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  1. Well after being a hosted member for over two years I think the time has come to say goodbye to the Xisto community. Although the community is still just as friendly as it was when Xisto was launched two years ago I've had a lot of problems staying active here, especially due to the growing demand of time spend on schoolwork.. I have finally decided to take my stuff from Xisto and to continue my site at Xisto - Web Hosting.It has been a great time here, thanks to all the admins like OpaQue and wassie who have been running this project from the start.. I couldn't have wished for a better free web host in the last few years.
  2. I run CentOS upstairs, but this distro isn't really made to be used by the average computer user, it's used a lot more for servers and stuff so I don't think I will be running CentOS for long anymore. I'm thinking of changing to anoter distro which is a bit more user friendly for some time now but I dont realyl use that computer very often so till now it hasn't really been a huge problem for me.
  3. I like the signature itself, but you should really change the text because it is making the entire signature look crap.. Maybe you should try using a Christmas font, you can download a lot at http://www.theholidayspot.com/christmas/fonts/
  4. Well it's not really that new anymore. Razer has also launched another product a short time ago accompanied by Microsoft's hardware department, the mouse is called the Micrisoft Habu, and it is a really fine mouse for both the gamer and the average computer user. I use a razer diamondback myself but it's getting pretty old so I will probably be moving to the Microsoft Habu pretty soon.
  5. Sounds too good to be true, but although storing data on paper has excisted for years already, making the computer able to retrieve data from paper seems a lot harder to accomplish. But paper is not really a strong media, it is easily torn apart, burned etc.. (This might be a good thing considering privacy as well however). I dont see us all working with papersheets as computer data or hard drive in the future.. but who knowns? This guy is a genius by the way!
  6. Well, there are a lot of graphics sites arround there nowadays so the problem about starting your own is probably that there are a douzen other sites your members might want to visit instead of yours, so you will always need to work your *bottom* of to keep your website up to date so it is interesting and new members will come.. Maybe if you don't feel like all the hassle or if it doesn't have any advantages anymore it might have been the proper choice to move away from the project and start something new and fresh, so you don't live with the feeling of "We were once so big, but now we are much smaller"..
  7. Great tutorial you made here mate, altrough I've been learning to script CSS a lot lately it's just hard to get everything under control.. Tutorials like this help a lot to learn
  8. You shouldn't be so desperate, I think most of the people here would be jealous on you.. Maybe the girls you are trying to start a relationship with are not ready for a serious relation, or they are very shy and you will need to wait a little bit longer not to scare them away?
  9. I play games pretty often, about 3 hours every day (no public, just clanwars) and I don't think it affects my health in any way. I guess if gaming is all you do you will get problems with your health, but a good combination of pretty healthy food and a lot of movement will keep you fit enough..
  10. This is a bit of a double sides subject, there are multiple aspects to take caution of when talking about this..1) Why does someone want to commit suicide, is it because of bad relationships, mental or physical illness or some other reason? Sometimes you can get helped to get over your issues and live a normal life...2) How does a person commit suicide, this might sound pretty rude, but when someone commits suicide it should be done in such a way that you don't hurt innocent people (dont confuse this with a terrorist flying a airplane in the World Trade Center). Here in the Netherlands mature people from 18 years and older can choose to end their life, but they are not allowed to do it theirselves.3) Does the person give his family a bad name by commiting suicide? Sometimes if a member of a family commits suicide the entire family will be blackmailed, while the family is probably already hurt because of the family ember commiting suicidethere are many other things to take under consideration, whether suicide is allowed or not is a question of "standards and values" (rough translation from dutch)
  11. Don't touch my Xisto!No seriously, this site has been called Xisto ever since I joined two years ago and it should stay that way in my opinion. When you built a history, you don't want to destroy that by changing the name. Everyone has to seperate ways with something he likes in the world, but you shouldn't part ways if there is no logical reason, and I don't see much of a point in changing the name of Xisto just so it might get more popular.
  12. You can win $ 100.000 dollars by clicking banners, but chances are probably smaller than one in a thousandmillion if not much more, you wont get rich clicking these banners
  13. Mmmh with Opera I never had any problems getting extentions to work normally. But I switched back to Firefox because Opera has some really irritating website bugs on some places on the internet.
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