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  1. Hi there, guys, here is my problem:I signed up for your 3S hosting plan ( http://www.sonorama.net/ ) for one whole year in december (or something) 2006, i think.In that precise moment, the number of daily visitors were kinda increasing, but quite slow. Nowadays my site has increased the visits and obviously my bandwidth is not enough anymore. Yesterday afternoon I experienced a suspention (the second in this year, i guess...) of my site, because of the bandwidth limit exceeded (509).What I wanted to ask you guys is if you allow me to pay for the difference between 3S and 7S for the rest of my paid year. If this is possible, please let me know...One second thing: my new credit card is gonna be released on the 4th of June. I'd like to know if its possible to unsuspend my site for the rest of this month (please, it is going to be until thursday only), and then when i get my new card, I replace the hosting plan.Greetings! Notice from BuffaloHELP: Topic title must be specific. Modified.
  2. you know what i see? i see pages made with HTML are ok, but if a site is built with PHP and/or using MySQL, then the site experience an unusual downtime a few times a day... look wha i get in my site's footer: ...and now all those MySQL warnings are gone... quite frustrating...
  3. yes, it's down as well... and BTW, yeah, i'm sure sonorama.net is in Gamma server...
  4. both things are correct. i mean, my site still in Gamma server. and yeah, it runs slow sometimes, which would be not that bad, considering a 99.9% uptime hosting, but when it happens to be down at least 1/5 a whole day, mmh... so, may i request for a server move? p.s. sorry, my english is quite poor.
  5. hi first. This is my complain: I used to be hosted by Xisto long ago. Then, due to the traffic my site started generating, decided to take one of your paid packages (3S), which I hadn't had any kind of problem (or maybe it seem like). But then I didn't realize how much downtime you guys have in your Gamma servers until lots of people started complaining about it, then I've had to see it myself. I have a friend with similar plan, but you hosted her site in your Theta Server, and her site is quite OK always. Its never been down since she got the package, and it's been almost a year ago. (I have been able to see it myself as well...) My question is: Can you guys move my entire site (and addon domains sites) to some well-working server, manybe Theta? the downtime is ridiculous HIGH during the day (and night) Thanks for your attention... BTW, my hosted domain is sonorama.net
  6. well, thats why it was supposed to be "automatically" charged on my credit card... why did you never send a warning mail? I'll pay for a whole year.... I hope everyrthing gets better after it...
  7. Hi to everyone at Xisto - Web Hosting.First of all, I must say that my English is not that good, but I'll try to do my best.Recently my site ( sonorama.net ) got suspended, then I logged in to your site ( Xisto - Web Hosting.com ), and found out that there was no subscription (hosted domain) at all, I tried to figure out why, but it was supposed to be charged month by month via Paypal.Anyway, I just paid manually again, so, I hope my site gets unsuspended as soon as possible...Regards, Omar Ivan Valencia.
  8. Please, i went over my allowed bandwidth limit. I just realized it and need my site back! PLease, how can i do the payment for the extra 3GB you offer for $1 USD? and please, tell me how long does it take to get unsuspended? :lol:BTW, my site domain is Sonorama.NET
  9. Well, I needed to make my payments, I didn't know i was asked to do something else in the PayPal site, so, when i got back from Mexico City today, i found out that my site ( http://www.sonorama.net/ ) was suspended since last friday morning... (that, at least, was what some readers emailed me)... anyway, i just made the new payments and would love to know when it gets unsuspended? BTW, I'd like to recommend you go visit my site Cheers!!!
  10. i really dont believe Hotmail is disapearing, i guess they're gonna modify every little thing into the service and that's it.think of how many people would have to change their address or even worse, their MSN identity email...Cheers!!!
  11. That is the point.... I have no list now, and the only way i have to recover it is by copying one by one :S
  12. it usually takes about a couple of hours when your domain is .net or .com, but it happens to take 24 hrs or longer (even 48 hrs is possible) when the case is about a .org, .info, or any other different kind of domain until your domain starts really recognise the DNS setup.Well, at least that is what happened to me :(Cheers!!!!
  13. it just sounds quite nice to be true. i do not believe they really pay you anyway. i've never tried any of those kind of sites. i think i should get a job instead, and then work hard in order to make such good money...Cheers!!!!
  14. Well, my problem is: my site (http://www.sonorama.net/) was first hosted by Xisto, then I got the S3 Plan in Xisto - Web Hosting. Now the site is working perfectly, except for one thing: my old mailing list. the mailing list was operating with this URL: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ now that my list is in the Xisto - Web Hosting Alpha server is not working at all... it seems like it is working when i login, but then when i try to email, it doesn't send a thing. I dont want to re-type all those 1625 email addresses into a new list. what should i do now? Please, mods, admins, or whoever can help me, tell me what to do in order to fix it...
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