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  1. I completely agree, however in a great amount of circumstances, an emergency c section can be performed if a mother was at risk.
  2. I would NOT want to see him in the electric chair or in a gas chamber. It is simply because a death is too easy to give to him. I would prefer to see him put in a labor camp until he dies of old age. It would be a better use, and the end would still be met.
  3. vBulletin is NOT a one time payment, as they charge you to upgrade to version 4. A major rip off.
  4. legend112, thanks. The banner was made by Guedda, you can find him on deviant art. Very good at graphics. As for the customization, I mainly did it. I added some MODs, but did a great deal of custom coding.Thanks max promotion.
  5. Also if your posts are multiple lines and have depth in them, you will get more MyCENTs. Such as this post won't earn me anything/much, but it doesn't really matter as I have $35+ saved up, nevertheless.
  6. I never used rapidshare for uploading, and this is another reason to avoid them. Megaupload is OK for me though...
  7. Ah, you are right that it costs a ton of money for life in prison, but according to a Time article (forgot which), on average a trail in which the death penalty is seeked, the cost of the trial is over $3 million. In contrast life in prison is much less. Even where the death penalty isn't given, but the prosecution seeks it, it costs about $2 million a trial.
  8. I'd say go to a good bookstore if you want one with thick pages. Barnes and Noble should have some. Most of the Bibles that are produced now have extremely thin pages that can tear just by turning the page. KJV is a great version of the Bible (well, there aren't any bad versions), I use it.
  9. Good luck with your new website. I remember the first time I saw cPanel. It's like driving for the first time.
  10. It isn't that hard. Sites like megaupload you can just google "site:megaupload.com" and see how many illegal files you see.
  11. And I'd imagine some that you get are along the lines of "Hello sir. I want a websites. Thanks"
  12. Have you seen his site? It has a really cool member called "TheDisturbedOne". Very good to have if you are new to websites. I usually do manual installs though.
  13. I've been using SMF for a long time (at least 1.5 years) and like it much better than phpBB. It is much more secure, and has a lot of good MODs. The support is very good, and it isn't that hard to tinker with.
  14. Still have it and have and have my network website on it. #9 for Google search for "site:Xisto.com"
  15. I can tell you that if you just jump straight into expert on easy/semi-easy songs, you will eventually get the hang of it. I can still 100% a few Expert songs, and I haven't played it in a long time. If you have Guitar Hero II, try Strutter on Expert. It is one of the best songs to get you into expert. I jumped from medium to expert on Strutter and I did pretty well on it.If you know how to play real guitar or bass it helps a lot as well.
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