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Well, I've been browsing around for good forum software. I personally like SMF and SMF2 the best, but I'm not sure about you.I absolutely hate PhpBB, MyBB etc. especially PHPBB. The admin panel layout is so confusing, and I don't like the layout in general. I also dislike the general look and layout of Vanilla, as it just looks terrible in my opinion.vBulletin is good and really powerful, but it's really expensive. As is IPB, and I really like them both.The thing about SMF and SMF2 is that they're both powerful, free and easy to use. The admin panel is a lot less confusing than PHPBB's, and there's also a lot of easy-to-use options in there too. The layout is quite excellent, and it allows you to have a forum footer, to use a chatbox etc.So what about you? What is your favourite forum software?


I've been using AEF from http://anelectron.com/.
Nice, light, fast and free. More features coming soon as version 1.09 is expected any time now.


I use SMF for one of my forum. and i find it very easy to use and it has most of the MODS that i need. Only thing is sometimes i have to find the update options or have to try web install. This time i also want to upgrade but didn't find any option in admin panel so i'm going with forum help for asking how to update. I'll update to new public version soon. Other than SMF, i tried punBB and MyBB and i think both of them are good. PhpBB is hands down as it gets very hard to keep up with regular security patches. If i had money to buy IPB or VB then i can purchase anyone from it. But as of now, SMF is doing the job for me.


I've been using smf for my small forum, tried the new ipb (don't know about the older one) and vbulletin. As far as i tried, smf is the most convenient one for my simple and small forum. Fast, secure, good looking, easy to use, and (for the sake of the visitors) used by the official game publisher's site IPB was good too. It has nice template and great plug ins. Too bad that i can't get used to the admin panel. I heard that the new one different from the older version, haven't checked though... Vbulletin was great at the plug ins, mod, hacks (i heard...), and products. But of course, it far too expensive for someone like myself. But the skins are kind of... Awful, and bored me to death. It looks like they are using the same template and just replacing the logo with theirs


I'm going to buck what seems to be the general trend, and say that I quite like phpBB. I guess I'm used to the structure and codebase of it, and the features it offers. However, there are problems and I do look at other forum software regularly - I just haven't had the need recently to create a forum for anyone. punBB I also like for its sheer simplicity and speed for a simple forum. If you don't need the tons of features offered by other forum software, it's a great choice. It also allows you to build it up to what you need, by adding each feature as you need it - even for things as commonplace as PMs.

The Simpleton

Hmm I remember answering at least three more threads like this already.......it would be helpful if we didn't have many similar threads....oh well let me answer this one last time - SMF when it comes to free software and IPB when it comes to paid software. One simple reason for both choices - easy to use, great customizations, and excellent community-support!!!


I think all the best free forum scripts is smf Unlike other free scripts smf has more style / modes, but also a lot easier, otherwise know that vbulletin is the best but not free</span>


I prefer and will always use Invision Power Board. I'm an IPB modder/coder, and script coder so I will always be using IP.Board, weather it's a paid forum software or not.


I've been using SMF for a long time (at least 1.5 years) and like it much better than phpBB. It is much more secure, and has a lot of good MODs. The support is very good, and it isn't that hard to tinker with.


I would say SMF too - I've seen some really well-modded sites on SMF which seem to be better than any other paid software and although it has a long way to go I'd say it's the best choice if you're only starting out.


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