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Make The Internet Faster 500 Times ! Making most of your PC for a faster Internet

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i agree dear Mjay06500 Time , i think its a joke becuase for dialup connections you need 56K modem with V92 . if your gateway send data with 1MB speed your modem can get data with 56Kb speed


Ok when an app says it makes browsing 500 times faster all it is doing is creating a cache of web sites and images and what not. It gives the illusion that is speeds it up, when it actually does nothing. Dial is only as fast as it is. Cable modems, same thing.When people say they are getting killers speeds, look at what you are connecting to. If you are connected to a website that has a t3 backbone and you are the only one on that site, then sure, it will be faster. But like anything else traffic, noise, and the host itself have a determining factor on how fast you access that site.Do not believe the hype when an app says it can speed up your internet connection. If they could actually do that, why would they have created cable modems, or T1 and T3 connections. Use your heads folks! There is no such thing as a free lunch!


Having 100MBPS Broadband and a private network, it probably won't work for me.Although this would've helped me when I only have 56KBPS Dial-up with Netzero.


explain how this work first, after i will download it


Regardless of how well this product works, I generally avoid downloading anything I see posted on a form. I'd rather not get a virus or worm.

Shunkan Idou

I'm not understand how this works. Maybe if someone would post an explanation...


Heh... you don't make the internet faster... you just try to make yourself faster. Don't forget that if the server you go to is slow, there's nothing you can do about it. I used to be a fanatic of such programs when I was on dial-up and they're just hypes. I'm not really much of a surfer. I've always preferred to download stuff from the net, so such programs never proved helpful to me. 500 times faster? Get real...


This really wouldn't work for dial-up, its capped at 56k, which even then your only gonna get about 30/40kb if u use that mibbe. It just seems to be tweaks and stuff for your network connection. Might compress the packets out going or something, but might see a 1% rise in performance at best with software solutions such as these.


Hehe..500times faster..Well let's see; I have a 10Mbit connection so that would mean that my new connection would be 5000Mbit and that is 5 Gbit...That is not possible and is kinda funny to promote your program this way, but whatever works with customers, I guess. However, these programs do tweak your settings and maybe make your internet a little faster, but if you think about the time you need to set the program up, I think you've just spent all the time this program would spare for you in a year:)So, that is a scam and it always will be...If you want a faster internet, buy more bandwith - there is no other way around. Maybe connecting to your neighbours wireless :lol:


interesting i will try it out and tell you guyz about it

Thorned Rose

Well, I finally got round to trying it and doing the trial and all of that.The Jury is in and the virdict is...... drum roll please...... I didn't really see any difference.I have ADSL so no dial up restrictions. My ISP is one of the best in New Zealand etc etc etc. After the trial expired, my internet speed really doesn't seem any different.I also did their ISP submission thing to get a free license but they never even bothered to acknowledge my submission (after initially accepting my application) let alone send me a license.On top of this, when I uninstalled it, it killed my internet connection my corrupting my modem and network card drivers. :/My best advice - give it a go but run speed test several times (at the same times throughout the day) before and after installing it so you can make sure that it is *actually* improving your speed. If it works for you great - buy it. If it doesn't be very, VERY careful uninstalling it. If your internet connection dies after uninstall, trying reinstalling your modem/router and/all network card drivers (depending on how you connect to the net)(As a side note, they also told me that their software couldn't possible interfere with my computer which is obviously bollocks because my drivers were corrupted upon uninstall) - user beware!


So basically it is a expensive junk software that will mess up your computer if you uninstall that. Did you send a nasty email saying that it screw up your computer I would :lol:.$5 says theirs a programming error in the uninstall program that screw with the connection or somewhat. Anyways if I remember correctly in order to get a fast connection it has to do with how big your browser cache is. Meaning how many MB you put into the cache folder which stores the websites and the cookies.Internet accelerators don't promise faster speeds anyways, it's software that cache's websites better.

Thorned Rose

Yeah, I got fairly pi**ed off at them after they replied to my request for help (before I figured out what had gone wrong) with:

cFosSpeed does not affect any connections settings. It always just uses an existing connection.
May be the connection is broken for some other reason.

You could setup a new connection via
"START/Control Panel/Network connections" to check your connectibility.

I told them (with firm language) that it was a problem with their software not my computer :lol:
I would also like to point out that their advice was useless given my network connections were deleted along with corrupting my drivers which meant that I kept getting errors trying to set up a new connection.


there is NO WAY any software can get you increased internet/network speed1)if you are on 56k, the most you can get is 56k, your modem cant send/receive more than 56k period.2)if you are using adsl/cable, this speed is CAPPED by your ISP. For adsl i dont know but for cable, if you are good, you can increase your net speed with hacks. And i mean hardware hacks. Those kind that requires you to change your modem configuration, ie MAC ADDRESS to a someone else whos ISP plan is superior to yours. Then you will enjoy his net speed. However this is illegal and can be caught quite easily. (there cant be 2 same MAC address connected to the ISP..)Any software claiming increased speed is actually using other types of technology like caches. I dont know about the traffic shaping and finding the shortest loop thou.

Thorned Rose

What the company says it's software does is theoretically possible. My ISP has uncapped speeds so I get as fast as the line will provide, but again this is internet speed limited by hardware (much like with the 56k modem).The software doesn't alter what the hardware does, just stuff like packet handling. On a 56k modem, the most data your modem can handle is 56kb of information per second. The software supposedly just changes how that information is sent and received so your hardware isn't going to go any faster but you may still see an increase software side. Think of the difference between IE and Firefox. You can have exactly the same connection and yet get faster speeds on Firefox. Why? Because the software is different.This isn't to say that cFos Speed actually works - read what I said above and you'll see I didn't have a very good time with it, all I am saying is that it is theoretically possible and may work for some people.So pleeeease stop saying, "nope can't work because your speed is determined by hardware" - next time your itchy little fingers feels inclined to type something along those lines - just remember the difference between IE and Firefox and then try to explain that one away before you start mouthing off about other software.(I still hate cFos Speed btw)


woow 500 Time faster !i hope its truei have dialup account with phone line ( has very noise ) i think that software can not help me :lol:dear X-Master its use own protocol ?how we can download full version of this software ?thanks

Thorned Rose

woow 500 Time faster !i hope its true
i have dialup account with phone line ( has very noise ) i think that software can not help me :lol:
dear X-Master its use own protocol ?
how we can download full version of this software ?

Dude, read the posts above before you put your own 2 cents in otherwise your contribution to the thread doesn't make any sense!!


I tried one of these programs before and it basically did absolutely nothing to my internet speed except occasionally stop my internet working, so that was stupid and unneeded.


Lol, just another useless TCP tweaking program. I haven't seen a modem yet that could transfer (both ways at the same time) 44k yet and this software cetrainly wont push help it. The only way you might get some perfromance boost is if you do some good modding to an external modem and perhaps download some drivers and tcp settings that someone smarter than you has made. If this thing was able to do driver mods or override the rom settings on your modem or something then it might be worth a look. Save yourself time and money and just google yourself free programs and guides which are much better than this.


getting a 500 times speed is no way practical but even a 5 times the original speed is really cool,though i am not using this sick software which corrupts your drivers ,si may be i will follow the pc guide advice as given by someone earlier,changing some values in registry could make your speed really fast