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Best Background Colour?


What do you think is the best colour to use on your website's background? Personally, I prefer white because it gives the impression that my site is very professional and it's always easier to read on white background.I've seen other colours like black, green, blue, and so on. Which background colour do you think is the best to use on a website?

Strykerclan Leader

Silver that is not too bright.White is too bright and piercing.I do agree that it looks pro but if I will be going to your site often, I will soon be wearing glasses. No offense but it's better to provide the users to choose the styles they like but you can set white as default.


Personally, I prefer black. Yellow text on a black background shows up nicely. Black also allows you to use link and title colors such as white or blue with a clean appeal. Another good option is a dark navy background with orange and green text. White, on the other hand, does NOT look professional. White just looks like you were too lazy to use anything other than #FFFFFF.


If I want a light and neutral background I use a light beige/creme color, for example #F9F4E4.I find white to bright and my eyes hurts after a while..But I use different colors for different projects..


I think black's the best.White and light blue are pretty good, they're pretty "standard".


Well background colors are usually associated with the whole site's layout. Thus: - Black, Darkish green/Darkish blue AND - White, Silver gray, gray border.....goes well together. Personally i prefer the black combo =)


Heya Mate,I dont think theres a right anser to yur question. Background color should form a integral part of of your overall site design. I would suggest you ive thought to your design first. The background color will follow suit. I have seen mant sites with nice black backgrounds, white background and even red ones. It all depends on the fit with your design.Also, color will add personality or character to your site. Depending on your design. For example, a black background may give your design that certain 'l33t h4x0r' look whereas a green one may covey an earthy crunchy/vegan look. It's all about what you do with the design.best of luck mate.cheershashbang


i prefer, when looking at a website for the background to be a matte colour. white is good as well. Bright colours are difficult on the eyes. It might be interesting to note that green was found to be the easiest colour on the eyes in some recent research, however i personally use a matted gray.


The best thing to do - I think - when trying to find a good color for the background is1st - brainstorm what you want the site as a whole to look like. You want to create a consistent appearance for your website in order to project contiguous image for your site. If you skip this planning phase you'll likely end up with a website that looks like several pages that don't really fit together.The overall idea is when choosing a background for a site is to find something that looks nice and pleasing to you (and someone else) while conciously making the color passive. It also shouldn't interfere with the text on the page either. Your best bet is to plan your site. Start building. Then reference other sites you feel have a professional look and use them as a reference. Don't just copy one but look at several and get an overall feel for what they are doing with the colour layout.Best of luck


OK this is colors, but what about using background images in replace of colors? I don't think it's pretty much recommended. In my own site, i made the table bg color somewhat similar to the background picture colors and typed the text in it(Of course light color table background = dark colored text). Same goes for bright backgrounds with different colors, you can make a light grayish sortof table and the text goes in it. In this way, there will be no obstruction to the text you type. No sweat! Right?

Silent Soul X

I've found lately with most design sites that they use a dark background. The sites usually contain of 3 colours a dark navy/black background, Dark grey content boxes and used in the navigation and then usually either a light navy colour or a light grey for the type


I prefer black with red text I like dark lol or maybe dark cyan its good too or just like red---blue or maybe white or whatever and the opposite color


I like using a grey that is almost black with a light grey text it is very easy to read and easy on the eyes.


White is the best coz it blends in well with most images


I like a dull white or off white. Cream or beige I guess you could call it.


i think a light blue is good =) its not soo hard and it looks freindly


i think black and the white border makes the page perfect


White is the best background, because paper is white too... And paper exists for a long long time.... If people liked another color, paper wouldn't be white


Well there are a lot of v nice background colors. But I like more like pics as background or sumthin


noooo.... i hate background pictures, those things take up bandwidth, they make the text hard to read.And about background colors, white is byfar the most comfortable background color for your eyes ( I think)

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