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What If People All Saw Things Differently?

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Wow...I thought I was a weirdo until I saw this thread.I have been thinking about this since I was 10, and I still get headaches. I thought I was the only one then. However, my thoughts are slightly different from yours. I do not think of what people agree about or decide about when they see something (like this blue-green colour and he says it is geen but I say this is blue), but I think of what they perceive when they see something. It is kinda hard to bring across, but I think it is the same with what Nitefell has in the first post.Ok, there is this colour. I perceive it green. But another guy comes. He says it is green as well. Now my soul leaves my body and enters his. As I look through his eyes, will I see the same green? Or will I see another colour? Another colour, maybe blue to me, but because this guy has been taught that blue is green and he says it green, because that colour is named as green. Like what if this is the same for everything else? Like I see it like this, you see it like that, but we think we see the same thing, because we were taught that the "thing" we saw was to be refered to as a particular name. Not the mental opinon but the physical qualities. What is we have different dimensional perceptions?

Nani Cheri

The answer to that one is no. The pupil is what does the "seeing", the outside (colored) wouldn't affect anything.
@Nani Cheri -- But you have to think outside the box. Sure you can compare things on the rainbow, but what if someone else's rainbow is in a completely different order than yours? You can have red orange yellow and someone else can have purple blue green. :)

yeah that's true, but I've been thinking about my theory, but it makes no sense cause it's the same problem which was one in the first place..


Eveyone sees things diffrently thats what makes us who we are... its just that we as a society have things we all accept such as some colors and those sorts of things...we use common symbols and objects to communicate when words do not work...so really we all do see diffrently


Maybe our minds may inverty or whatever misconstrue the image that we see of others or have like retinal problems. But I don't see how we can perceive others differently physically. We should be on the same accord to really understand the human anatomy and physiology. I just keep it simple. I never really thought of it in this way. I just K.I.S.S keep it simple stupid as my health teacher always says. lol. maybe if we had like a fancy for others we might see them in a good light rather than a normal view. Like you like someone and you see them in all the good parts.


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What If People All Saw Things Differently?


These thoughts have consumed me for a while now, I would like to bring a new dimension to the post if I may! What interests me (Sticking on the colours idea just for simplicity) what if we both see a colour and agree its blue (Just because it has been named as such) but what does that colour actually translate to within our minds? What I see as blue could be the same as what another person sees as pink, we know when we look at it to call it blue because of convention but our views could be completely different!


Does anyone know of any documented theories along this line as I am trying to include it in my dissertation?




People percieve things in different ways.Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so to speak. I mean some people like loud music with really loud basswhile others can't stand it. Others can't stand the smell of a woman's perfume, while for others itjust adds to the overall experience. Our sensory perceptions are all probably much different.They say that blind people have extra strong senses of smelland hearing etc.It's all relative.


Good exampleWhat If People All Saw Things Differently?

Wow, I was just talking to my friend about this. He is a fifty something year old and was a car painter for two decades. He has the interesting ability of seeing colours by everything that is in that colour. If he needs to touch-up a car, he can make that exact colour from scratch just by comparing and mixing colours. When he first told me about it, it kinda weirded me out cause the concept was foreign to me but I learned to understand what we could see. One red could have more green or yellow in it than the next one, he can see that. It's an astounding ability that could be used for many, many things.

-reply by Timo



hahaha xD I love you guys, most people don't think about things like that you know! It's impossible for people to be fully aware and know everything :P even if you try to know everything youll fail. Well... Maybe not if you first figure out how to live forever... Hmmm maybe it is possible... But I think itd be best if people spend equal time thinking as they do spending time doing nothing, and that they constantly share their ideas ( objectively of course ) with other people, only then can we reach an understaning in our world and not have as many problems. We are careless towards reality though... Its unfortunate, we kill and neglect each other constantly everyday, and no one takes responsibility. Its actually set up in the way no one has to take responsibility... People need to be aware, to have a wide view of things ( or atleast an understanding), they need to observe, they need to think, they must empathic towards themselves and others, they need to act and share what they think about, and be lesss sensitive and more considerate. Only then might we be able to fix our problems, but humans arent like that, itd be nice if we were. Wonder what our world would be like...


Yeah. Like one persons red could be someone elses blue. People think they are all the same thing. This is because you learn a color by how it looks and even though we see them differently we all agree on a name.I had another intresting thing I thought of too for you to think about. What if the planets are falling. Everything falls at the same speed wich would explain floating. So if were falling we must be moving to a center of gravity.Another thing is that if there were no lava in the center of the earth and you jumped through a hole. When you got to the exact center would you be floating?-reply by zak porterfield


Alex Cicala

The truth is will actually all see things differently. We just don't know it.The way I think can be different to some other persons way of thinking, there may be a certain formula in maths that I would use, when the other person simply uses a calculator. [basically the person using the calculator, lacks knowledge :(]Peoples personalities and actions refer to the way they see and think of things. Thats the way I see it.


I bet you would be really interested by Synesthesia, it's a condition where you can feel colors and taste with your eyes. your whole perception is off. A friend of a friend who suffers from this disease said a book he read tasted like chinese noodles. Other people will say things like the number 1 is light blue or 42 is reddish brown.Also people who have this can hear music and then taste and feel sensations, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Wonder and Eddie Van Halen all suffer/ed from synesthesia.And to keep on topic here, Animals perceive the world alot differently than humans so i think that it's possible that on another planet there could be humans identical to us who perceive the world in a completely different way.


Well, imo all people would become mad. One would see what the others wouldn't and the world would be different for everyone, creating possible riots and a major crisis.


I used to think about this stuff often especially in my early teens, for instance why isnt space white rather than black? Ofcourse later i learnt light is refracted in multiple directions from a sun and while some of it may reach us, the rest will be sucked into a blackhole and trapped, as is conventional wisdom.?I once had a serious time with "deep" depression in which i sore colors in a very desaturated manner, as close to black and white as to color. People who eat a lot of carrots get more vitamin A, and apparently see colors much more vibrantly than normal. ?Everyones perception/personality is different and will have a different take on things. "Mathematics" may be something where our state of mind and perception may converge much closer to that of each other, but still even then we could have different moods. The human mind is a hugely complex thing, maybe even George Bush' brain as well.?

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