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  1. I don't think this is possible. I suppose it would be fun because of the 17 number and that, but there are so much members, a lot of them passers-by, so the server would be fragmented into lot of accounts, most of them unused. And another thing, the more accounts here, the more that admins have to pay attention to, erase for inactivity, if they violate the TOS, have illegal activities, etc. I mean, not a good idea overall...But then he talks about gathering 100 credits so I don't know. 17 mbs for 100 credits and 500 for 30? I still don't understand.
  2. Well, it haven't happened to me but I think is ridiculous to ask users to backup the information in their email accounts. I mean, google says thing like "why deleting anything? there's space enough" and all that. They're so confident in his product that encourages you not to delete mails because you can have them all and make searchs and that. An then something like this happens. Of course you have to save important data outside your email... but there are lots of things not "so" important that if you lose them you're gonna go crazy.And for the options... I think it's no good to have two accounts, one just for forwarding. You are "using" another account when you only would need one. I mean, you can be as paranoid as you want with your data, but the fact is that it's their error and they should have the backups, not you. And remember that being free doesn't mean nothing, they're earning money with the personalized ads.Anyway I didn't understand if it's google that says that we must backup or it's just your opinion. I think it's ridiculous either way.
  3. Of course we can... or at least we could. And I suppose if theres some kind of magnetical shock that blocks all cell phones we could live, but we would be a little worried because now we're used to be in touch 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So, in theory we can but human progress have showed that it's not easy to go back one step in "progress". We know for example that we're killing the planet but we're not going to stop driving big cars, are we? So, imagine with cell phones that there's no reason to stop using them (as there's no proof that they produce cancer, etc). So, we could but we're not going to do it.I agree that we lived so much better without this constant nervous state... I've forgot my phone / maybe someona calls me / my battery is running out / etc. We forget about real problems.But it would be worst if we had to forget about Internet, though.
  4. I must say that since my last post here I've started using wordpress and I think it's great so I recommend it thoroughly. I think it's better than blogger and the fact that you can not embed (or easily at least) objects keep the wordpress network more clean and more information oriented than turning into a bunch of awful designs with lots of widgets, media players, youtubes, etc. I still think it's the best option.I've also heard good things about movable type but I never used it. For bthaxor I recommend you to describe your error in wordpress forums (if you don't get an answer here), surely other users can help you.
  5. Well, everybody knows that sugar excites... so something 300 times more powerful, I think if that started to sell around the world many countries would calificate it as a drug, because I think with such concentration of "sugar" you must be really high.Well, could be funny to be high on sugar. And no crabs! at last! hehe
  6. Of course there are many reasons to think that human race is being degradated. And yes, the fact that government and spirituallity are mixed sometimes it's a bad sign because spirituallity, as his name means, shouldn't be associated with any physical entity, should be free in every individual person. Anyway let's hope it's not too late to reverse the trends, we should have the power to prevent any government from trying to use such kind concepts in order to promote wars or hate.
  7. I know it sucks, but a good designer should try to make their design looks good and with the less differences possible in all browsers. It sucks because if you think about it, it shouldn't be work of the webmaster, but of the browsers that should unify their criteria. But, as they're competitors, I suppose this won't happen and we'll have to be doing tricks and fixes forever just to make websites that look decent in both (and others like Opera, Konqueror, Safari...). People used to make websites thinking in how IE would read them but nowadays fortunately the thing is changing and I admit that I give priority to Firefox.
  8. So, another Xisto mistery solved I must admit the topic title sounds funny. The evil old server, didn't want to die and tried to play its last card, and revenge against us.bad server, bad...
  9. Sprnknwn

    Tae Kwon Do

    In my opinion they are giving away black belts for free. I mean, martial arts are supposed to have some kind of balance between body and mind. And you show absolutely no respect for judo, for example. You are just saying that tae kwon do is the most complete because you have inverted lot of time practicing it. People don't often like to think that have been wasting their time. I'm not saying that you have, but imagine the offense you have made to people who is black belt on judo.I could say that martial arts suck just because I don't practice any of them. And it would be ridiculous at the same level as your affirmations.
  10. Thank you let's hope it doesn't happen again. Just one question, rewriting all this code will affect the way people gets credits? I mean, posting the same tou get the same credits or are there any variation in the algorythm that describes the proportion between posts/lines/letters and credits?Thanks, good job.
  11. The thing I hate most about megaupload is that downloads usually stop and you can't resume them, because there's all the IP thing they use to discourage non premium users and that. I prefer rapidshare, it's better but but not really good anyway.
  12. Usually they come back automatically within an hour when you get to negative credits and then post to go back to positive. Bun these days it seems that something is working bad, because sites are getting suspended with no particular reason and there's nothing you can do to fix it, and it doesn't fix in an hour time. I know because my site's been down for more than 9 hours now (since I first noticed it was down, could be more).
  13. I think there are some thing involved here. First is the fact that people don't want to waste time doing anything and this way they want websites without making the least effort, not getting to know html, not even thinking which colour scheme fits better their sites or trying to make something for easy navigation. They only want to be in the Internet and say "hey, I have a cool website". Which of course isn't cool at all, but they think so.So companies take note of it and offer these awful online editors / profiles / whatever. I think if you really like your project in Internet, no matter what it is, it's worth to learn something and make your own site. Probably it wouldn't be the best the first time, but you'll learn and see how you can drastically improve it in a year time. And that is cooler than having a space following the same pattern as the rest of the crowd.
  14. My account have also been suspended without reaching negative credits. I don't have them above right now but I insist, they have never been negative...
  15. It's totally ridiculous to want Mozilla Firefox looks like Internet Explorer. For two reasons, if you want Internet Explorer, then you have it. And when you use Mozilla Firefox is much probably because you dislike or even hate Internet Explorer. But I suppose there are some strange people out there with strange tastes.
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