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Global Warming Is A Lie


of course this is not a lie.Its a hard reality. you ll have to believe it. at my place normal temp in winter used to be 4-5 degree celsius.... now its staying around 7-8 degrees.So i can experience it practically. how can u deny it?there r so many scientists who r doing research on it. r they fools?ofcourse not.They may b exaggerating but definitely not bluffing.


You know what, I'll be honest...I don't give a rats *bottom* about global warming. I make turning lights off a habit because it costs money, I don't use my car much because it's expensive and the train system sucks, and I don't waste water because there's a drought on.I do all of these things and don't even think about it, because I care more about money than the environment. I predict that not believing in global warming will also become a trend, and maybe result in catastrophe...It also might not. Either way I don't want to be smelling fumes and all of that stuff all the time. It makes me sick. I'm a selfish *BLEEP* and I like it that way.


Global warming isn't a lie. It's a theory. And just like all theories, it should be proven right before any drastic measures are taken.

The problem with that is theories are just that, theories.

of course this is not a lie.Its a hard reality. you ll have to believe it.

I choose not to.

at my place normal temp in winter used to be 4-5 degree celsius.... now its staying around 7-8 degrees.So i can experience it practically. how can u deny it?

Yes, we're getting colder weather here than usual.

there r so many scientists who r doing research on it. r they fools?

Definitely, money makes a lot of fools.

They may b exaggerating but definitely not bluffing.

More like bluffing themselves out of reality.

A donut

While I don't know if Global Warming exists or not, it's still a good idea to save water, limit car use, save electricity and such, just as previous members have stated in the thread.But I reckon it's a natural occurance that occurs every 200 years or such and our man-made activites might have enhanced the side effects of the occurance.


global warming if its all man made is really a lie. but global warming meaning the earth is warming is true.some politicians( cough cough al gore ), and some activist have exaggerated global warming as a man made thing.global warming is not man made. the earth is really warming up continually with/without man.man is just the catalyst.to waste as much energy as you can is your choice. but doing so may raise your bills or will make your grand kid's life much worse.


of course global warming is a lie. what proof do they have that it is true. i don't see anything happening to our world. the sea levels aren't rising and the temperature is the same. its pretty obvious its just that environmentalists just use this as an excuse so that we will stop using cars and stuff. and what are we went to do about it? were not going to stop driving cars and no one leaves all the lights on in their house all day anyway.


So you think that global warming is a lie!As much as I have read, and believe it is a fierce truth which is coming across our ways very soon. What we have done to our environment is ultimately going to make the life condition on earth adverse. We are seeing some of the dire consequences which are threatening the conditions of balance between human beings and environment. Melting of glaciours, deforestation, temperature rise, all of these events are consequences of global warming.We need to think carefully so as not to harm our environment.


It's all fine to say that there was a warm periodin the Medieval ages but they didn't measure the ice capsthen did they? I think these melting ice caps are a definite ominous sign. Then again,by the way the weather has been in TorontoCanada lately global warming is wishfull thinking.Theres noevidence of it here.

Alex Cicala

There have always been warm periods in history - the most recent being the Medieval Warm Period but the world didn't ground to a halt! And the reason why the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change say nothing? Because if they do, about 90% of them will be out of a job, which they obviously don't want. Their results are biased in favour of the theory! But don't just take my word for it. There are many thousands of qualified scientists who have organised a petition against it and you can view the scientists here:

Never knew that. Thanks for that information. Also global warming isn't really a threat, this is because its predicted if the polar icecaps melt to a degree the water level could rise. But only by a few centimeters, and this is because of evaporation. Also its predicted that we will fall into a mini ice age, is this true....???


I dont get people who say global warming is a lie, it is happending right in front of us, people who say its a lie are just stupid, its like saying holocaust didnt happend (ofcause saying holocaust didnt happend is more offensive) but i hope yo see my point. If global warming keeps at this level, the ocean would raise alarming and there would be nothing to do about it. Even if we stop now, results would first to be seen in 20-30 years.


Global warming is not really a lie. The effect exists and we can observe global temperature changes. What may be a lie is the impact of humans on this process.
The Government shouldn't be focusing on the people, but on the companies. If the companies and manufacturers are forced to reduce waste, become more efficient, use environmentally-friendly packaging, etc. then this will have a massive effect on the gases 'released' by the UK each year. However, compared to the rest of the world (especially the USA, China and India) the UK is actually a relatively minor polluter.

I think that rvalkass hits the head of the nail with these statements, and I totally agree. Global warming is inevitable, but we as human beings don't contribute to the problem as much as we believe we do. There has been a steady incline in global temperatures over the years, and it's kind of stupid how everyone is raising a ruckus about it NOW as opposed to years ago.

The only good thing that comes out of global warming is the fact that most consumers are aware of our environmental impact. I'm not just talking about greenhouse gases and the like... but people are going out of their way to "be green." As stupid as people are, I'm actually glad that they're swayed in that way. Companies are catering to the "green" scheme to appeal more to customers making the move to be bio-friendly, and those that aren't are being forced to reduce their polluting acts thanks to the media making them out to be the bad guy.

I've started recycling years ago, but the funny thing is, I'm part of the sheeple problem when it comes to convenience. When I was living in Germany, we had easy access to recycling dumpsters: for paper, cardboard, aluminum, metal, and whatever else. I actually took the time to separate my trash, and it was easy for me to throw them into the separate dumpsters. (It kind of killed me inside though when one day I saw a dumpster truck take the general garbage bin to dump it as part of the load, then proceeded to take the paper bin to dump it in WITH the garbage...) Since I left Germany and now that it's not as convenient for me to separate my trash and haul my loads to a recycling center in the good 'ol U.S., I've followed the sheeple culture and I don't recycle now because of inconvenience. (Now I pay a trash guy to pick up my garbage, and he's not into recycling because "costs make it prohibitive.") Of course, people thought I was silly to recycle back then. I'm sure a lot of you are reading my post now thinking to yourselves how inconsiderate I am to the environment.

And I throw back in your face how much I hate it when these same people throw their cigarette butts out of their vehicles on the highway, toss their garbage out in the woods when they don't feel like taking it down to the dump, or litter within the vicinity of a garbage can. (Yes, it happens.)

I think this "global warming" movement is a good thing, not because we're reducing greenhouse gases to allow for humanity to live a few more years before cooking ourselves to death, but because we're also making the world a slightly-cleaner, more efficient place to live. And as much as you may be against global warming, you can't argue much with that... unless you want to talk politics.


Are you insane?Seriously out of mind. Will it really hurt to conserve? Do you have that gigantic ego?Warming of temperatures if left aside for insanes like you what about the pollution? Is it natural? The chemicals in the water are they natural? People like you should die as early as possible as explaining you something is like telling some addict to leave drugs! Is it possible by just a reply. No, I dont think so. Rehab is the answer and why waste energy behind people like you anyway.Go do what ever you can burn those fuels in your back yard. Come crying when your pockets go dry!


Isn't it normal for the Earth to warm up like it is and change? =x I could've sworn that was the way it wasss..


Everybody is going to die. And it's all your fault. That's right, you. Because you drive a car, you are driven in a car or you have used aeroplanes. Also, your leaving on of lights is destroying the world as we know it. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying this from some holier-than-thou position - I'm just as guilty so I'm told. In order to stop the ugly beast of Global Warming in its tracks Golden Gordon has decided that the answer is less road travel, or at least that roads should only be travelled in the automotive equivalent of an asthmatic tortoise.


Fisrtly, of course, this is an utter load of rubbish as the comparatively miniscule emissions savings wont make the blindest bit of difference, even if global warming is anthropogenic (our big word for the day). Besides which the idea that if motorists are taxed until their pockets bleed then they will use public transport instead just doesn't hold up. Why? Because at the same time as raising car taxes, train and bus fares have also increased!


Even if this were not the case nobody in their right mind would take a bus over a car - or could for that matter. For it to be as convenient there would have to be a bus service from outer Crowthorne to Farnborough 57 times a day and never mind the people that want to go to Scunthorpe for the day to visit auntie Mabel. It's just not going to happen.


So leave your lights on, wash your clothes 2 degrees higher than you're told to, for the love of God don't drive a diesel and use your car as often as possible, even when there's no real need to. Burn fossil fuels in your back garden. Just because you can.


Whatever you do though, don't buy a Land Rover if you live in a city. You just look like a prat.

global warming is related to us humans!

read the quoted messages below and you will know



How do we know that humans are the major cause of global warming?

<a name="Are_humans_contributing_to_global_warmin">The Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) states: it is a greater than a 90 percent certainty that emissions of heat-trapping gases from human activities have caused most of the observed increase in globally averaged temperatures since the mid-20th century. We all know that warmingand coolinghas happened in the past, and long before humans were around. Many factors (called climate drivers) can influence Earths climatesuch as changes in the suns intensity and volcanic eruptions, as well as heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere.


So how do scientists know that todays warming is primarily caused by humans putting too much carbon in the atmosphere when we burn coal, oil, and gas or cut down forests?


There are human fingerprints on carbon overload. When humans burn coal, oil and gas (fossil fuels) to generate electricity or drive our cars, carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere, where it traps heat. A carbon molecule that comes from fossil fuels and deforestation is lighter than the combined signal of those from other sources. As scientists measure the weight of carbon in the atmosphere over time they see a clear increase in the lighter molecules from fossil fuel and deforestation sources that correspond closely to the known trend in emissions.

Natural changes alone cant explain the temperature changes weve seen. For a computer model to accurately project the future climate, scientists must first ensure that it accurately reproduces observed temperature changes. When the models include only recorded natural climate driverssuch as the suns intensitythe models cannot accurately reproduce the observed warming of the past half century. When human-induced climate drivers are also included in the models, then they accurately capture recent temperature increases in the atmosphere and in the oceans. [4][5][6] When all the natural and human-induced climate drivers are compared to one another, the dramatic accumulation of carbon from human sources is by far the largest climate change driver over the past half century.

Lower-level atmospherewhich contains the carbon loadis expanding. The boundary between the lower atmosphere (troposphere) and the higher atmosphere (stratosphere) has shifted upward in recent decades. See the ozone FAQ for a figure illustrating the layers of the atmosphere. [6][7][8]This boundary has likely changed because heat-trapping gases accumulate in the lower atmosphere and that atmospheric layer expands as it heats up (much like warming the air in a balloon). And because less heat is escaping into the higher atmosphere, it is likely cooling. This differential would not occur if the sun was the sole climate driver, as solar changes would warm both atmospheric layers, and certainly would not have warmed one while cooling the other.

i think we are just over papulated!


I dont get people who say global warming is a lie, it is happending right in front of us, people who say its a lie are just stupid, its like saying holocaust didnt happened (ofcause saying holocaust didn't happened is more offensive) but i hope yo see my point. If global warming keeps at this level, the ocean would raise alarming and there would be nothing to do about it. Even if we stop now, results would first to be seen in 20-30 years.

Water level won't ever rise up to like they say on TV due to CO2 for 7 meters if it will melt in the arctic, it just sound logical.. but water will just spread around the world by rain and etc. land will get wetter, more underground water will appear, but won't rise for 7 meters on the coast and rivers won't get so much times longer. If you just believe all the global warming politics and business made by somebody to pay for air, you can read about water rising here: it's an article by an expert who knows what he is saying:


Also you can read that site, to find some interesting stuff about global warming and all the myths and things which they usually don't tell you on TV, even though some articles aren't so good, buy most of them I've read are interesting. I'm not saying that we humans don't do anything bad with our planet, some people think that everything is just coincidence, live, nature and etc. some people believe that everything has a balance, if an animal is alive do to that tree and is eating it, the nature itself made oil, diamonds, coal for us to use it? If we would live like in stone age, for what purpose we would use oil, coal, why would it even exist? Well, even though I believe in balance, but still I also believe in coincidence.


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