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what is Content Management System What kind of CMS do you like?

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What is a CMS?


A content management system (CMS) is a computer software system for organizing and facilitating collaborative creation of documents and other content. A content management system is frequently a web application used for managing websites and web content, though in many cases, content management systems require special client software for editing and constructing articles. The market for content management systems remains fragmented, with many open-source and proprietary solutions available.

What kinds of CMS do you have?


There are a lot of CMS. Opensourcecms has organized all the famous CMS. Take a look:


- PHPnuke

- Dragonfly

- Geeklog

- Mambo


Maybe heard of it, it's a many sided structure. You can put Stories, Profiles, Downloads etc. on it.


How to install?


First you have to know is little bit php and database settings.

Second need a nice host (like this one Xisto.com) for database and php support. Third make you CMS to you own flavour. Example modify the color make stories.


At my previous host they didn't support CGI formats so I came to here.







Maybe you think it sucks but for me it's a easy job!


Succes with it,




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Maybe you think it sucks but for me it's a easy job!

Right, easy and quick way to get the job done. But I prefer to hand-code my sites, since I'm a proffesional B) Just kidding!It's ok to use CMS, but only after you know every detail of it and know how to use it properly. If you can create your own templates, that's a big plus too.
I've used mambo open source, and was pleased with it until I wanted to create valid code (HTML). This was not possilble using CMS like Mambo without some serious coding (and I didn't need all of the features of it), so I decided to do it by hand.
But, in my opinion CMS' have bright future, since people want results fast those days. They want their site up and running with all those fancy features in no time. That's where CMS can really be of assistance.
However, proffesionals either create their own CMS' or buy it from someone.


I like using CMS' that are already made by somebody because I don't know PHP (wish I did). I like e107 the most. After that Mambo is ok, and so are ones like phpNuke. I haven't tried very many CMS' to tell you the truth because the ones I try usually work just fine. I always have trouble trying to get CMS' to work with forums. I can't get the usernames and passwords to be the same on both!


Well I used CuteNews for a while. It was pretty simple but missing a few things like the emoticons. They make things easy for you but I like just putting text in myself. I don't know why but I do. I have been thinking about making my own content management system though. I probably ought to learn php first. lol


Wordpress validates as XHTML 1.0


Wow thanks for replying B) jlhaslip sorry man but did you see resources?


Just a note, Mambo CMS, is now Joomla! CMS : http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ got renamed/ Re-branded.It abssicly carried on the last release of MAmbo, and added some fixes to it, and released it as Joomla! 1.0. So development now continues under that etc.The latest is 1.03. Its a an excellent CMS, with a huge community of support. Tons of themes, modules components etc. Truely excellent B)


Wow thanks for replying B)

jlhaslip sorry man but did you see resources?


It doesn't matter if you listed your resources. The reason why you have to use the quote tags when you copy something verbatim is to prevent you from gaining credits that you did not earn. Everything inside the quote or code tags is not counted towards your credits. If everyone got away with copying and pasting, then we'd have people who can gather up 1000s of credits in a matter of hours.


I use Land Down Under (LDU) for all my websites. Its quite a bit like PHP-Nuke but I like LDU much better. Easier to use, more features. As you can see from my signature, i really like LDU B)
More info ^^


I have been using Mambo for a while now and I really like it. It is fast feature rich, and most importantly, FREE. It takes a little while to get used to it (the mambots, modules and components, templates and all the other stuff), but once you get used to it, you'll find it's really great. I just wish that it had better versioning control (and I knew how to use it). I love Mambo, I will use it as long as there is a community.


I like using Wordpress since you don't even have to know HTML or anything about the Internet in order to use it (well, except for installation and modifying how it looks). However, there are some annoying bits about Wordpress if you're using the page functions and trying to write out tutorials or something like that. But, besides those little things, I think Wordpress has a lot of functions and it's a really good system :)


Hi im new here and wanna share my thoughts about CMS. Since my early years in web developing, i've used alot of CMS, PHP-Nuke, PostNuke, Mambo and now Joomla!. Mambo was one of the best CMS i've ever used. Since it is very much supported by millions of open-source community, it made Mambo best. Hacking Mambo components are easy too, just like the one that adds friendster like ability to the CMS. But for people that will organize 1 Million+ users, Mambo is not advisable. Its users' list is using a drop down menu in the administration, imagine 1Million drop down entries?


I use PHP nuke. It's easy, has an admin interface, and it has modules you can download. It's sophisticated though, so you should know what you're doing.


At the moment I'm using 3 CMS's for 4 sites. I use PHP nuke for a clansite for a friend of mine, the skin it uses only works with PHP Nuke and that's probably the only reason I'm using PHP Nuke for it ;)For two other sites, one league site and another clansite (for my own clan) I am using CPG Dragonfly. I like this CMS because it is much faster and stabler then PHP Nuke, as well as a lot harder to hack... It's also very good for big community sites, which my league site and my clansite are...For my OTHER site ( :) ) I'm using Land Down Under (LDU, same as eleghost). It's very easy to make templates for it, and also great for smaller (Less community driven) sites, but you can use it for big sites as well...


I personally love textpattern as my CMS. It validates as XHTML Transistional and is really easy to install, customize and use. There's a fantastic community for TP and makes life a lot easier, with hundreds of plugins available for use, like easy sIFR for those who cannot use it.


I'm quite happy with WordPress. There are a lot of themes available for version 1.5 (and newer), although I tweaked some of the CSS and PHP files to make it look the way I want it to. I had to admit it was intimidating at first, but thanks to the support I was able to make the changes once I got the hang of it. Joomla! looks to be an interesting one to try out as well. In fact, I'm checking it out on another tab as I'm writing this.


I've used PostNuke and Xoops and I got tired propably because I had few (or no) visitors. Really for lazy dudes but I'm even too lazy for that too!


ive used phpnuke and mambo. phpnuke is good because it has everything already for u to fix. mambo is also good because they have nice templates and are organized.


You can just put it as its one of the things that makes life a little bit easier. I love using the content manager insteading of making a whole website from scratch although in some more advance website cases you will have to do everything yourself to look the way you want it to. Php nuke helped me make a website when i first started. Now though everything needs to be made from scratch so my company page will look how i want it to.


As this thread turned into sharing who is using what I have to say I?m currently with mambo. Of course, you cant get things done the way you like with WCMS as you can with hand code, but open source WCMS is quick solution :)Getting back to topic. CMS (once again) stands for Content <Management System. If you search for CMS on the web you?d get loads of different definitions and they vary depending on the market author is from. Let?s say Germany?s CMS market is quite different from other central Europe markets and US. According to some descriptions ? operating systems can be considered to be CMS as they allow you to create, change, store and organize electronic content.In the beginning of my post I?ve used abbreviation WCMS which stands for Web Content Management Systems. That is basically systems for web sites management such as above mentioned Mambo, etomite, phpnuke, drupal, aspnuke and many many more.Sub category of WCMS would be WIKI systems such as wikipedia. WIKI stands for What I Know Is. WIKI falls under group ware category as well, so it isn?t so easy to put in one box and forget it.There are some other, more or less known CMS types (I find it easier to refer to particular system by its specific type rather than by CMS as general):DCMS ? Document Management System;CCMS ? Corporate Content Management System;BlogsDirect/WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) /in content management software. For example Macromedia Contribute.

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