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What Messenger/email Service Do You Use?

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I've already used many emai services and messenger as well...Initially I used to use ICQ however MSN came with betters options and sudenly everyone here in Brazil, started to use it and ICQ has been forgotten since that time O.o...I'm still using MSN and no other... Have already tried Yahoo! Messenger, Trillian... Jab... About e-mail... In the past I used to use many many e-mails however it started to bother me and then when gmail arrived I got a invitation fast and I've using it for a long long time now... I don't intend to change it never more...One webmail that I really enjoyed it https://www.fastmail.com/login/?domain=fastmail.fm as it has some options that is hard to find for free...


I went with gmail when the hype began. Nice inbox size, and it's brilliant if all you want is a good email service. However, I switched back to hotmail simply because of it's MSN compatibility. MSN is still the best instant messenger, IMO. Highly doubt I'll be using whatever gmail is gonna come up with. MSN has climbed so high above the other clients that I believe it won't go down without a fight
Anyhoo, what does everyone else use? Hotmail? Yahoo? Gmail? ISP email? Or what IM client? MSN? AIM? Waiting for gmail messenger? Post away.

Hmmm i use msn, gmail and i host my own e-mail server to, to host is good fun but can be a pain if your net connection goes down as i need a constant connection to the internet and sometimes i dont get it :)


I'm using the hotmail system, with our new pc it was quite hard, because windows xp made it possible for several accounts on 1 pc, but each user used outlook express, and the mails were stored in the account that was loged on, so mails got lost etc, (now i know you can have more mailing accounts) it took some time to change all my internet accounts on my new email adress, but now the problem's are solved,i also used AIM messenger, but I forgot if it had a mailing system too.


Mostly everone I know (actually everyone) uses AIM (AOL Instant Messenger. Yahoo! Messenger isn't popular at all around here and most of my friends would be lucky to have ever heard of MSN Messenger. I use SBC Yahoo! Mail (AT&T now) because that's my ISP, but its basically just Yahoo! Mail.


I go with yahoo. I think the inbox is a good size and I can access it from anywhere. I ahve about 2 names and that is what I like about yahoo. You can sign up for mutiple names.


I am using Hotmail, because i am using msn messenger. That was a BIG stupid misstake i did. I got so much junk mails on my hotmail adress, that it would be better to have my hotmailadress just for msn, and another email for my mails. :lol: /Krille


I started with an MSN account back when I didn't know of the existence of Yahoo! Messenger. I used it for IM's but I mostly recieved my emails on Excite.When I discovered Yahoo! Messenger, I switched to it, especially when I needed it, back then, when Yahoo! groups were (and probably still are) the most common way to do something as a group (share pics and files, mail, collaborate, etc)I got myself a Google account when all the hype came up, although I never fully appreciated it.I'm sticking with Yahoo! especially now that it can send and recieve IM's from MSN. The only objectionable part, probably, is the buzz button. Sure, it's really useful for getting your partner's attention when you have a question that really needs answering. In the hands of noobs and unethical mannerless idiots, however, it can be grating on your nerves.Oh, yeah, audibles too. :lol:


Personally, i have use Yahoo messenger and Gtalk - The Google messenger. Out of these two , i would vote for Yahoo messenger. Here is what i make of these two ..




First of all, i would simply love yahoo messenger for its plethora of services... You can send/recieve files, chat , voice chat, video confernece , audio conference with Yahoo messenger.. Recently ,they have also introduced plugins to add new features to your messenger. You can access terrific services like Yahoo Launchcast Radio, Yahoo Answers , and Yahoo 360 ..


Let me tell you two main reasons i use Yahoo messenger..


1)It has a stealth mode option, which allows you to choose,who all you want to be invisible to, and who all you need to be visible.. To be more clear,.. you can appear to be online to some people , say your friends, and be in invisible mode to other people ,say your Boss..


2) Confereces... These conferences make life lot easier to me.. Instead of just arguing the same thing with my different friends in different chat sessions, it is so simple for me to put all of them together in a conference session and discuss any issues..




To start with GTalk, it is a 'neat' and 'Light' messenger.. It does not have a wide range of options like Yahoo.. But it does offer the best of what it does .. You can voice chat in Gtalk too,, But no conferences and no stealth modes. These are my main concerns about GTalk.. I also have to mention that GTalk's file transfer scheme does not seem to be as good as Yahoo messenger's (Atleast in my case). All your chat history gets automatically saved in your Gmail . So thats something useful to have. And one big advantage of GTalk for me is ,it is the only messenger that my school does not block !!!!




Apart from these two, i have also tried Trillian. It is a messenger that allows you to access Yahoo ,MSN,AIM etc.. So ,you can call it a 4 in 1 messenger.. You can also log in to multiple accounts of the same provider at any given point of time.. Ideal for people who have many IM accounts to deal with..


In my opinion Yahoo, would be the best messenger ... GTalk needs some more features to go with it before it competes with Yahoo . I have not used MSN messenger yet.. I'll give it a try..


I use MSN, simply because it's fast, completely free (yaaay!), and has a massive network, with more people connected to it than anyone else. It offers alot of support, and an easy to use interface. Mostly though, it is because you can simply get into contact with so many more people than any other servers, and because all of my friends and contacts use MSN.


I mostly use MSN messanger becuase i feel it is the best for chatting. It has a lot of great options and there is so much more things you can do compared to the other chatting services. There is so much stuff you can customize like the backround and it has sounds and it keeps getting better and better with each new release. Now for email i use to use hotmail. But now i use Gmail. I find it a lot better. There is tons of space. Very easy to use. Now they even have there own talking service which is really cool. But still not as good as msn in my opion.


i use hotmail beta of 2 gb and the live messenger also i have gmail mail.


I like the Gmail mail service, infact I am using the Google hosted service for my domain email service. I like Yahoo messenger.. i like those cool smilies.. they really can express what you want to potray! :lol:


I'm using Windows Live Messenger... as for e-mail, i'm using Yahoo beta mail and also gmail...

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i use aim messanger and for my main email. I also use yahoo messanger but not really for my email. i like aim because it has a pretty nice size for emails. and the messanger i think it is great. yahoo has a nice messanger too but i dont know that many people who have it. so i prefer aim over yahoo.


I used to use Yahoo! for my emails, but I soon switched over to MSN, because I've been using MSN for instant messaging and I found it more convienient to have your email adress and MSN name the same.Nowadays I'm using MSN Live Mail for Emails, and either MSN Messenger 7.0 with Messenger Plus!, or Windows Live Messenger Plus! for Instant Messaging, dependant on what computer I use (XP or 98).


Gmail all da waydon forge AIM


I use yahoo mail and yahoo messenger, i actuaaly have no idea why i chose either one of these, my friends just had yahoo messenger and i just went along with the flow


I stick with Hotmail. I've got a few sites, so I love the high storage capacity - I've got something like 1500 unread emails and I've only used near to 18% of my inbox! I was tempted to try out the mail beta thing but not completely sure. Has anyone got any experience with it?


I use Google Mail as email client, together win GAIM (The windows version) as Instant Messaging program, because it's very fast, clean and supports various protocols so you don't need seperate applications to run multiple instant messaging clients (seeing GAIM is much more lightweight than Microsoft Messenger, running MSN with other IM's together would be a horror). There isn't any best combination, hotmail is full of junk while gmail is very fast, however hotmail has mroe functions with MSN messenger etc....


I use Trillian. The reason i like it so much is that you can use all the other messenger services on it. It incorporates all the others so you do not have to have all of them open.....one program running. The downside of it is that you cannot use video conferincing features like you can on all the others. If Trillian would come out with this i would consider it as the greatest messenger service out thee.