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I Hate Cell Phones Being unavailable rules


Hmm...two weeks ago i broke 2 cellphones in 3 days...first one(nokia 5310(i think) xpress music)-I was going to show my friend a picture which was on my mobile...i threw it at him and he caught it, after he looked at it,i told him to throw it at me which he refused to do,after that i told him again to throw it to me,second time he did it and i was going to catch t with one hand...you can guess what happened-it fell out of my hands,fell on a leg of a table.i picked it up and i saw my screen was pictureless.(50$ for repair)second one-i bought nokia n73 to replace the xpress one which was on repair,and cause after all my battery didn't hold as much as i wanted it to.i had it for few hours and saw that software was very very old.i wanted to flash (update) it but i didn't have the cable.i went to my friends house and got it.i saw that the cable connection with cell phone was very bad,but i didn't care(i knew that if the connection fails during the installation of new firmware,cell phone can be ruined)...again,you can just imagine what happened...during flashing process,connection broke,so did my phone...Learn from my mistakes-Don't catch cell's with one hand, and don't flash your firmware with bad cable,after all just don't do it on your own...go to a store and make them do it for some money


If you stop and think about how much money you spend on cell phones, it's a bit rediculous. And what are you really paying for? I think partially we're paying for the privilage of being "up to date". So $150 per month means I can text and recieve texts (because your friends will think you're lame if you can't text or be texted). It means that when someone can't get a hold of me, they get even more upset becasue "why do you even have a cell phone if you don't answer it!" ... I get that a lot. It means that with internet, games and apps my kids will always have their eyes glued to a screen (there's no escape from TV, or games, or the internet!) That also means less quality family time and less communication. Yes, I think cell phones have up sides too, but maybe we were better off without them.Michelle Z.


If So $150 per month m

That could be another interesting topic, but let's ask the question here.You talk about $150 per month.
I pay $25 for two months. Of course I almost don't use my phone, and I send rather few SMS's. However, it's 12 times less than the amount you are talking about.
So, let's ask : how much do you pay for using your cellphone ?


I Completely Agree!I Hate Cell Phones

 I wish that people would stop texting enough to realize that they've missed out on a lot.

  I agree that they are important in case you are in a car crash and NEED to call someone.Otherwise, who cares if you are in you're car going to the supermarket. Not me.

Cellphones have caused the level of intelligence to go downand the level of incompetence to rise. I'm in middle school and according to everybody besides the teachers and one of my friends, you must have a cellphone in order to be supposedly "smart". If you tell anyone that cellphones are stupid, they just say that you're stupid and are jealous. They are so addicted to them and are the sort of people who are turning an intelligent society of people who have captivating face-to-face conversations into a boring, unimaginative society full of people with robot personalities.This is why I'm glad to not have one.



Being able to stay in touch is great, but only on my terms. When I leave my apartment to go to classes, or someplace else on campus, I leave my cell phone in my apartment. Why? Because if I'm going to sit in a classroom for an hour, which I'm paying to do, then I don't want people bothering me with text messages, pointless phone calls or other stupid stuff like that. And if I do take the phone with me, I make friends with the "off" button. That's probably my favorite feature, hehe.
I like being completely unavailable. That's the whole point of going out and doing things away from my apartment. That's why I go off by myself and ride my bike, hang out in the library, etc. I don't like being available 24 hours a day.

But I think I'm the only one on this entire campus who feels that way. I watch fellow students send text messages back and forth the entire class meeting. Or, they grab their phones to call their friends the second class gets out. They've only been out of touch for 50 minutes, but they're going through some sort of withdrawal symptoms or something.

How did these people manage to live before cell phones became affordable?

I understand that some people need to be available. Some employees need to be on call. Or people have children, and like to be available in case one of them becomes sick and needs to be picked up from school. But these situations are different. The college kids are just addicted to the stupid phones.

My biggest question, though, is about the cell phone technology. Why do we need miniature iPods in our wireless phones when we already have portable MP3 players that are a) cheaper than the phone and capable of holding a lot more songs? Why do we need to browse the Internet on screens roughly the widths of our thumbs? And why, I must ask, do we have to take low-quality photos of pointless junk with these phones and immediately send these images to every friend we have?

So. Yes, I hate cell phones. I appreciate the very basic point of them (being able to make and receive calls as long as I have a decent signal). Beyond that, I don't care.

Well technically you don't "hate" cell phones, just you prefer to be unavailable at times. Plus this thread was made in 2006 when cell phones were still relatively new... more and more people are much more dependent on their phones then before.


Cell phone is an extremely useful device. All of us who say that I have problems with it, I am sick of it etc etc please spend a month or two in a situation where neither you have a cell phone nor you can have it. Then reply to this message after that period and tell me how was your time. You would feel no more than in the worst time ever.


MOBILE phones r usefulI Hate Cell Phones

Ok so..I'm 12 and ill admit it...I don't have a phone. But they are useful...As suggested on a different site: if you tell mum or dad footy is over at 1730 but its over at 1700 u have to wait for half an hour. I did that for an hour once. Besides, last week I was at a footy match verse an unfamiliar school...I missed the first bus for not knowing where to go. Then my dad was pissed off because I got back 2hrs late without even letting him kno I was ok... Phones are useful, phones are good. People say: well borrow 1 off ya mates? well it must get pretty damn annoying to have somone hanging off u 4 a phone and then your parents go crack at you because of the fact that their number is now in some random kid they don't even know's recent outgoing calls list or whateva u call it...Thats all from meh =p...D-RKSTR...



Cell phones these days have become very very important as you and your loved ones can be in touch 24 hours in a day. you can always reach out to someone for help or in help. With in-built internet facility in your mobile you can get a lot of information just in minutes when you need too. You can listen to music, watch videos when you need entertainment while travelling far. So you do not need to carry 3 or 4 gadgets along with you while on a long journey. Your mobile can do all in one job like music, camera, calls as we cannot carry our land-lines everywhere. So it becomes very handy and you can be free of tension of not losing your precious & costly gadgets.


Well, in that regard, I would say that I use the cell phone purely for the purpose of communication, so that my own people don't spend their time worrying about me and nor do I want to be in their shoes. Probably the teenagers are mostly into exploring the other uses of the phones. On another point i would like to discuss a bit, I think all cell phone cameras are not that hopeless, some of them can produce stunningly good pictures. Have a look at This.

The cell phone has proven to be extremely useful in my life as I stay a long distance away from my family, but what you point about the extreme adherence to cell phones is absolutely true. It is not just harmful to health both physical and mental, but is equally irritating, though occasional use of special features can be interesting. I really hope people learn to use the cell phone in the rightest manner and derive the right benefit of it.

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