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Google Declares War On Microsoft!

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I think it is amazing how a little web search company has grown to the power it now has, I look forward to the future with them and can't wait to see what they bring us next.Go Google


I Beleive Google Can Surpass Microsoft Microsoft has gotten two uppty and done all this verifcation craphere's a few list of things-Google has gmail with a easy setup on Mozzilla Thunderbird-Microsoft has hotmail you have to PAY to us Outlook with it-Google Has gmail with no averdisements in your email-Hotmail alows hundreds of averdising emails every day-Google Earth Tool is where you can see anything on eartho here's a good one-Google is free to use on any computer with same software-Microsoft wants you to buy software for each computer seperatly-Google Web Building Program free with easier tools-Microsoft Frontpage and newer versions $200 +i could come upwith a million excuses why microsoft gets suckybut then i'd be a hipocritic because i think apple is crap aswellif google comes out with a free system it will do wonders with all their usersbut they will need easy install you dont want their users to have to hire someone to install something freelike alot of microsoft software has to be:/if google takes their time they can do better than googleand they will

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