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Rapidshare Free Premium Account Get a Rapidshare Free Premium Account?


I want a rapidshare free premium account and i know 2 methods of getting that but both have some limitations. One is 5 files per day per ip and other is not illegal but we will get an account for free just for a month and also it will take time...........I want any easy and simple metod of getting it.Please help me................


I'm afraid there is not a way to obtain paid service for easy and free way. Their service terms states the rules of obtaining premium accounts. Any methods other than their terms would be a violation of TOS and will be treated illegal.I have known other sites giving access to premium accounts by contributing to their forum/service. Although I cannot see in writing this sharing an account is wrong, one thing is for sure that with one account that is paid with single payment, this group is collecting donations from many people. That itself may be viewed as illegal since donations are funneling to one account.


i know and also there are many sites offering free account for a month with some few posts but i want an account for almost a year.


i know and also there are many sites offering free account for a month with some few posts but i want an account for almost a year.

There is no other way to get a premium account for an year, as far as I know. Getting a premium account for few posts in forums is a good deal and the only easiest way. I agree, the premium points method is very difficult one and will take long time.


There is no simple ways for the butter and the cream separated from milk and the milk also being good. The fact that rapidshare is here for business means that you will have to do some hard work to achieve the premium account , until of course someone does share his id with you. The choice of 10,000 points to be converted into one month free account is too tough to achieve.


If you receive enough credits (via posting your files and them getting downloaded) you can eventually buy a premium account. That is the legal method, the illegal methods are numerous and it has been stated that you cannot talk about them on this site. Look on google if you want to find those method. The best way to get a premium account is by buying one, there is no point waiting for a free one...


All these suggestions are fine , but beware please , there are many underground forums which says , if you make some posts or if you become a premium member in their forum they will offer you a valid rapid share premium account as long as you are a member in that forum.Moreover there are some forums which say that they offer life time membership in their forum and if you become a life time member they will also give you a life time rapidshare premium account for free .. So beware !! All these are fake ...Beware ! once again .


hey is there any way to call uk for free because i have got an cool idea there is an option pay to call something like that only.I will call them and make an account for three days nad then using rs extender i will try to extend it for more 3 months that free and then lol enjoy my life downloadinghow was the idea but i don't know will it work or not.......................................


There is the illegal way which I would not go down that route, Just pay its quite cheap I think if you are only going to use it for 1 day you can get there 3 day package that is as cheap as chips, Or if you have any friends on MSN or something you can ask if they have one and if you can borrow it.


I can sell you one for 7 $

if you want to buy it from

rapidshare its 7 euros

EDIT: what do you think ?


it's being sold everywhere for a good price.. you can make the most out of it when you get one.


helloi have got another cool idea for free rapidshare account but not sure it will work or not,rapidshare tracks a person from its ip address and when we start downloading another file parallel it will tell this ip address is currently downloading something like this only.Cna we not use proxies for files which we want to download together. I know it wont provide that much speed as premium account or free service but we can download many files at same instantI have some list of free proxies but not sure that they will forward such a huge amount of data at once.So i want to know is there any proxy which can do so.And also any software such as hide my ip which will provide me a new ip address or something like that onlyWill it work or not...........................


use jdownloader or USdownloader. The easiest and free way to download from rapidshare, megaupload, hotfile and so on

-reply by devil



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