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Can We Change Our Future?

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I have to agree with Chatz, if we are aware of what we're doing, and the negetive consequences they will cause, we can inevitbly change what might have been. But the only true way of being able to do this, is if we were able to go back into time and see what would have happened IF we had done something different.

Well said.It's as simple as that.You decide your future,the actions and decisions you make in live will detrumine your future.Which brings me back to your qouestion,can we change our furture? The answer is yes we can.


I love topics that really have no answer :)For those reading and are intrested in this topic, I would highly suggest you guys go out and rent Donnie Darko. Its a great movie that gives you this exact question. Is it possible to change the future and/or the past? As for what I think, I believe that as we make choices we change our future from what it wouldve been had we made some other decision, or not changed at all. But our future is also changed by the choices of those around us. This often forces us to change our future with some decision we make. But overall, I see it as a topic with millions of possible correct answers, often depending on what you believe (religiously often).


thats true sometimes topics as these just dont have any answers.They just come to us as things happen, so look forward to those good things


I tottaly think we can change our destiny if we want.If you let your fate to decide for you you might be the loser.You should take the lead of your future create it based on your wishes and try your best.If you consive you can belive and then you can achive.WITH MY BEST WISHES!


HelloI want to know why are we put on this planet in the first place. What exactly do we do - nothing. We are born, go to school, work and later retire, in between we grab a few bits of joy when we can. Oh well - best to make the most of it :(


you are here to live, breath, experience things, make mistakes, learn from the mistakes, push yourself always to be a better person, live with good morals and values which i know is all relative. i don't believe in the bible too much, but i do believe in parts of it. most of the meaning behind the ten commandments for example. forgiveness and turning the other cheek would be another example of what i consider good nature with good morals and values. you are meant to find your place in this world where in the long run can invluence others in a positive way....not just you and your life.

believing or not believing in god or religion is beside the point. we are all meant to find ourselves in a world that makes it so difficult at times. why it is needed to push our own selves to our own limits without procrastination. a day past is a day lost that you can't gain back in this lifetime. most importantly, ask yourself how you want to leave this world. do you want to die with regret, or do you want to die with no regret? think about that when you make your present and future choices. don't ever have a comfort zone to where you get too lazy to push yourself. comfort zones, or just getting by in life or just being content isn't good enough. there is more out there in the world and we are meant to experience all those things we aren't meant to do until we understand exactly what we are meant to do.

some people realize this at an early age. i have heard people call these people "old souls" and i tend to believe that. others may be late bloomers and don't discover themselves til they are 40. some may seem like late bloomers but really aren't. it's the expectations that people or society create that will see through the rosy colored glasses...understanding life and people in general rather than the life of people on an individual level.

most important thing to know about ones purpose in life is you will NEVER find that answer asking that question to others. that, my friend, will be found through you and you gut instincts, knowing yourself....not how you were raised or what other people may think or expect from you. gotta fight off those distractions to find your true self and what you are meant for and why you are here asking those questions.

ah i wonder the same thing sometimes, what are we here for, what were we brought here to do? there are many religions in this world so it's hard to know nd we don't even know if there is an after life excpe that we have to go by our holy books. I don't know if we can change our future, i dont really think we an. we're in gods hands and thats the person who controls it.

The Simpleton

Let's face it: If life could be modified like source code, it would be really very boring!


The question to be asked here isn't 'can we change our future', but 'would we want to change our future'. Actually most people will be thinking along the lines of 'can we change our past', because they would want to erase all their past mistakes and make their life 'perfect'. But such a life would be just static and machinery. It wouldn't be exciting. Life ought to be a mixture of everything. If only good things keep happening to you, its good. But if anything bad happens to you, well it sure hurts for a while, but it's all part of life. Experiencing everything is what life is all about! So let's put that question regarding changing the past aside.


Coming to the question of changing the future, it would be interesting to know what our future is and it would certainly be interesting to erase something bad before it happens to us. But once again the concept of 'enjoying life' butts in and tell you that "Let it happen....there's nothing wrong with that happening!" If I were given an option to change my future I would definitely say "no".


And regarding the question whether this is actually possible or not, I would again say "no" and this applies from two angles. From the religious point of view, God would never give a mortal such a power no matter how ideal he is! From the atheist's point of view there is no technology or source which can do such a thing and it is very unlikely that any such thing will be possible in the near future!


destiny and having a true purpose in life are two very different things. yes, we can change our future. we can change our lives by the choices we make today. i believe in destiny. i believe that everyone is destined in this lifetime or future lifetimes to fullfill the purposes we are supposed to fullfill in each individual lifetime. destiny to me is more of an eternity concept where that will never change....ever. the purpose in ones life however...doesn't really change, but it can speed up or slow down depending on ones own choices during a given lifetime. it's so easy to get distraced from ones purpose in life to where it slows down or comes to a grinding halt until you find the path that leads back to it. sometimes our purpose is to be misguided as being misguided is one of the ways we learn in life...grow wiser and smarter with every experience(good or bad).then there are the ones that commit suicide. one can say that one should never commit those acts. their future is ruined. but is it really? maybe that was the purpose for a person where others can learn from the suicide. for something as sad and depressing as suicide, the more people have killed themselves, the more jobs that were created for others to benefit. the more you see other reach out in pure goodness for others. there is a saying. if you think you can, you can. if you think you can't, you can't. the idea behind this dictates also that thoughts can change our futures. personally i believe in the power of thought. i'm not really religious, but i do believe in prayer directed towards a god or anything else for that matter because i don't feel god creates that power....we our own selves create it...and maybe there is a little help out there from god. who knows....there are a lot of things that can change our future. not knowing anyone's future however would be a roadblock to prove that anyone can change their own future.it's really weird to think on this subject because the subject itself is a little vague. i do believe our futures can be changed. i don't believe anything is set in stone. not even in god's hands if one is religious. if god interfered with life, we would hold a perfect world in his eyes and no more change would be neccessary. why you see people dying every day without god intervening. to take away a person's choice (victim or suspect) if we are talking about some driveby or something else, is to take away all forms of individuality. to act the same in any situation would be reliving the same minute of your life over and over again. why we have control of our own choices to comliment the differences of individuality and the concept that we CAN change our future somehow without even knowing how because we don't really truely know what our future holds.now i do believe that some people hold the gift of seeing the future for others. i also believe that depending on a person's purpose, the future can be prevented or changed. BUT!!! depending on whether the choices were good or bad for that person's actual purpose in this lifetime wont ever dictate that person's destiny in another lifetime. what that means simply is we hold our life in our hands. we hold a purpose. we have the opportunity to fullfill that purpose in this lifetime unless we get too distracted with other things that don't mean as much. if this is true, our next lifetime will be to try and fullfill the same purpose as the last. once that has been accomplished, a new purpose for a new lifetime will lead that much more closer to ones ultimate destiny.so when talking about choices...yes, they control our future depending on the choices we make and it invloves a lot more than just changing ones future....why it's kinda weird talking about it since the actual topic is vague and to explain so fully in what i believe related to this topic, it really can't be done in a post.


Well, I have heard some very cool idiom or phrase, which says that "the best way to predict our future is to create it". This means that you don't have to stop and wait for things to happen just because you believe( and I believe too) that lives are fixed and arranged only that God knows. You have to search, seek and create your destiny by working.


This is an interesting topic. I'd say that to some degree the 'choices we make' and' who we are' is based on life experiences and predisposed actions and inclinations from our genes. But after saying that we can 'mix' things up by conciously making desicions that are the reverse to what we are accustomed to. When i was about 14 i used to do this frequently and it truly does make a difference. I think i'll have to try that out again. (By the way i'm not promoting the idea that anyone engage in radical behaviour).

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