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What Messenger/email Service Do You Use?

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I use yahoo messenger and gmail .


I prefer Windows Live Messenger. It has a nice interface and there is much you can do with it to customize it and make it your own. It is really nice because it is hooked up to your email account as well and notifies you when you sign in how many emails you have that are new and also if you are signed on and receive a message it will notify you and even display who it is from. I also have AIM only because most of my friends use it and they do not use Windows Live but I do not really like the interface and do not use the email. I guess it was mostly because I chose MSN first being the true reason.


I use yahoo for email and messenger for the fact that I help run a gaming league at yahoo games and only yahoo messenger is set up for that when you enter the game room it helps when all the names of the people in the league are right there in blue instead of having to hunt for them, other than that I would love to try anothermessenger service. yim has its problems and there are to many viruses going around if you dont set your preferences right you can get them easily.


I think the sudden increase in the amount of people using MSN again is because everyone has higher internet speeds now, Hotmail has so man features compared to others. I don't ever use my ISP's email.I think if Gmail started adding rich features then it would seriously rival Hotmail, but because Hotmail is virtually unchallenged with all of its top of the range features.I use MSN messenger, I don't really care about what one I use, as long as I can send and receive :lol:.


I was using yahoo as my mail client for a very long time.....till gmail came up. I read about gmail and thought it looked promising so i asked my friend to send me an invite (at that time u needed invites from an existing gmail user to sign up). I fell in love with gmail the moment i logged into my account. It was amazing...the space, the colours, features and everything else.And I use Yahoo messenger for the sole reason that all my friends also use only yahoo....


I used to use hotmail when Outlook Express can check hotmail mails. But one day it couldn't check for mails because microsoft stopped this service. So I have looked for new mail provider which can work with Outlook Express. And I found the best Gmail.com . I am checking my emails easily and fast like immediately. Outlook Express is working minimized and looking for new mail for every 5 minutes. By the way I am using Msn Live Messenger for instant messenger.Msn & Outlook working at the same time :lol:


I use MSN, and Aim. I find it funny how those 2 are so nationally seperated because most of my friends on MSN are canadian and many of my friend's on AIM are american. I guess it makes sense since AIM is hosted by AOL, which is american.


I use Gmail for email, Adium (MSN client for mac) for instant messaging... and if I had friends on it I would be using skype too.I use Eudora for checking emails and such.


I use Gmail for email and Windows Live Messenger for IM. They, for me, are the easiest to operate. Gmails spam filtering is superb also.


I use gmail for email, and for instant messangers I use the best. Trillian!Trillian has aim, msn, yahoo, icq, etc. all in one, and it's fully skinnable. I personally use it for msn, aim, and yahoo, because I run a gaming clan and have to be able to keep in touch with a multitude of players and it allows them to keep using the instant messanger they like the most, rather than having to swap over to mine.Also, it keeps everything much smoother and nicer looking, along with being smaller and easier on resources than the other instant messanger clients. Msn is like 18 mb's or so I think it was, though I could be wrong. Trillian is 7.68 mb's and includes ALL of the IM's.


Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo