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  1. i am back on Xisto after taking a loooong break!you might wonder why I'm saying this but I remember Xisto being a friendly community. i don't like what this thread has turned out to be for someone who just needed help.i'm disappointed in all those who saw it as an opportunity to earn and just talk rubbish...my advice to you is just for you to just wait until she's old enough. i liked the bit about you being controlled and deciding to ask than act foolishly...good luck in life and you can always PM me if you need any real advice.
  2. I know that there is absolutely no way that yahoo and microsoft can catch up on google in terms of search unless if Google shuts down operations!! lol!The only things that will happen is that they might get a small slice of the cake. These guys are not as innovative, Yahoo has got some great services APART from search business so i feel quite secure and happy coz i am an avid fan of Google!Only time will tell from now on, i will be watching the searches a bit more closely
  3. Hey you!Welcome to trap 17.I ahd gone away for a while and now IM BACK!!! Its always nice to see someone new around here, I have so many lovely characters, this community is off the chain!!Hope to see you often...i have to post for two solid weeks...my acccount is no longer active, i was writing exams....*sucks*Anyways, laters
  4. I am still learning PHP and MySQL.I am a gifted HTML developer and can come up with some quick hacks, if i put my mind to it.This year my goals is to be able to code using PHP and MySQL and join the many Open Source Projects now rampant on the net these days!I have set my sights on simpemachines.org!
  5. welcome to trap 17.This is the right place for anything tech related!Have fun and don't be hesistant on aking for advice if you are not sure of anything, you will get load of useful advice!LATER!
  6. I like the Cavaliers because of Lebron. Just sad that we couldnt make the finals this time around..
  7. I stopped loving her the minute she appeared on American Idol with her costume written Adam Lambert. Why?1.I am against homosexuality. Adam Lambert is gay.2. She should have kept her views to herself since it could have badly ruined the spirit of competition.Out with Lady Gaga!
  8. I kinda agree with that. you have to learn to focus on whats important and remember that its only a preventive measure meant to help you if anything goes wrong. If you look at the recent spate of violent crimes by students at school, you would thank the administrators of your school for putting your security first.
  9. africa

    Hi Everyone

    Welcome Adrian.I have been uisng Xisto eversince I started my community and everything has been good!The community here is wonderful and you will make a lot of friends easily.Welcome and good luck with your endeavours.Cheers mate!
  10. Wow...great job mate!Like the ambition, my advice to you would be to focus on one particular site and work hard on making it the greatest thing it can possibly become!Good luck mate!
  11. Thanks for joining bro!! welcome to the greatest web forum! Have fun! and I look forwarding to seeing your forum here: http://forums.xisto.com/topic/65-website-reviews/
  12. The most practical way I have found of learning a langauge is to find a good teacher as said, and associate as much as possible with other people who speak the language fluently.Just learning from a book has the disadvantage of pronouncing the words wrongly. I have been staying a foreign country for some time but its can't speak the language used here. You have to be willing to learn it over years too!Good luck!
  13. I would rather stick to natural ways of growing taller than using stupid chemicals and stuff or smoking weed!every action has a reaction...i am sure with time, you will grow taller since you are still a teenager.
  14. africa

    A Hello.

    Welcome tom!Glad to be joined by a musician! This is one of the best communities on the net, feel free to share knowledge with us!Cheers, mate.Have a nice time as a member here!
  15. You will be cent an invoice if you already have a service that you are enjoying. If you would like to register for hosting, domain, etc...you have to visit https://support.xisto.com/ and register there using the same email address with your account here. That way, you will be able to order services that you want! Cheers! and welcome!
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