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  1. Here's a better option: 1. download this to your home folder: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ 2. open up terminal and paste this command: ./name-of-the-file 3. wait for the wizard to come up and follow the directions 4. that's it! Now whenever you want to start using it, you must do the following beforehand to get it up and running: in the terminal: once you've entered Ruby Console: and this is where you do all your rails stuff and this is the workspace.
  2. I'm currently using Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon. It's a really cool OS, much better than 7.04 because it already comes with Compiz Fusion unlike having to install it manually in the previous version. This OS beats Vista and OSX in my opinion. I can't fully put down MS and Apple's OS cuz I use Vista-theme windows and AWN to mimic OSX.Despite the troubles I went through and incompatibilities I'm having with this linux distro, I am contented with its ease of use, low memory-consuming user interfaces (compared to Vista). I only have 512mb of RAM but I can still run all activities very smoothly. I don't think I would receive the same results with Vista (which needs 2Gigs ..so I've heard).I support Ubuntu all the way. It's just a matter of time when virtually every hardware would be compatible with this linux distro as well as alternative programs for ex-windows users such as myself.I still have a dual-boot system set up because unfortunately my printer (Lexmark 5400) is still not compatible by linux, i am hoping these types of problems will soon be overcome by the Ubuntu developers
  3. In his case, I believe you can completely transfer 100% to linux! Here's your solutions: 1. MS Encarta -> Wikipedia.org 2. iMesh -> FrostWire for linux (so much faster) 3. iLumina Bible -> BibleGateway.com There you go. now move to linux! LOL
  4. Web 2.0 is basically a web site that visitors (or members) of that site make up the content of the site. Like this forum, the majority of the content that you see in here is made up by members of this forum. That's Web 2.0Although AJAX is really popular these days, web sites without AJAX can still be called Web 2.0. However, it would be nice to implement AJAX just to ease things.
  5. Yea well, I'm just going to get a new one. I'm thinking of buying a SATA hard drive just because I heard it's fast and I've never tried it. My motherboard is capable but I don't know how to set one up. Any suggestions?
  6. Alright. I finally took it to one of the computer shops and found out that I fried both the Hard Drive and the Optical Drive (DVD-ROM). So I took it home and just and for now we're using an external CD-RW drive to load a Live CD for Ubuntu. It's running fine except things are pretty slow because of the Live CD. Right now we don't have any hard drive so we'll be sure to get those two replaced soon.I'm thinking of buying some at newegg but I'll go check out the parts at china town. They're usually cheaper there.
  7. I've also read about the technology, "TurboCache". What does that mean? And if I upgrade my System RAM from a 512mb to a 1gig, would that make my video card go up to 512mb RAM (my current video card supports up to 512 with the TC technology).
  8. I'm interested in upgrading my graphic card (only months old) because it's too slow when I play BF2. Currently I have a 256mb 64-bit GeForce 7100 GS. I want to get a 512mb GeForce card but there's a 256mb card with a higher bit-count. I don't know the difference between RAM and Bit. i want to be able to set all the graphic settings to high and still be able to play the game smoothly. Which should I get, the one with higher bit or ram?And please tell me what each spec does to the video card.
  9. If you would like to build your own (which is fairly easy but you must be careful) and buy all the parts in newegg for a total of maybe under 300. I recommend buying AMD dual core cpus and motherboard because they are much cheaper than Intel. You can get a good cpu for less than a 100.
  10. Oooh.. Well, I just decided to drop it off my local computer shop and have them take a look at it. School is starting this week and I just don't want another thing to worry about. I'll get back on this thread and we'll see how it goes
  11. really? The last time I checked I heard only one beep when I boot it up. I don't have the bracelet but I've never felt the static shock. So would bad memory result in my 2 drives not being detected? And if it is, would I have to change the RAM or the whole motherboard AGAIN... :XD: ==EDIT== Okay, I looked up a different site. I went directly to my MB's site forum and found this: I hear one beep. --meaning that "all is well" ...?
  12. OOOOHHHHkaaay! Now I'm pretty pissed. So I replaced the power supply and now I can turn it on finally. But when I booted it up it says that my hard drive and my optical drive (DVD-ROM) cannot be found. I went to the same local store but couldn't bring the tower so he briefly just said that it might be just the cable. Now I'm worried that the PSU might've blew out both these drives on the very first boot attempt (when the original PSU broke). I hope not and that it's just the cable. Now the IDE cable is new. It came with the motherboard replacement. So what's going on here!!?
  13. I think he's talking about my computer. But I can play gsames on it,
  14. I used to use Trillian, but now I use Meebo for basic instant messaging.
  15. Thank you all for the help and suggestions. It turns out that the PSU was the one that got burnt. I took it to a local computer shop and they tested it and they told me it was dead. So I just got a new one (450w) for only $25 at the same store.
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