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  1. I've tried one of this reward scheme before. It wanted me to sign up for Ebay and all those affiliates. At first I was excited and vowed to do it for the free .com domain name, but I read from other forums and websites and it is all a scam I gave up on that.There's no such thing as a free lunch, just pay if you want the domain name.
  2. I saw the advertisement on the N70 series on TV, and I have to admit that the phone is really cool. The advertisement played on the phone's multimedia capabilities, the video, the camera, music and everything.
  3. This is clearly a very wrong move by Sony. By using such tricks, even if the intention is to prevent copyright infringement, it makes Sony no different from the many spyware and malware companines out there. If this is accepted then it may well lead to a herald of companies installing such stuff on our computers.
  4. If you're a light music listener and are on a tight budget, I think that a flash based player will be better. Flash players usually come in lower capacities like 128 megs, 256 megs and so on while hard-disk players come in larger capacities like 1 gig, 2 gig. So generally flash players can be cheaper and a good choice for light users.
  5. 1.Is it free/how muchPhotoshop is not a free software, it retails for around US$599 on the Adobe.com website. It depends on the version and suites you buy too, for example Adobe Photoshop CS2 costs 599 bucks while Adobe Creative Suite 2 Standard which includes Photoshop costs 899 US bucks. You can get it for free, think illegal but it's ill-advised. They come with adwares and other stuff. 2.Is it easy to useI don't use it myself, but I've tried it and I heard people telling me that it's hard to get the hang of it. It's really is a industry-leading and powerful piece of software. But once you get the hang of it, it can be quite easy to use.3.Is it a easy interfaceNewcomers can get pretty confused by the interface because there's many menus and functions and features. Get the hang of it first and you'll do well.Hope that helps
  6. Actually I think Google was quite late in coming up with a web-based RSS reader. Other major conmpetitors like Bloglines are already established and their services are very welcome and well-received already by online blog readers. I myself use Bloglines and I don't think I will change to Google Reader anytime soon. But I must say it's a pretty good effort by Google in this aspect of a RSS and news reader.
  7. Definitely, coding your own shoutbox has its own advantages. You don't neeed to resort to a hosted service which may go down anytime or impose ads on your pretty website anytime. ALso you can completely customize it to suit your website's needs or design and styles. And best is you have total control over it and can modify it any way you like.
  8. MetaCrawler certainly looks interesting. I certainly don't mind combining search results from differenet search engines. I did some searches, the results do seem to be more accurate than when I used Google solely. Do you think it's better and more accurate to stick to one real good engine or use this sort of new search engine which combines reults from other SEs?
  9. Brainboost claims that you can ask it questions and it will deliver answers to you. Doesn't that sound like Ask Jeeves? And we all know that Ask still somehow lags behind Google in the search engine race. I personally find Google the better search engine out there.
  10. I'm sure many web developers want to be compliant with W3C standards, but I've a feeling that many ware skipping it and not being compliant because they want their websites to be available to as widest an audience as possible. And Microsoft and the other browser developers aren't helping by creating their browsers to stick to the standards and render pages according to the rules.
  11. A suggestion: go get Gmail. I need not elaborate more on how Gmail is better than Hotmail (its features, less cluttered layouts, text ads only, etc) but more importantly you get 1 gb of free email space. Even Yahoo Mail gives more space than Hotmail if I'm not wrong.
  12. I don't think Yahoo! will cause the situation with Craiglist to deteriorate to such a poor extent. I believe that no doubt, Yahoo will find a smart way to monetize the purchase, but they'll do it in a way such that the original usefulness of Craiglist won't be compromised. In fact, with Yahoo's cash injection, they'll upgrade and make it even better. What do you think?
  13. Wow, Meebo sounds very interesting and advanced. While the new technology sounds convenient and useful, I'll stiill have to consider if the Meebo IM client can connect to closed networks like MSN Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger. Because most of my contact use MSN Messenger, it's no use of me using Meebo when I can't IM my MSN contacts. But I would love to try out Meebo though. Any advice?
  14. I would not find any need for 30 gigabytes of email space at all. I simply don't need so much space for my email. I've only used up around 3% of my Gmail space. Anyway I'll stick with Google because they really have an award-winning Gmail email service which is really useful and has lots of useful features.
  15. Personally, I would recommend W3Schools. It really is a very comprehensive resource and research site for all kinds of programming languages like html, php, javascript, css and so on. The explanations are very clear, and it's very useful for newbies like me for referencing. Check it out: http://www.w3schools.com/. I highly recommend it. There are also server side languages like SQL, ASP, and so on.
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