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Windows Vista: The Next Os? Will it be?

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I'm sure that at some point I will be forced to upgrade to Windows Vista (what with compatibility issues and lack of support over time), but until that time comes, I doubt I will switch. In any case, I will NEVER buy a brand new Microsoft product. Give them about a year to figure out and at least attempt to fix all the MAJOR bugs, then you can switch and tolerate the minor ones.

Adam Roach

Just as a performance tip for Windows Vista. This may sound amazing, but when you have a .bmp (bitmap) image, if you zoom it in qill never get blurry, doesn't that sound amazing! I mean can't believe how powerful of a video card you will need just to run the OS. I mean gamign will be a whole different concept.


Vista is just a Mac OS X clone, only it wastes more system resources to do effects that do absolutely nothing but waste processor power when your playing games. I'd hate to see how much power Vista's explorer will eat off my processor, the performance in playing games without it is already fairly dramatic.


Hey, i have been following the development of windows Vista(longhorn) for a long time. They have realeased many betas for Windows Vista. The earlier versions of the beta's were called Windows Longhorn but The newer versions are called Windows Vista. I believe it is more like an improvement on Windows XP rather than a whole new experience like the Windows Xp was over windows 98/Me/2000. The Windows Vista has many new feature that were not in Windows XP. It has a sidebar which allows one to manage all his stuff and provides an easy access to things. But i heard from somewhere that this sidebar was removed due to some reasons. The Windows Vista has an all new GUI. It is called the Aero. It has 3d viewing and windows can be rotated and there are a lot more things which can be done in the new GUI Aero. The thing that Microsoft has been working hard for so many years is the security and in their new version of Windwos too they have stressed more on security rather than anything else. They have all the all new look, fonts, windows, icons and much more. They have upgraded the core system and increased the security which they believe is most important since many computer crashed due to the Blaster virus which affected almost every computer of the world some years back. Now microsoft have come up with a technology which can internally fight against these viruses. They new operating system has again the best stability. It has the most advanced stability. This Version also comes with some new hardwares and more possibilities and more technologies. With this new version of windows they have also upgraded their office to Office 2007. The beta of this is available at microsoft's website.Windows Xp had only a few version of the Operating system like Windows XP Home, Windows XP Pro, Windows XP Media centre etc but Windows Vista has about 7 version. i dont know the exact number. But the superior of all is Windows Vista Ultimate which has all the new features created by Microsoft for their new operating system.One version Windows Vista Business is designed to meet the needs of business organizations. It has a strong security system and protection from attacks from all. This version also backs-up information and data on the computer automatically and also protects it. It always makes it easy to organize and share information.It also has a built-in protection against malicious software, or malware. This version of Windows would also warn long before a hardware failure occurs so that information can be saved and backed up. It is the best operating system made for Buisness Organization(My own view).Windows Vista's latest version is Beta2 which is can be acquired though microsoft website. The MSDN subscribers and the TechNet subscribers have easy access to it and also for the General Public it can be downloaded by registering for a Windows Vista Customer Preview Program (CPP) launched by Microsoft in which they would provide the general public with betas of Microsoft Vista.


Vista is just a Mac OS X clone, only it wastes more system resources to do effects that do absolutely nothing but waste processor power when your playing games. I'd hate to see how much power Vista's explorer will eat off my processor, the performance in playing games without it is already fairly dramatic.

*Gasp!* How can you say something like that?!!? Vista is nothing like a Mac.


yes it is like you wouldn't believeit was made to compete with mac


Vista to compete with MAC? Oy... It's definitely a pain to network if you've never used the system. (I did High speed cable tech support) It's also a bit of a pain to direct people around because they move almost everything. I've played on Vista in total about an hour so I can't bash it that much but I know that with the one High speed cable provider it can be quite the pain.


i am currently using the microsoft vista ultimate version. vista particularly ultimate, has amazing visual appearance.


Vista is just a Mac OS X clone, only it wastes more system resources to do effects that do absolutely nothing but waste processor power when your playing games. I'd hate to see how much power Vista's explorer will eat off my processor, the performance in playing games without it is already fairly dramatic.

I've heard a lot of people saying this and I have to agree.

When they made Vista they put Mac OS X Tiger on a table and told them to copy that.

And to be honest they didn't do so good.

Can't WAIT for Leapord.

Yet another giant leap ahead of M$.

I wonder how long it'll take for the next Windows OS haha.


Well I think that this discuss has gone of the charts from the initial topic and there are many more discussions about windows vista and every aspect of the operating systems in the operating systems sections. Good luck All. Also I will just say that windows vista is good and that apple is still after microsoft for many reasons out of which I will pull just few over here. Price Apple that is Mac is a lot more expensive then PC with windows then architecture which is the same and one more is compatibility that is windows is more compatibal with other operating system meaninng that because windows is mostly widespread operating system today.


well, now that vista actually has come out, i hate it @ i reckon it is just awful!i would rant about its awfulness, however maybe i should do that in the vent, because there might be some nasty stuff involved...if you really want a good operating system, then find the linux distribution most suitable for you. i reccommend ubuntu as the best gnome distribution, kubuntu as the best kde.yes, i do believe vista was made to be a copy of mac. if you compare the now released leapard with vista, the similarities are evident.


As for me, i don't try linux. it not forme. But i have 3 OS on my HD: 2 XP - 1 main and second is reserve; Vista - for experiments and some games.


I have vista installed on my comptuer. I upgraded cause my friends had and it became awfully painful trying to lan with 1 xp (me) and 11 vistas. Straight out of the box vista looked aewsome just some minor problems to do with how you had to go to through many menu's to get to shut down(but that wasn't really a problem since my computer rarely shutdowns due to me not having a life) and every time I use something I get this cancel or allow thing, alright I can live with that. Okay so I continued using vista, a few more problems appear - It's hell to find drivers for my devices. I eventually find all my drivers so i continue using it for about a couple of weeks. Then I suddenly notice that vista is chewing up alot of my resources and it seems programs that were relatively unresource heavy suddenly gained a couple of resource pounds. It seems it is not just me that has experience this problem with vista. Fortunately with much resource there are fixes for this. Unfortuantely you have to be decent around a computer to even begin to understand "What the hell they are talking about". Disabling a few services, Disable the UAC(User Account Control), Disable various Security Policies and would look at that all my problems are gone.People if you don't want to do some serious modding to vista so your computer doesn't die from an overweight OS, stick with XP and if you want most of the perks of vista and the compatibility, ease of access and sleekness of XP then either download SP2e or download the XP Black Edition or both. Apparently I've heard that these versions of xp is sorta like a VIXP (vista and XP combined(yes I did make that up on the spot). Due to my laziness and the fact that I have already modded my Vista to the point that it really isnt vista anymore I haven't gone back to XP but as soon as I need a reformat I'll be going back to XP. Unless SP1 has been released which is suppose to have put vista on a diet and made it lost those pounds it gained.PS. this is my first post ... but I saw this topic and just had to post something about it.Oh yeh by the way... windows itself I have been reading was originally based on the macintosh code when they first started out. That may be just some sorta conspiracy theory though Im not sure since I can't get the source code of the mac of that time and windows (the first) - And I agree bthaxor that you can see the similarities in vista when comparing it to leopard you can even see similarities with panther and tiger mac. I know since I use to own a G4 laptop with the Panther MAC OS X. ( Yes I am a huge mac supporter ... before they contracted intell.... there computers have become seriously S**T house)


I tried the first beta of Windows Longhorn (as it was called at the time) and I liked it pretty much. Specially the new windows explorer improvements. But the beta I tried was only good to evaluate its visual components, because when I wanted to try to install any application, it wasn't compatible. But I believe that with the recently released beta 2 it will have more compatibility when installyng applications.
By the way, I heard Windows Vista Beta 2 is not available to the general public yet, but the Beta 2 of Office 2007 can be downloaded here (Official Microsoft Site).

There are people who think this new version of Microsoft Windows is not going to be what was expected, or that it hasn't all the funcionalities announced, but only those who understand the real core improvements that were made (related to programming), and not only the interface or visual improvements as the majority of people thing, can see the real potencial of the new OS.

I already use Vista and Office 2007, and I'm really happy with it, I really recommend it. But u need a good machine, 1GB of RAM isn't enough and a 1.0 Ghz processor isn't enough.

I've a Core 2 Duo @1.5 and 2GB of RAM. And it runs very,very well.


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