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Google Chrome - Your Opinion? have you guys tried it?


Hey guys, just wondering if any of you guys have tried google chrome? I know it's still in beta (i think?) but I want people's opinion on it.I've always been an avid firefox user and was wondering how the 2 stack up.Thanks!


Well, i`ve downloaded it from here.

Google has removed `Beta` tag from it. At first, i think its very niece browser with less than 1Mb.

But whenever i installed it, it didn`t automatically install, it downloaded the installer from google server and you need to wait for downloading.

I think it`s better than IE, but i personally like Mozilla than both of them.



same thing happened when i installed it! at 1st you really thank google for the small file..then BAM! The word on the net is that its a crap browser. And i dont understand why google would want to shave off Firefox's dominance anyway.


Hey guys, just wondering if any of you guys have tried google chrome? I know it's still in beta (i think?) but I want people's opinion on it.I've always been an avid firefox user and was wondering how the 2 stack up.

No more bata for chrome. I did download it a few weeks back and also made a posting like this of about it. Now that the newnest has wore off, I can take it or leave it. I do like the feel of it though. Seems to load pages faster, even more so with something like google mail or apps. But like you I do love FF even though when I come here to Xisto I do like IE. To me the look of Xisto is better in IE that FF or Chrome, runs a little faster too. But everyone has there favorit browser, I know.


Although I still use Firefox , I'd recommend Chrome to anyone who wanted a change from IE , it's sleek and clean and you don't have to fuss over add-ons , which some people will like


Well if you are Google fan and love Google apps and cannot live without it, you definitely need the Google chrome. and if you are among those who call a spade a spade then chrome a crap. I never felt that chrome is anywhere near a good browser other than its own apps legend compatibility. and if you fear some real control over how and where you browse look for chrome. for men and bold women the Firefox rules and yes long live Firefox for its great plugins.


Thanks for the replies guys! So I finally downloaded google chrome and yes the installer was rather annoying (because I am behind a proxy so it wouldn't download) but I worked around that.All in all I think it's a decent browser, very FAST but in terms of features and plugins, not quite there yet.Firefox will remain my no.1 browser for now.I'm interested to see where google takes Chrome from here on in.


I think it sucks (depends what you compare it to) compare it to Firefox then it may as well as be a ?5 note, compare it to internet explorer it would be a stack one mile high of ?50 notes. It may be fast but it has alot of security holes (google has them too =( ) also as y4nzi said it doesn't have many addons or plugins that work with it yet so things like Imacros are unusable =( I'm sure in a few years it will have the edge but for now I'm sticking with FF.


Hah, chrome is crap, there will be never chanse that in chrome you would be able to block ads or something else, since google owns most of the ads on the net. And when you agree with the license you give google the right to monitor every word you have typed on chrome even if you don't press enter. I don't know if the license has been changed but still... I compared them:chrome: fast+ no adblock- google acting like some kind of big brother- one window takes 100mb RAM-FF: adblock and other add-ons+ open source, important: people can find bugs and get them fixed.+Winner: Mozilla FirefoxEnd of the story


I found google chrome awesome. Its security is really good from what i tested it with. Firefox is actually the most crappest browser for me its vunerable with many applications which can cause you to get spyware especially with the add-ons which make it more unsecure.


In my option Google Chrome it's better than IE but nowhere near firefox, because it's to clean and simple for my tastes. I like having a lot of plug-ins and addons themes and stuff. I use chrome just because my firefox has some problems with mivie players on some sites and then i have a quick chrome session. But i recommend it it you want to have a relaxed experience on the web clean and simple.


Yeah I am agreement that it is one of the fastest browsers out there and the standards are great but Firefox is the browser to beat. Firefox is way to customizable and just as fast as Chrome and so in order for Google to even make a dent in the browser wars, they will need to spend at least a couple of years designing, tweaking, securing there browser. Sadly though, Chrome won't be providing anything new and google will be pretty much copying firefox, opera, safari and Internet Explorer and that is why a lot of people say that Chrome has lost a lot of steam after a couple of months of going online.


My experiences with Chrome were great. I really like the minimal interface of it and all. But it isn't as customizable as Firefox, which, as SM said, is the browser to beat. It surely beats IE though. It is incredibly fast and super compliant. It is one of those browsers you can't test solely test a website on because there is a good chance that it will display everything properly unless something is very messed up. I love the incognito mode too.The one thing that really kept me on Chrome, though, was the UI. It was simple and elegant. I have yet to find a nicer looking browser. One thing I do not like about it, though, is each tab is a separate process. It is like having multiple windows open. It is still in its infancy, so it can't be perfect yet. But I can only see good things coming of this.


i like google chrome setup but because its a new program its not very compatible with some programs like DAP


What makes Chrome so fast in your opinion? I know why Firefox is faster - it caches pictures and stuff. That's one of the reasons I hate it. It just annoys me, especially when doing web development, that sometimes it will cache the banners and stuff that I'm working on, keeping me from being able to properly view the changes.


Hi! I changed to Chrome because it's faster and way more stable in Windows Vista - IE and Firefox crash frequently and Opera crashes all the time, but Chrome is much better and its architecture lets you close a single -crashed- tab and go on working. It's very fast too. What I hate about it are the Most Visited and Recent bookmarks sections when you open a new tab. They may show confidential information you don't want your workmates to see and they can't be configured. The option is to open an incognito window and nothing you do there is recorded or stored in your history.


i cant open website in google chrome im using vista sp2 can you help me how to fix this?


According to me, Google Chrome was made so google can spy on their users(double e-mail,double AdSense accounts, avoiding their unfair AdSense ban, tricking AdWords, using proxy servers to cheat, talking bad about 'Google' etc.). When you delete the cookies, they get them. They might even get your passwords, the sites you visit at most, how long you stay on those sites(it's like free online survey for them). So that all will end with getting banned, not be able to protect your privacy, and sometime in the future-EVERY TIME YOU TYPE 'I HATE GOOGLE' YOUR PC WILL BURN OUT LOL.This is just a theory.


Its funny the few times I have used google I end up getting trojan alerts either after opening Chrome or closing it. Of course, now time has past and Chrome has lost some of its flash and flavor because of the lack of things such as security and configuration options, of course everyone is waiting for them to add extensions into the browser and so people can start converting the firefox ones to chrome ones.


I've been using Chrome for the last months because it's the only browser that seems to be stable in Vista - at least in my laptop. But SM is right, it's just too light. I miss a good amount of customization options. However, in the end of the day I think it's not so bad. Only... after browsing thru several sites, after some hours it seems to get blocked as if you had no internet connection and I have to close it and re-open it. I wonder if that happens to anybody else.

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