down, he won't just harm other people, he'll also harm himself.Why spend so much time studying how to make this incredible virus and end all of your studies and make it obsolete after you shut down the internet. IT's just pointless to spend so much time trying to figure it out just for a dangerous and idiotic goal.If you're really interested in computers, why waste the time destroying it?


No Matter how hard u try u cannot destory the internet~


It is not possible. First the Internet was concieve with the idea that it can not be totally destroyed even if some part of the globe is hit with nuclear bomb. Since it is an interconnection of network it behaves like a road in a city. If you destroy a road leading to some part of the city there are still available raods to take. Viruses or hackers can not destroy the internet for they only deal in software level. Let say for examply a DNS server or an ISP is hit with a virus that disrupts its function. THe ISP will just reboot with new and clean system then load their backups and they will be up and running again. To totally destroy Internet you must destroy the physical infrastructure which means destroying all the network that is connected to the Internet and the best way to do that is to drop nuclear bomb to all urban cities in the world. ;)


It is impossible, indeed. There are just too many ISPs/DNS servers/whatever to take them all down.Afaik, some really strong DDoS-attack some months ago caused a lot of trouble because large european areas were cut off the internet, but after 30 minutes most system administrators managed to protect their systems, and everything went back to normal.An EMP bomb on the 10 biggest cities in every country wouldn't destroy it either, because there are still satelites out there, sending and receiving invisible data packets...


Yes, it is possible to take down the Internet. I don't think it will be permanently, and even if it was possible, I think it would only be the HTTP protocol being taken down, unless there is sufficient bandwidth, etc.First of all, there would only be 1 server on the Internet. All of the routers will point to this server, and this server will contain all the HTTP protocol data on it.Once all of the servers are removed from the Internet, everyone will try to connect to this 1 server. Most likely and almost frequently, it will result in a system crash because of over bandwidth.In the system crash, disconnect power to this server and smash it to bits.Therefore, the only remaining Internet would be SMTP (email), Telnet, Gopher and the, obviously, Filesystem protocols.It is just a theory, and it is realistic. Good luck on destroying the Internet, you'll need it.

Unholy Prayer

Ha, this reminds me of Terminator 3 where they want to shut down the internet because the machines are using it against them but they find out it's impossible. I personally think it's impossible just because it's so big. I think it would be a very bad thing if our internet was ever destroyed.


Kery, how would you take down all the servers?

And why should smtp still be working? Web- and Mailservers are usually running on the same machine...
+If you are able to take down webservers, you can shut down anything.

I personally think it's impossible just because it's so big.



I don't think it would be logically possible to take down the internet seeming as there is so much more to the internet than the normal web surfer can comprehend. I'm pretty sure when the internet started getting popular back in the early 90's the government has continually put measures into place probably nothing they would mention to the public until something like that happened.Just because many people experts alike believe the internet couldn't be destroyed I'm sure that wouldn't deter measures being put into place. It's always good to be prepared for something even if it's not going to happen then not be prepared then have it happen.