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Best Laptop Brand Which one?


Well I dont know what is the best, BUT I can say that I had a Toshiba that i bought a few years ago for about $1500.00 I really had no problems with it. It pretty much had everything. Im not very PC smart to tell you what all it had. But it worked great got me for a few years. I was just ready for a change and gave it to my oldest when she moved out a couple months ago. And then missed having a laptop terribly so I bought a Compaq Presario (HP) I didnt have the money to spend on this one that I did the last one. But so far I have had no trouble at all with this one. I paid about $450.00 after $150.00 instant rebate and then a $30.00 rebate. Anyway This one has worked jsut fine for me I havent had any problems with it at all, But I do miss the toshiba some. It did hae alot more features


thanks for all the input guys, and sorry but whoever said dell, i would have to disagree with you, thats what i've got now and it is absolutely terrible!


opinonBest Laptop Brand

well I work with best buy in the computer department and from customer feedback the HPs I've sold to them have been solid.  Also they come out with affordable, yet high end, laptops (can't say the same about the netbooks) and for those looking to stick with a   > $500 budget, HPs (and Compaq) aren't bad either.  Whether you're looking to surf the web, word proccess, play music, or edit videos, do some medium to medium-high end gaming, or using it for strictly business, they've proven they can dish out a good laptop or desktop with positive customer feedback.

 Another brand I usually show preferance to is a Toshibas, albeit they need to step their game up a little more, but the few that are comprable to HP counterparts (14.1" or 15.4") are pretty solid as well.  The Toshiba E105-S1402 is a powerful and affordable ($799) laptop with very few flaws (the crappy speakers amongst them).  Toshiba isn't pound for pound with HP in terms of overall quality, but their lower prices and high end specs are always appealing to budget burdoned customers.

 Now for Dell.  Without having the full length of features as HP or Toshiba (lighscribe or labelflash, backlit keyboard, lightweight, and all the few other gems) but still being similarily priced, Dell usually falls a distant third (along with Sony).  Speaking stricly of in-store products, Dell doens't offer a full variety to meet most of the average customers needs.  Also, I've heard nothing but complaint after complaint when customers are dealing with Dell's Customer Service.  Their Studio line shows promise, but otherwise I usually stray away from the mainstream Dell laptops.  

Sony is also in this category offering high end products at way over the top prices.  They do have a better range of laptops.  In the end you end up paying an extra 100 bucks to have Sony engraved on a laptop with the same specs as other competitors laptops for way way cheaper.  I like the Blu-Ray idea (but I'd rather have a PS3), but I'm pretty skeptical at this point as to how long that will last.

 Apples are in a whole other category because the topic is keeping the laptop price under one grand, and only one of their laptops comes to mind which is the all white MacBook.  It's still a solild choice if you can afford it and I doubt you'll have any regrets after you spend hours playing with Garage Band or talking it up with fellow Apple-using friends through iChat.  Their publicity is amazing but don't let their tactical (yet ingenius) smear campaign against PCs  brainwash you from PCs.  I still outsell PCs to Macs 10:1 but Apple is heading in the right direction.  

Umm Asus makes gaming laptops, Lenovo and IBM are business (and expensive), Acer is cheap, and I still question how eMachines still is in business. Hope this helps.


I'd have to say, for that budget, you should go with either a:(1) Dell - if you want the most bang for your buck. Just get an extended warranty and you will be fine (I've never had problems with any dell computers, and I've owned a lot).(2) Lenovo - slightly fewer features, but VERY reliable. They do have quite a few lines that start within your budget.(3) Asus - Extremely reliable laptops. Contrary to common belief, they do not only make gaming laptops. They have full lines from netbooks (everyone's heard of the EEE) to full 20" laptops. Their prices are very good, and I believe new models come with a standard 2 year international warranty.Regards,z.


I was just wonder what you guys think the best mainstream laptop brand is? I would like to keep within a budget of $1000

normally, i would recommend you to buy an Apple laptop
but since you are looking for cheap one, i suggest that you buy HP laptop


+1 for apple if you've got the budget.

Don't buy the low end Toshiba ones. I bought one and the screen hinge broke about 8 months into owning it and guess what, The casing wasn't covered by warranty...

I would recommend regardless of brand one with a hinge like this http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/

Seriously consider apple if you have the budget, I bought a 10 year old mac that still works! a few of my teachers use mac laptops they've had for 5+ years... all of which are capable of running the latest Mac operating system. I've had mine for two years (now in its third year, and minus going for one that was under spec'd for what I use it for and having to upgrade HD & Ram) it has been running smoothly.


I'd have to say the apple ones are the best i've had one for 6 month lately and i must says it's the best brand i have ever bought!


I vote HP as being the best brand solely because of their customer support. They go above and beyond what others provide support-wise and help with not only issues their stuff has caused but also they will help with solving issues with NON-HP added products!Not to mention they don't care if your warrantee is "in" or out if you just have questions/need help with researching stuff.


dell or hp or compaqmy suggestions are limited so try to get the best deal u canand also consider LG its also good and also you can get it within 1000$btw(LOL) if you were in India and also very poor and also a very small child then you can get an laptop for you in just 20$ with a webcam....................(LOL)BUT THEN ALSO ALL THE BEST............


Yes I do agree with the people who chose Apple I think Apple are fantastic for laptops even Dekstop's (I got my mac pro from there) However they don't come cheap I would say if you was just going to use it as an Every day PC then get a HP or a Dell. Make sure you get XP on it though if you was going to buy one as Vista can be very slow after a while on a laptop.


Definitely Apple are best in my opinion.I would say HP are second best, specially for gaming and entertainment, videos, etc.But the Apple laptops simply rock. For school, theres nothing better than doing neat, smooth and pretty presentations with little work. So your homework is to make a video? Using your Apple you can too! and its way easier than with any Windows computer. But its not only easier but it looks more professional and gets you a higher note Post Data: this is not an advertisement xD


I was just wonder what you guys think the best mainstream laptop brand is? I would like to keep within a budget of $1000

My suggestions will be of Sony, Compaq, or Accer. Quality wise Compaq (HP ) is doing very well. I have actually not used sony but heard about it so I would like to name it here. Moreover Compaq and accer are tested proven ones and they are really good.?


I'm itching to get apple heard very very good stuff from people who bought it..But apple is way too expensive! What are your thoughts on buying second hand lappy? are they even worth it?

random truth

Ok, So I have to comment. The best Laptop brands are Lenovo, Apple, and Asus. I believe apple and asus use the same factories, correct me if im wrong. All three of these companies make very good laptops. But, be careful when buying from asus because they also make cheap models with you guessed it, lower quality. Also for quality and longevity of laptops I would look for these things.

-Whether it features an accelerometer, sudden motion sensor or auto locking hard drive feature. This prevents damage to the hard drive when dropped or traveling.

-Screen Resolutions. Screen Size doesn't matter, its the resolution.

-Find out what mother board or logic board it uses and google whether it has issues.

-Stray away from amd processors.

-Look for more than 3 hours of listed battery life. The life will only get worse.

-Try to use the product in real life, Does it feel durable.

-In a laptop these techs are more durable Oled>led backlit>backlit (fluorescent), sshd > HDD, Slot Load is better than non slot load in durability.



But, DO NOT BUY FROM HP OR COMPAQ They are actually the same company. Ill shorten my horrid experience with them.

First I bought a compaq laptop. It was AMD based and at the time AMD processors ran extremely hot, it had a defective fan and ended up catching on fire. After 4 months of work on getting a replacement I decided to contact the Better Business Burro. And later received my money back for the laptop. Then I decided to spend more money ($2000) and buy an HP, I thought that more $ = more quality and faster, I also bought the three year accidental protection plan, HP's top warranty plan, with one of its features, a 7 business day replacement. Later I got a virus and the install disks they gave me were corrupt and could not reinstall the OS (the disks were scratch-less btw). So, I had to send in the laptop. 10 business days later I received a laptop back from repair. It was the same brand except, it was the minimum configuration model which would have costed $800. It featured a slower processor, lower wireless capabilities, less ram, a smaller hard drive, integrated instead of dedicated graphics etc. Then it took 1 month of calls, an email to the better business burro, and faxing in my receipt to get them to admit their mistake. So they sent me a box I then proceeded to shipping my laptop into repair. It got delayed because hp had to "order parts to complete the repair". A month and a half later I received the laptop back. The laptop I received had no screws in it and a broken hinge. So, when I opened it, it fell apart and parts of the casing cracked. So I called back HP the representative stated some thing a long the lines of abuse. And then I pointed out my warranty.

She said I would have to talk to a case manager who would call me. I waited 2 months, nothing. So I sent another letter to the better business burro. And a week later I got a call from a case manager. An apology and a box to send the laptop back in for repair. After 4 months of waiting, I bought a macbook. I have been using the macbook without problems since June. Last month I recieved an over sized package from HP. After I went through all the packaging peanuts I found my old hard drive physically broken.


Edit: Here's what I have found out about Apple. They only sell high end machines. Any competitor, even the cheap ones when brought up to spec with what apple offers are within $200 or more expensive.


I was just wonder what you guys think the best mainstream laptop brand is? I would like to keep within a budget of $1000

I would suggest getting a Lenovo/IBM Thinkpad. Their build is very solid and they'll last you a while. I've still got an old IBM Thinkpad 600E (Pentium II) that runs perfectly well without any repairs. The SL series of Thinkpads offer a good compromise between price and features, so you'll definitely find something there that suits your budget.

If you don't care all that much for build quality, you can go for a budget model from HP or a Dell. I recently got an HP Compaq 6710b from the office and although the body of the laptop bends slightly when I pick it up from diagonal corners, the performance is pretty decent - it comes with the 4GB RAM, 160GB HDD, and a Intel Core 2 Duo T7700 2.4 GHz processor, DVD-RW and a fingerprint reader.


Best Mainstream notebook brandBest Laptop Brand

Apple is the most agile, sleek, andquality brand notebook you can buy (in my opinion) hands down. I get 6.5 hoursof battery life out my Mac Book pro '15.

If your not use to the Mac operating system, it takes a few days of getting the hang of it but in the meantime you can run a program called Boot-camp (which comes standard on every Mac Book Pro), which allows the option (at start up) to run a windows operating system on your Mac as well, or if you're like me and don't want to have to restart your notebook in order to access windows, you can buy a program called VMware Fusion2 (79.99 in stores or 39.99 from Apple if your a student). This lets you run windows parallel to Mac OS and minimize it in your dock, switching between the two effortlessly. Plus windows on a Mac runs smoothly and almost perfect. A Mac computer has even been proven to run Vista OS faster than any other brand of computer (Apple.Com).

I'm sure like every notebook the MacBook Pro has its cons, I just haven't found them yet. When it comes to quality, software (built in and for), design, and lifespan go with Apple (if you have the money).

-reply by M.Atkins


I will give a summary of what I think:Sony notebooks are expensive in comparison to similarly specified notebooks, but have a superior build quality due to their carbon fibre laminate chassis compared to a normal cheap plastic chassis.Apple notebooks are also expensive compared to other notebooks, but are unique with an full aluminimum chassis (none of the other notebook vendors have implemented this) and runs Mac OS X (no notebooks from other notebook vendors can officially run Mac OS X).Alienware, now a subsidiary of Dell, creates very powerful notebooks destined for the gaming enthuasists who required a powerful desktop-replacing gaming machine. This prices is really high, higher than those of Sony and Apple, becaue Alienware notebooks often uses top-of-the-line hardware components and have extra components such as a second GPU and a second hard disk drive.HP and Dell notebooks aim for both the consumer and business markets, with a distinct ranges of consumer and business products.Asus notebooks are generally the cheapest compared to notebooks with similar specifications. They do feel cheap in that way the the plastic chassis is not very firm, but you get a good value for money if you choose to purchase one.Toshiba generally is aimed at the business market with ultra-portables, but do have some low-end consumer models.I suppose the decision in choosing which brand to purchase from ultimately comes down to how much value are you getting for your money. Most notebooks comes with a decent CPU, at least 4GB of RAM, a suitable hard disk and a dedicated graphics unit.


Not all, but most of Samsung and Lenovo laptops are good in quality. Samsung puts a lot of attention into quality, checking and testing their products, even though for that reason in some countries Samsung is a little bit more expensive than other similar products. :)Of course, there are some models which aren't so good, but those usually were the ones for personal use, for business use, which were and is cheaper.


Not very sure about who's best. But I am happy with my Compaq Presario , though it needs special SATA drivers put with nLite to work with Windows XP.


Gotta love my Dell. Best brand, best service. When I see or use a dell computer, there is something that feel solid about it. From the Mini 9 to the XPS, I see a real solidity, and a strength. The only thing missing is its business lineup. The design end, its completely ugly, and looks and functions like a brick. The reason in the end, is that Dell makes money of its Business Desktops and its Home Laptops.

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