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  1. Ahh it works now. Thanks much!That's it for my problems. =)
  2. Ahh it's all good. I checked it this morning and it took me so long to give a reply because i was thoroughly busy dumping everything i can into the site before the big day tomorrow. Thanks for your help. Everything else is as i expected and well. However, my Xisto - Web Hosting login still doesn't work. I typed in my email and it tells me no such email exists. Sooo....could you look into that? It's not as urgent as my situation before, but i want to be able to see my billing information.Thanks again,Evion
  3. i just registered and made my payment. When i first accessed the cpanel site, my Firefox started to show me all these "Do you trust Xisto - Web Hosting?"-like windows that i accidentally clicked "no" to. Or just one of them. I'm not sure. I thought that's the reason why i can't log into cpanel, but when i tried logging into Xisto - Web Hosting's client control panel, it wouldn't let me login either. And i tried to resend my login details but it says my email address is not valid. I've already sent a ticket over with no response for at least 20 minutes now. I'm sorry, but I'm running on a tight schedule for setting this website up. So I'm a little desperate to get it done. I've used Xisto before and I've always found the service great! So i didn't expect any less from Xisto - Web Hosting. But i still have confidence that my situation will be fixed soon. Thanks!
  4. I've always had the same problem. There's this girl whom i think is older than me (psh) has my same lunch 2 years now, even after i changed my schedule (which means i probably get a new lunch schedule) i still have the same lunch time as her. Personally, i think its just infatuation on my part so i never really bothered with her anymore. In your case, i think its a sign that you should just go do it. Seriously, pluck up the courage to just ask her. Or you could just slowly get to know her, and your confidence would improve dramatically.
  5. Hmm...i think its a little too bright for my taste. Try copying the same layer over this and using Darken till you narrow the "spark" a little. Otherwise, i really like the texture and the face on that guy ^^. The colors blend amazingly well. Good job on this, but i still think your current beats this ten-fold. Sorry if you found that any offensive . :lol:P.S. Oh yeah, your border is an extra pixel thick now, is that supposed to happen?
  6. Guess I'll try my hand in my first SOTW (well, kind of ) in Xisto. This is my second real participation in an SOTW but i won't really count the first since they didn't even bother to vote on that one. P.S. When i found this random pic, Ichigo (the render) is just screaming at me to put something like "Wadcha say?" or "Pardon?" in. P.P.S I always put my little insignia name on it but if you think it goes against the rules please PM me and I'll remove it right away. EDIT: In light of SM's little comment about my submission not being suited to halloween, i changed the text a little to give it a little more of a twist of Halloween.
  7. I like what you've done with the renders in your sigs. They're realistic people and i know how hair is usually terribly annoying to deal with. In other words, you've blended your renders with the sig very well .Although, i do have to state that the sig i love most so far from you is your current one. It's very subtle and yet seems to come at you at that little spark spot in the middle, still i would recommend you give the render-lady a little more of a body though. Good job with your sigs, they look awesome for someone who haven't been working on them awhile. Psh, I've been designing sigs and all kinds of stuff for years and i still cannot get up to a level of yours .
  8. The template looks good, but we don't know what the site will be for .You might want to optimize the header a little though, since it looks pretty "heavy" if you know what i mean. In my opinion, as I'm not a pink person, i would recommend you tone the saturation of the pink/purple down a little to a more softer pink/purple. It eases on the eyes a little and makes for better reading. If you want to save a little more bandwidth, try using normal text for the links instead of actual pictures.Otherwise, i think it looks great. The header's design is pretty awesome, i could never come up with designs like those. The little merge-bevel-like thing just catches my attention more readily than the whole site .Good luck on actually getting hosting and creating the site, hopefully we'll be able to see a live one soon.
  9. Albus Dumbledore: 3Mich: 0Truefusion: 0randomdood: 0idle: 0It was a tough call between Albus, Mich and Truefusion. But i would have to go for Albus's. If there was a way all 3 of their pros could be combined, that would be the best. Albus's because it was clean, straight to the point and was averagely the best.Mich has some pretty awesome animation. But its a little too cluttered.truefusion's was amazingly cleaner than either of them, but its because the space was left with rotating text that didn't really get straight to the point. (If u start looking at it halfway)
  10. evion

    My Parents Suck

    I'll have to agree with Mich there. Although it is hard to take the truth, i find elders are smarter than us ten-fold even if we're an expert on the subject. Maybe it's because they've lived through it or experienced it themselves. I've always been fascinated by stories my mother told me about my grandmother on my father's side. She was a rubber tapper and had to work all day to earn only a meager amount of money to survive. Life was horrible and she was even match-maked into marriage with an okay husband but has an ENORMOUS temper, anything would set him off steaming. The problem is that she can only speaka few basic words in English, any other words would have to be in Hakka, her native dialect, or her second mother tongue - Chinese. I was nine back then and my Chinese was pretty bad (failed Chinese almost every year ), then she passed away and i realized how awful it is that i didn't really get to know her because of the language difference. So i say that you should really get to know your grandparents. They may be a nag or may have some nasty habits, but they cannot help that. What they can help is the stuff they can tell you about their lives before, and trust me, its usually good stuff ^^.
  11. There are 5 stickies on the top of the Web hosting request page. Why don't you go read them?
  12. Hmmm...interesting. I've heard of Blender before. But it looks very complex and i never went ahead and tried it out. I played around with 3D Studio Max before though, and i managed to make a pretty realistic house with lighting and stuff. I think paper rolling should be one of those "basic" parts of 3D design. Hopefully, i can find a way to integrate Blender into photoshop. Thanks, I'm downloading Blender right now.
  13. Although i haven't played the previous Oblivion series games, i find Elder Scrolls IV the best single player RPG game I've ever played. The class system is extremely flexible and if you have done the newbie tutorial once, you won't have to do it again if you want to create a new character (save right before the final gate). I'm not a basher-kill person although i DO sometimes randomly kill things for fun =P.I like the realistic atmosphere presented in Oblivion. Whenever i go out on my stealing trips, if i don't get caught, the item's mine for the keeping . Once i even ransacked an entire barracks full of weapons and armory till i went over my weight limit 3 times (had to take about 3-4 more trips of stealing-fencing, before finally ransacking the whole place). Basically, the only thing you need as a thief is to have sharp reflexes, good eyesight and good hearing. Boost your speakers to its maximum if you're playing seriouslyl. If you don't listen intently enough, someone might sneak up behind you. What i don't seem to understand is that after you steal something from a person and he/she doesn't find out. They don't seem troubled or to mind it at all. I once went on a key-stealing frenzy and stole the keys to at least 5 different houses in Tamriel (is that what the main city is called?). Nobody noticed .Still, if you're looking for a good addictive game to burn time, get Oblivion.
  14. Thanks for the welcomes guys, but I think I'll hold back on the full intro thing. Well, i wanted my dog-ear to look a little more real. I want it to actually curve into the front of the paper. So far, I've managed to curve it, but it doesn't look like a dog-ear at all. Thanks for the tutorial sites Johnny, been looking through them. I'm more interested in the textures section and I've found a couple decent ones. There were a couple that looked horrible though . Anyway, I'm not the type to stick with Photoshop all day long, seriously, it gets boring. So I'm off for some quick PvP in Guild Wars. Thanks again! And if you manage to find a specific tutorial on making anything that looks realistic, I'm all for it.
  15. I didn't really get the article. But i do know that (or at least, i think i know that) the only way you can completely be invisible is if you completely absorbed all the light rays that is striking you. I would expect something bad to happen if you really manage to absorb all these light rays though (and along with every other ray that happens to pass by and strike you, like UV etc..). It would be interesting to know how governments are going to react to this discovery though. Are they going to patent it like they do with DNA (up till the point where researching cures for genetic diseases becomes so monetarily un-do-able), or are they just going to totally restrict access to this technology to within a certain region. It is probably bound to get out sooner or later, wars would erupt, then someone finds a counter to this and the world ends with some leading nation with the counter beating everyone else up. Yes, I guess I'm a little pessimistic.
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