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I Hate Cell Phones Being unavailable rules


I hate cell phones. But I own one and I use it. I don´t feel like I need it. I hate taking it around everywhere so I leave it half of the time. All day long you are connected to people and thats how it has always been. Distances are less now due to things like phones and cars and they have come to replace physical presence in interaction. Now people can guess your mood by your text message or your voice. They can see a smiley face and decide how you are feeling. thats kind of creepy


Anything in moderation is okay, but what I dislike about cellphones is the annoyance factor. I'm something of a film nerd and my biggest pet peeve (other than paying $10+ to see a movie at the theatre) is paying $10+ to see a movie at the theatre and having someone's cellphone go off in the middle of it!It's a matter of respect, not to mention there needs to be a stronger set of social customs behind it. Cellphones are still a new technology and so there isn't an established and recognized code of conduct/etiquette to accompany the usage.I, personally, like cellphones. In fact, I don't own a landline! My cell acts as my main line, and then long distance friends and family I talk to using Skype. My cellphone bill is cheaper than it cost me to have a landline and long distance plan. (Granted, I'm not a fan of talking on the phone, so perhaps this isn't a good argument factor for me!)I think that cellphones, when used reasonably, provide an essential security feature. It is good for use in case of emergencies: vehicle or other. Nothing is worse than being stranded on the side of the road with no way to call for help!

Logan Deathbringer

I think cellphones are great.Aside from the little annoyances we get in the theaters from ppl who forget to set their phones to "silent", or people who constantly have their cellphones ringing in the middle of a conversation.It provides the much needed connection to each other. If you or your family has been out all day, howelse are you going to contact them? What about emergencies, it would be great to have someone to call for help one way or another.The only situation where I'll object to cell phones is when people use it like it's their fisher price toy-phone. Now that is annoying.Otherwise, cellphones are probably one of the handiest tools of our time. Most of them comes with a camera, camcorder, voice recorder, and whatever else you think of nowadays. What more can you expect from a little gadget that weights no more than a pound to provide so many options?


The cell phone has replaced my home phone. No one in my family uses a phone except my mother and father... I communicate through AIM and email. Phones are no use to me. At least not as a student...


I have to admit there are a tonne of times when cell phone absolutely get on my nerves like crazy, being called at times that I really don't want to be called or by someone I don't want to talk to, but I think when weighing up the pros and cons, cell phones have done amazing things for civilization.Being able to contact people in cases of emergency is a great advantage, it's also handy for me when I can pick up more work by having my cell phone on hand. Plus just the simple advantage of being able to get in contact with friends, family and other loved one's at any time I like is great.I have to admit, I love my cell phone, I'm addicted and I can't leave the house without it.


I dont have a problem with cells. or as we call them in England, Mobiles. Text messages are just another way of communicating, like is MSN or AIM. the initial idea of it was to leave a bog standard message and many people still use it for that. What has caught on is the idea of not having to spekak. you can still have a converstion without anybody knowing what you are saying unless the nosy parkers steal your phone. Games on a cell for me is a good addition, as is the MP3. But as you said, why do we need MP3 on a phone when we have our own mp3 players. so why do we need games when we had gameboys and now DS and PSP etc? why do we need a camera on our phones? Its all the convenience factor, we live in a very fast moving world and we want everything instantly, ok there may be things you are willing to wait for, but when you have a device that can call message play games listen to and take pictures, its the star of the world! It is also a dream. Back in the days when these technologies were impossible, we had sci-fis where you could talk and look at people at the same time, humans latched onto that idea and we have that now in 3G mobile. We now have sci fis pon about robots etc, this will come to us...


What really grinds my gears, is when elementary school kids have cell phones. What in dante's inferno does a fifth grader need with any form of telecommunication?!? Granted, their parents may give it to them in case they are stuck somewhere and for safety purposes, but too often these days, they also have Ipods!

I agree! And to to make things worse, they "call home" and don't report the facts!! Just a few weeks ago, in my school district's middle school, a bomb threat was made. Following procedure, the building was evacuated into the high school. Some smart jack--- kid gets the bright idea to call mom that the middle school is going to blow up and I guess some other kids did the same... when news leaked to us high schoolers, we heard two things: 1) Some loony kid brought a gun to school, 2) There was a bomb. So some smart high schoolers also decide to call home... the offices were swammped with phone calls!

When I go to bed at night, the off button gets pressed and it gets plugged into my charger. Then the next day when I wake up, I take it out (LEAVING IT OFF) and slip it into my pocket for another good day at school. Then at 2:20 PM, as school is over, I turn it on. If you want to call me duing school hours fine. You'll just get directed to voicemail which I'll check.

I only have a cell phone for two reasons: 1) It's for business. Clients can easily reach me with no problem. 2) I'm starting to drive. So if I get in an accident, I can easily call for help.

But why does a 5th grader need one? I highly doubt a 5th grader drives, which rules out that excuse, and I highly doubt a 5th grader has important business and clients to tend to. It's simple: parents are spoiling their kids. When I'm older and have kids, they're going to be brought up just as how I was. Since I run a technology business, they might get a computer to learn on but they're not getting a cell phone until they're getting their temps or have a job that requires one. Working at McDonald's DOESN'T require a cell phone. Computer repair and servicing DOES.

I think I've ranted enough... Don't even get me started on iPods....



Cell phones are the bane of our society. We don't need them. The only time I would expect anyone to ever need one is if there is a car accident or maybe a terrorist attack. When I am on campus at my local college, it is amazing how many people are inadvertently getting cancer from these phones. I do own what is called a TracFone, but ever since I bought it, I have not used it once. Not once. It sits in my glove compartment. And as a matter of fact, I doubt I will ever use it. Unless something unforeseen happens, like a split in the time-space continuum, I will remain unavailable.


I absolutely HATE these insidious devices. I hate people who talk on them while they drive, cross the street, shop, eat in restaurants, use them at the movies, on planes, trains and cruise ships.And I hate the ones with the cameras even more. What is so #&%@!)_+? important to talk about. Are you really that self-important that you need it so much? Somebody bought me one for my birthday. I absolutely hated the ringtone and I made the person change it. He showed me how to use it, but I paid no attention. It still is in the box. I have no intention to use it. If something is really THAT important, they will call you back. All my life I always tried not to be like everybody else. I`m probably one of the only guys in America without one. And you know what, I like it that way!-reply by bad hat


i think cell phones are a waste of money for a monthly plan (especially if your only using them for emergencies like me ) that is why i use a prepaid cell phone . i have also heard from the news and from other people that using the cell phone a lot can cause cancer!Cell-phone use

Heave Projects

I always carry my PDA (HP iPaq) with me. It's usefull, but I can operate without it. When I go jogging (or other sports) I never take my PDA with me. I do put my PDA next to me when I go sleeping, but telefone function off (I use it as my alarm).Some days, I leave it at home and I don't care.So I do use it a lot, but I'm not addicted.(Prepaid user )


Cell phones are both a great, and horrid invention. It's wonderful that you can keep in touch with people on the go, and especially if you're in an emergency it's always good to be able to call 911 (or whatever your emergency number is), but as has been said, when I see 10 year olds with $300 phones and iPods, I feel like smacking the parents in the face. Kids shouldn't have those types of things, no matter WHAT the situation is! Ten year olds shouldn't even be going out on their own! Personally, I didn't get a phone until a few years ago (I was out of high school), and even today I don't use it a heck of a lot. Personally, I think the age someone should get a phone is about 13, when you go into highschool. That's when things may start to get a bit... dangerous. However, elementary (primary) school kids shouldn't have any sort of technology. The most they should be doing is passing notes - not text messages!


Well now in California if you use your cellphone while driving you get a ticket. And its a big one. $300 worth. One more reason to not have a cellphone.


I hate cell phones

I Hate Cell Phones


I may not be a very a social person and that maybe why I never had a cell phone until my father gave me his cell phone. (a tiny one that has only the capability for phone calls and maybe texting which I have no clue how to use)


The funny thing is I like technology like video games, computers, Mp3, ect, but the cell phone makes me want to rip the creators of it a new one. I understand using it to make a quick phone call when NEEDED!


Example of something that just occurred. A mother ignoring her child by talking outside on the hell-phone oops I mean cell-phone for an HOUR. The kid started crying because he wanted to see his mother who he hadn't seen all day. And she was completely obivious to this.


This is true and I was p%$^#* off by this so I went to google typed in I hate cell phones and found this site.


-reply by crimson


I hate Cell Phones Too

I Hate Cell Phones


Okay, hate is a strong word but I really, really dislike cell phones.


I don�t own a cell phone, I�ve never used one and I doubt I ever will. As an outsider looking in, cell phones and all the other personal high-tech gadgetry is just really weird to me. I always thought of a telephone as just another appliance. To me, a phone is no different than a lamp, an oven, a refrigerator or a toaster. Carrying a phone absolutely everywhere is like carrying around a toaster everywhere. Okay, the concept of being able to make toast anytime, anywhere is really great but is it necessary? As I see it, the concept of making and receiving phone calls anytime, anywhere is great too but not really necessary and actually a bit silly (like toast). Granted, the world is full of popular things that aren�t necessary like Jell-o, hula-hoops and coca-cola but people aren�t carrying these things with them every waking moment like they do cell phones.


The really scarey thing about cell phones is the attachment people have to them. The things people say about their phones are downright bizarre. How many times have we heard, �I would die without my phone� or �I can�t live without it�? They also say, �my phone is my best friend�, �it is my whole life� and watch the people who come away from someplace where they can�t use it like a plane or theater. The minute they get out, their phone is to their ear.


Are we talking about phones or heroine here? The truth is, it makes no difference. Heroine is a chemical drug and cell phones are an electronic drug. The addiction is clearly the same. Both users are addicts too which is sad.


I just don�t think cell phones are necessary because we all got along fine without them. My land-line telephone in my home works perfectly and can not be improved upon. When it rings, it is almost always totally inconvenient and annoying. I can�t imagine carrying it around with me with a perpetual obligation to answer it. What a burden!


I think it would be great if cell phones had a huge tax assessed to them and their usage, like gasoline and cigarettes. That would be the perfect way to discourage their use for frivolous conversations. If cell phone bills were raised to something like $500 or $1,000 a month, parents wouldn�t give them to their children like a toy. Additionally, a huge usage tax would cut conversations to only the most imperative or emergency calls, as it should be.


Maybe someday, there will be an atmospheric condition that will cause the communication satellites to fall out of orbit and burn up in re-entry. It will be amusing to watch all the cell phone addicts go into uncontrollable withdrawal convulsions, complete with drooling and the incoherent muttering of the insane.


Seriously, I do feel sorry for you cell phone addicts. Your life is controlled by an object that is basically a toy. I think the Amish people have the right idea. The most high-tech thing they have is a plow or a candle. In their communities, they have virtually no murders, no suicides, no divorces, no stress, no traffic jams, nothing but peace & quiet. How cool would that be?




I absolutely hate cell phones. I hate people who use them when they drive, cross the street, rollerblade, use them in restaurants, on trains, planes, cruise ships, and especially at the movies. Just exactly what is so @$%*@Z? important to talk about? Are you really that self-important that you have to yammer away about trivial matters that no body gives a hoot about?I got one as a "gift" for my birthday about 3 months ago. I absolutely hated the rap music ringtone this insidious device played when it rang. I made the person change it. He showed me how to use it, but I just faked interset as not to hurt his feelings. It also had a camera, but he had no time to show me how to use it. The thing is still in the box. I have no intention on using it.I realize that everybody and his brother has one. I always tried NOT to be like everybody else. I absolutely refuse to become a cell phone zombie. I`m probably one of the only guys in America without one. And you know what? I like it that way! Remember one thing wether you have a cell phone or not. IF IT IS IMPORTANT THEY WILL CALL YOU BACK!-reply by Bad Hat


Cell-phones have become a neurosis in mylife. No really! They bother me SO MUCH! But it's not the phone. I'mNOT a technophobia, as people like to tell me. Phone = fine... So longas you ACTUALLY NEED ONE! But that's not the idea behind them. The ideabehind them is that everyone "needs"one! My God... I think cell-phones are the new smoking. When tobaccofirst hit the market, everyone smoked it (figuratively speaking ofcourse). And now that cell-phones are out... Right... Everyone has tohave it! Oh man... I just CAN'T WAIT for the day where bans come intoplay. I can't wait for "quit cell phone" programs and aids to help people go less wireless are out!Firstthing to hate about cell-phones... Ever have a conversation with afriend or relative and they either receive a call that they takeinstead of talking to you, even though you were having an interestingconversation, or they feel a sudden need to make a call?Second, EVERYONE tells me the same thing... "IT'S FOR EMERGENCIES LOL LOL LOL!"BULL! They yammer on those things 24/7 (yes, even in their sleep,because they're afraid they won't wake up in the morning or somesuch... I don't know! Cell phone people are NOT sane people!). And youknow what? When hammers first came out... Did everyone need one for anemergency even though those actually make a degree of sense? yeah...Someone messes with you, just WHACK EM and be done with it! But youdidn't see everyone walking around with emergency hammers did you? NO!Third is when these people feel a need to walk around trying to get a signal. Then they talk louder. "CAN YOU HEAR ME?! HOW ABOUT NOW?!"I feel like putting blind-folds on these idiots. If I must endure thiscrap, might as well see them walk into walls or trip and fall down,right? Right! And hey... They might break that infernal device theyhave attached to their ear!Fourth, it's all just marketing, away to make money. DON'T PEOPLE REALIZE THAT?! Of course they do. Butthey think so long as someone is making money, there's nothing wrongwith cell-phones!Fifth, although is like the first reason, theymust take every call. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS ALLOWED! They feel thatif they DON'T answer every call (as well as make calls to othercell phone idiots, just to make sure) that they didn't miss anything.WHAT ARE THESE SPACE-AGE ALIENS LOOKING FOR?! AND IF THEY'RE SOSPACE-AGE ALIEN... WHY CAN'T THEY FIND IT?!?!?Sixth, they maketriply certain that you have their stupid cell number. But apparently,they must have meant what part of the prison they are in because THEYDON'T ANSWER! How the... People who talk on the damnable device all thetime... Don't answer when I call them?! And it's an emergency?! See?They lie, too!Seventh, they get new ones every other month andhave to tell everyone their new cell phone number. In fact, I thinkthat's the point of these stupid things! Just call and tell everyonewhat your NEW (thus, presumably, interesting in some way in theirpathetic boring lives) number is. Um... Yeah. Whatever!Eighth... Well, there IS an eighth reason. I just forgot what it was!Ninth,they are devices for totalitarianism. Whether planting one on yourbratty kid to make sure they are where they said they would be, I'msure other parties can track you through them. And you know what? Theywant to eventually achieve a kind of computer/phone/thingamajig to goinside your HEAD! They're not the least bit shy in saying and lettingthe sheeple know ahead of time but bahahahah... They keeping buying andusing the things ANYWAY!Tenth, Did swiss army knives replacethe toolbox? Okay, so why is the cell phone trying to replace everythingthat ever was, is, and will be?! I'll tell you why! Some annoying nerdin the cell phone lab went and asked "how many features can dance on the head of a pin?"Now they're trying like heck to find out, as if that were in some wayimportant! Back in my day, nerds used to be COOL! Now they're totallyfreakin' insane!Eleventh...But this was eight that I forgotearlier... The genie is out of the bottle. I hate that saying. It meansthat even when people realize it's a bad idea, we CAN NOT, UNDER ANYCIRCUMSTANCE, admit our error and change things back to what they werebefore. This reminds me of the Wizard in the Wizard of Oz. "I can't come back, it's too late! Oh well... I'm leaving while you get to stay here, Dorothy! LOL LOL LOL!"Nope.Too late. The genie... Is OUT DUDE! The only way you can make the geniego away is to let another genie out that's hopefully going to obsoletethe OLD genie! (see head probes above).(growling) Look... Hangup the cell phone... Set the cell phone down...AND JUST PUT THE BLEEPINGGENIE BACK IN THE BOTTLE (breaks bottle over their head)... Ah, S.O.B.See? Now the genies is REALLY out of the bottle! Can't get him back inbecause the bottle's broke! And look at the genie! He's flying roundEVERYWHERE and just saying "weeeeee! Look at me! You can't put ME back! No sir! Weeeeeeeee!"Twelfth...Lol... I think a cell phone just fell out of the sky and hit me in thehead. It must belong to the genie! I most certainly don't like THAT!So in summary, genies totally ****. I hate them for those reasons.


I hate cell phonesI Hate Cell Phones

What I cannot STAND about people with cell phones is that when they are talking (not necessarily text-messaging, but sometimes), they seem to be ACTORS, completely OBLIVIOUS to the world around them, or they seem to be showing off to everyone else on the street, who are supposed to be their "audience."  Get this.  I once was walking down the street, and some woman was walking toward me, yapping away.  I did not get out of her way, and I brushed her side.  She did not even NOTICE! HA HA HA HA HAA! (Very lucky me, though, and I am NEVER trying that again).

In other words, the cell phone, which are supposed to make communication easier, actually limits it.  It distracts the user so much it puts him in another world.  It seems to bring them to "nowhere land" (like the Beatles song).

I admit, my parents made me get a cell phone.  I want to flush it down the toilet.  I want to be "free."  Being a musician, I recently wrote a story-song called Cellphone Blues, and the lyrics are not too pretty.


-reply by NickKeywords: i hate cell phones


Fully Agreed.I Hate Cell Phones

Cell phones, and the culture that surrounds them, **** without question.  With, of course, the exception of carrying one in your car in case you break down.  But no one needs all of the useless crappy features that come with cell phones nowadays.  I, for one, cannot see myself constantly connected to people.  Let alone see myself in a "24 hour workday" situation where I am under the gun even when I'm off the clock.

 My cell phone is right where it belongs:  Off, with the battery out, in my glove compartment.  Why's the battery out?  Because I don't like the idea of my phone sending out a GPS signal without my knowledge.  I have the ultimate GPS system in my car anyhow:  My compass.  But that's a different rant entirely.

-reply by Anonymous



Rock on, Luddites!I Hate Cell Phones

This thread was very pleasurable to read. Cell phones ****. You don't need one, you just think you do because everyone else has one. But it's precisely because everyone else has a cell phone that you shouldn't get one. Allow me to explain.

The most solid argument to have cell phones has something to do with emergencies. "But whatever will you do if...", the argument usually begins. Here's what you do if you're experiencing an "emergency": find the nearest person to you who undoubtedly has a cell phone, explain that you're having an emergency, and ask to borrow their phone. This method never fails unless you didn't sound earnest enough, so you might have to "sell it" a little. Then, you make that long distance call to grandma to wish her happy birthday and graciously thank the total stranger who let you borrow their phone. Shoot, we all know how to communicate here, so use your powers.

After all, unless you live in an incredibly rural area, when will you ever be in a situation where there isn't a cell phone-carrying person nearby? What do you, solo up K2 on the weekends or something?

Cell phones are also monuments to planned obsolescence and corporate antitrust. The minute you buy one, they release the next better thing you'll absolutely have to have. This sucks, so don't ever buy one. Plus, have you ever seen a cell phone that has all the features you want? Will they ever until about 2050? Then, by 2051, the 2050 models will still be too slow. As far as antitrust is concerned, the Feds need to be investigating the whole iPhone/AT&T relationship big time. My wife has that plan, it's completely overpriced, and why should you have to patronize AT&T just because you want a phone with some of the best features out there? I've been boycotting AT&T since the mid-1990's when their CEO gave himself a $20M pay raise during the same quarter that he laid off 20,000 of his workers. Now I have to boycott Apple, too. (But who cares, really--if it weren't for the iPhone and iPod all they're about is overpriced and underperforming computers that people who like to give money away swear by because of some kind of strange religious brainwashing that began in the early 1980's.)

The longitudinal study results about the link between cell phone-created EM radiation and brain cancer haven't been released yet, because the study isn't over yet. Last I heard, the lead researcher up at Cedars-Sinai in L.A. Mandated that his crew all use hands-free devices, all the time, because he's so scared about what he's seen so far. Mmmmmm. Brain cancer. Can my tumors get updates, just like my apps?

By the way, will they ever make a cell phone with features that can actually be used because there are buttons on it sized for adult human fingers, rather than the long and pointy fingers of Lilliputian, crowd-following troglodytes? The Jitterbug doesn't count. You get absolutely nothing with that ripoff plan. Companies love stealing from old people.

Finally, never forget one of the most important anthropological universals: every solution has inherent in its own design a unique set of problems that will have to be dealt with. Now we're dealing with no free time, bosses who can call you at any time of day or night, and a colossal glut of largely useless information...And we wantonly pay for all of this with our hard-earned money? Are we a nation of complete idiots? Let's face the music, here: unless you're Barack Obama, the CEO of a multinational corporation (who needs constant, verbal feedback on how efficiently you're destroying the earth so you can do it better and better), an on-call medical doctor, or their close cousin the drug dealer, you simply aren't important enough to really need a cell phone. Is your monthly fee really worth the imperceptibly minor inflation of your pretend importance that having a cell phone will provide?

So, I say to you, dear conscientious people who are iconoclastic enough to think for yourselves, don't break down! Resist! Use every cell of your mortal being to remain focused on the important things in life! Revel in having a brain! Rock on!

-reply by Christopher C.

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