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Global Warming Is A Lie


How do you know that it's not something else that's causing the extreme temperatures?

It's moreso just proof of concept that greenhouse gases can increase global temperatures. Whether due to human activity or not, that is up to you.

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Yea, have you ever seen "INSERT SOME SPECTACULAR NAME HERE" movie? Cause movies are the truth! They never lie! 100% facts baby!


Give me a break people. Get past the hype and all this bs you see in Hollywood from both sides.

Nobody said that An Inconvenient Truth or The Great Global Warming Swindle were the truth - in fact it would be impossible for both of them to be seeing as they argue two different sides of a story. Anyway, who first informed you of global warming - the newspaper, TV, the radio?


As said before you can take a look around the solar system.

As was said before, you can't PROVE that there is a relationship, you can only make claims. That's the good thing about this theory, suddenly everybody's a scientist running around making wild claims that we're only going to sizzle in 200oF heat! If you sit down and think about it, it's all a lot of rubbishand you know why? There is no proof for global warming by CO2 because the tropospheric temperatures are rising just as quickly as those on the Earth's surface! PROOF


And besides, Ichthux is right, whats wrong with being conscientious about the environment, it's our freaking house.

And lowering our need for oil is a freaking good thing and we need to do it, we are slaves to the oil corporations, don't you see?

Granted, we need to lower oil soon but we can carry on using fossil fuels for over 250 years PROOF. Maybe we are slaves to oil companies so we should stop using fossil fuels just like the environmentalists want - then we can become slaves to them instead!


Global Warming can not be a lie. There is definitely an increase in temperatures due to rising CO2 levels

Who told you that? And did they prove it to you?


It's moreso just proof of concept that greenhouse gases can increase global temperatures. Whether due to human activity or not, that is up to you.

We know very little about the planets beyond us. Therefore, I cannot offer you any alternative causes for the extreme temperatures on Venus' atmosphere and only suggest that there is a strong chance that there is another. All I can say is that scientists have not found any proof that they theory is true on Earth, which is really what is our concern.


Years of production left in the ground with the most optimistic reserve estimates (Oil & Gas Journal, World Oil)[citation needed]* Oil: 1,277,702/77/365= 45 years

* Gas: 1,239,000/47/365= 72 years

* Coal: 4,786,000/52/365= 252 years

Information from this wikipedia link you provide. The next paragraph of the same link is a warning about the nature of the problems of extracting the fuel and its inherent "bell Curve" nature.


Note that this calculation assumes that the product could be produced at a constant level for that number of years and that all of the reserves could be recovered. In reality, consumption of all three resources has been increasing. While this suggests that the resource will be used up more quickly, in reality, the production curve is much more akin to a bell curve. At some point in time, the production of each resource within an area, country, or globally will reach a maximum value, after which, the production will decline until it reaches a point where is no longer economically feasible or physically possible to produce. See Hubbert peak theory for detail on this decline curve with regard to petroleum.

Point being: there is less available reserves that can be economically produced for this many years at the rate of usage we are experiencing and the growth pattern of that usage.

The emphasis on " economically produced " is made to point out that as the fuel becomes more difficult to extract, it will become more expensive. As it becomes more expensive, it will also become an even more valuable resource and more subject to International disputes (ie: wars). Avoiding the wars is reason enough to find a replacement fuel.


the problem with global warming is bigger then people think it's not just it will few degrees warmer the whole climate will change causing the polar ice to melt and then you will have the problem in that that every city on coast will be at least partly under watter. Periods without rain will be longer so plants will grow slower and this changes the whole ecological system.The natural disasters will be more frequent and that will be a major problem just look what happened to New Orleans that kind of things could become "normal". Professor of physics on my college talked about this one time and he said something like this(about where is the real problem):"earth population is about 20 times greater than what it should be if we want to keep our environment unchanged with current standard of living." He also said that resources(oil and gas mostly) will be major problem in about 50 years and there could be big wars if some good way of replacing them isn't found. Someone posted how earth has mechanisms how it will keep things in normal, but that isn't likely because the rate at which this change happens is to big, in the past changes were much slower, but now they are so fast that whole system will fail. How to stop it- you can't without killing a big part of people because every person on earth wants the standard of modern world and more than a half of population doesn't have it yet so the things will only get worse.


The problem starts with the governments who don't care about alternative fuel sources. they are the ones to blame,they should start acting.Global warming is real. don't listen to al gore, he spends 30,000 dollars on electric bill every month!and even if it's slowly happening we should start using alternative sources of energy because the oil is supporting terrorists and it won't be here in 30 years, so we should start acting now, cause in 30 years we'll say: "damn, we should have had stopped this".


I think its a complete shamble too. Really, because in the earths lifetime its had nearly 10,000 iceages. 2,500 of them were complete iceages. They were all made by rising temperatures. Naturally. Just because we may have an iceage in a few hundred years time doesnt mean its the cause of global warming. Well technically it is global warming. But global warming is completely natural. Yeah ok we may be boosting it slightly but if you got a massive cloud and dumped it on the UK for 3 days or so the UK would drop in temperature by about 3 or 4 degrees. Its not gunna change the world climate down is it?


I wouldnt say global warming is a lie but i reckon its lie also in some sorta way.. If you get me.



If we all used solar panels and wind farms and used no fossil fules whatsoever the climate will still heat up


Its too late to even get worried about global warming. These people are animals and will stop at nothing to help think they can "improve" the world. Its just a little too late and won't know how,when,or what is going to happen.


Cars (along with anything burning fossil fuels) pump out gases that can kill you

If you start sucking the exhaust pipe, then you might die. Honestly, cows fart more gases per day than cars make, this global warming scam is alive and well because of profits and payoffs.

Global warming is real. don't listen to al gore, he spends 30,000 dollars on electric bill every month!

And did you know that Al Gore is one of the leading global warming activists? Obviously you don't know what you're talking about.
Interesting sites: https://www.heartland.org/error.html?artId=11548


Most people will say "Yeah, it sure seems like the Earth is warming." Go to the many other places that exist in the world and you'll find yourself mistaken. Just go to Russia and tell them that the Earth is warming...try it during the winter. They'd find it rather hopeful, since -40 Celsius temperatures are no fun.

Dungeon Master

Im a profound believer of global warming and i highly disagree with your manifesto. Global warming is obviously anthropogenic, we should take action against it.


I don't usually enjoy going to threads and seeing that I'm going to die and it's all my fault. I'm not really sure what to believe without much proof to my eyes. Is global warming real? Is it not? I'm not really sure. I've seen evidence coming from both sides about the proof of existance. We'll see what happens and I'm sure I won't have to deal with it in my lifetime.......at least I hope not.


First off let me bring to your attention where NINETY PERCENT of our CO2 comes from, the Oceans. It is created through chemical reactions beneath the water with the oxygen atoms bonding with carbon from underwater decay. This means that we are left to 10% out of the WHOLE EARTH. Is it even plausible that our percentile could make even the slightest change? As for the so called "ice caps melting" they have said for many years that Japan will be put under water, and every time it gets worse they say that we are already at the 20 year mark of change that Japan should be under water. Why isnt it? Also these temperature readings are completely jumping to conclusions. First let me ask you this, how long have we had accurate temperature readings? About FIFTY years, that doesnt even compare to the 4.5 BILLION years old that Earth is expected to be. Meanwhile during these billions of years our Earth has been going through cycles of different climate patterns and in them we have seen mini-cycles of peculiarly hot and cold temperatures (mind you, by mini-cycles I am speaking of dozens of years.) We have experienced such oddities before and the Earth has always recuperated. To assume that our little CHANCE of effecting our environment could create such a climate shift is both arrogant and foolhardy.


Global warming is not a lie and it is a very serious issue that should be dealt with promptly or there will catastrophic environmental changes and not to mention possible extinction of many animals and maybe even human beings them self.


Pfft, Global Warming is most definately NOT a lie!


Global warming is very real, and it can affect all of us!


Just because nothing major might come of it during your lifetime doesn't mean you shouldn't be aware of it!


I could link you to some sources of information about it, but there's google, and you seem pretty ignorant altogether.


Think again!


To assume that our little CHANCE of effecting our environment could create such a climate shift is both arrogant and foolhardy.

You got it there. But not at all.

I'm not doubting that somehow we're affecting the climate change -just affecting because climate have been cahnging forever- but we're not the masters of the universe. Our contribution can be really small compared to the solar activity, for example. Or even compared to a huge volcanic eruption as happened with the Krakatoa. And as The.Truth said is so arrogant to think that every single thing that happens in the earth is consequence of our manipulation of the world. And much more to think that we're able to fix it without troubling anything else.


But is not there where the problem is hiding.

The real problem is here:


Global warming is not a lie and it is a very serious issue that should be dealt with promptly or there will catastrophic environmental changes and not to mention possible extinction of many animals and maybe even human beings them self.

Pfft, Global Warming is most definately NOT a lie!

Global warming is very real, and it can affect all of us!

Just because nothing major might come of it during your lifetime doesn't mean you shouldn't be aware of it!

I could link you to some sources of information about it, but there's google, and you seem pretty ignorant altogether.

Think again!

I'm sorry for using you both, but you posted the perfect example to that point.

Of course youll have read a lot about the global warming. But are you sure that your fonts where totally reliable? Be aware that all the media is putting its hands on it. Nowadays Global Warming is not a scientific item, but mediatic. As a result everybody knows more on climate change than the real scientists... And in the end they don't know nothing more than all the Al Gore staff (full of half-a-trues), those bad-interpreted temperature graphics, and the funny drawing of the solar rays bouncing inside the atmosphere.

And it's completely accepted that every survey related to Global Warming must be presented to the media and the social trial before the needed filtering which is submitted every scientific publication, based on the rules of logic and skeptic reason.


I can tell you who it works. For example (I don't reaaly know this one but must be something like that)

- Some scientist publish after months of hard work a scientific article that concludes that: "If the conditions I presume are going to accomplish, in 100 years the sea level will probably rise 24 cm."

- A reporter read the article and decide to write in a magacine: "The see level is going to increase 30 cm in 100 years"

- People in street get alarmed: "how much?""1 meter!, and I heard that some other survey said it will be in 50 years"

- And finally Al Gore make a movie just trying to convince the people to be good with the environment and decide to inlfate the number and say: "the sea level will rise 3 meters in 50 years and New York will be flooded. It's a scientific fact". Nothing else further reality.


And is so, that the Global Warming have abandoned the scientific way, and is becoming dangerously little by little in a pseudo-science. And its a real pity, because there're really good scientists working on it, and it's work is becoming manipulated to make sensationalism. And there's a lot to learn about and maybe we won. Because we will lose forever the way of the scientific method, the only one that can help us in this climate problem.


I hope I'm wrong about what I'm going to say, and it's just the media who's playing with Global Warming to get audience. But I smell some kind of interest in this manipulation, and makes me wonder about really nasty things:

Think about this. Which number is more talked about nowadays, the Kioto's 1% or the UN development compromise of 0,7%? Don't you think that somehow "someone" is trying to make us forget about the 3rth World? Do you know that some countries, like Spain, are diverting this 0,7% to cover the Kioto's 1%?


To conclude I must say that the Global Warming have become the enemy like nazis where in 40', commies in 60' and Bin Laden today. And Bin Laden is a bad guy but not for that he is the cause of every problem in our society.


PS: Everyone who says that it's true or lie is wrong. Global Warming is a really complex problem about which the scientists knows a little.

Above The Rest

Global warming isn't a lie. It's a theory. And just like all theories, it should be proven right before any drastic measures are taken.


Perhaps the effects of manmade CO2 on earth's weather are miniscule, we really have no way to know for certain. I do not believe that anthropogenic GW is the real issue, however. The discussion of Climate change is a positive for society for reasons other than the risk of rising (or even cooling) temperatures. Is it coincidental that we are being moved away from our reliance on energy sources that are at risk both geo-politically and by the increasing costs of discovery and recovery? I believe that resistance by the US administration (i.e., corporate lobbys) to these ideas explain most of the polarizations we are seeing, as there have always been competing interests affecting the public discourse on energy policy. But it is naive to think that climate change is a political matter ensconced in the ideologies of America's two-party system and not to see the reality of this movement away from fossil fuels as one of economic and material necessity. Both parties have been hostage to their corporate sponsors for many years, consequently the message of "global warming" is not ideological, but resource driven. A carefully crafted effort to introduce dramatic changes to the power grid, recasting the economics of power distribution, as well as the potential for disruptive transition -- these are the issues we are being prepared to face. As evidence, despite the polarizations of public commentary, consider the upside to making a strong shift away from fossil fuels in favor of renewable sources of energy, even if the science of global warming is sorely inadequate. Regardless of the accuracy of global weather modeling, the AGW thrust is quickly moving us toward several positive developments that can only be described as unavoidable. 1) Reduction in dependence on foreign oil; 2) Alleviation of geopolitical tensions arising from lack of energy security; 3) A more reliable, sustainable energy grid; 4) Reduction of particulate matter concomitant with CO2 emissions and associated with heart and lung disease risk; and 5) Reversal of damage to those environments affected by industrial pollutants and their restoration to either public use, or the demands of their surrounding ecosystems. As has often been noted by other writers, the unstoppable shifts in industry are always more profitable for some than for others. As individuals, we have a choice to make. We can find agreement with those facts most likely to broadly affect society, or we can impugn those who seek change in defense of personal, corporate, and economic inertia. My suggestion? Go along for the ride.


The earths temperature rises and falls, without us humans being the cause. If ice in the Arctic melts, will not cause higher sea levels, as ice takes up more volume than water. However, if ice in the Antarctic melts, sea levels will rise because the ie is above land. However, there is no evidence that ice melting in Antarctic has melted and solidified for centuries. CO2 levels were ten times higher during prehistoric times. Global Warming is being used as an excuse for all sorts 'phenomona'.It's Raining -Global WarmingIt's Sunny -Global WarmingThere is a cyclone -Global WarmingMy *bottom* is itchy -Global WarmingI am confident that all that will happen without increased Co2 levels and greenhouse gas.Furthermore, temperatures in near by planets are also warming up. This logically would suggest that increased solar activity.


I have always cared about nature and taking care of it is definitely not bad at all. The less we contaminate the better, even if it causes global warming or not. Period!What I really find akward, be it caused by humans or not, is that I have not had the need for wearing anything more than a sweater this winter. The climate is still sunny and warm in the afternoon, when on past years you would have to wear a jacket or sweater at leats. I have been out on shorts and havent been cold. I actually went to a party which was out in a field by some hills and I couldnt stand my jacket, it was not cold at all. Which wasnt bad either. Lets just take care of nature and the atmosphere, its a fact that the ozone layer is weak and probably getting weaker every single day. I mean, come on.... this also promotes healthier things, like walking and saving in electricity or gas bills.

electriic ink

What I really find akward, be it caused by humans or not, is that I have not had the need for wearing anything more than a sweater this winter.

The weather always seems either unusually hot and cold compared to the averages every year. For instance, a few summers ago, temperatures in Britain reached 38oC - boiling for this part of the world. However, summer this year was quite cool. The one thing that does stay the same is that hot weather gets attributed to global warming and is subject to excessive media attention; colder weather only gets a few small jokes by Jeremy Clarkson on a few episodes of Top Gear (eg "It's the coldest March for twenty years because of global warming.")


Anyway, it's good to see that thanks to the Internet a few small websites are being set-up to voice the opinion against. If you look at one of them, you find out that in the 1970s people thought that by the year 2000 the world would collapse due to the cataclysmic effects of global cooling. Here are a few quotes from the "Apocalypse Then" section of the website:



In ten years all important animal life in the sea will be extinct. Large areas of coastline will have to be evacuated because of the stench of dead fish.


The continued rapid cooling of the earth since WWII is in accord with the increase in global air pollution associated with industrialization, mechanization, urbanization and exploding population.


This cooling has already killed hundreds of thousands of people. If it continues and no strong action is taken, it will cause world famine, world chaos and world war, and this could all come about before the year 2000.

Even the head of the "The Weather Channel" in the US calls global warming "the greatest scam in history" as reported by the Telegraph and many other respected newspapers.


In 10 or 20 years' time, when, like the ecologists of the 1970s, we find out that global temperature change caused by man is all pseudo-scientific rubbish, the world will be very, very angry and things will be very interesting indeed!


I do not believe how anyone can say that global warming is a lie. I can understand that you are quite sceptical to this theory, but personally I am not. I know that there have been several periodes where our world had large temperatur changes. But none of them where ever as big as the one we are facing at the moment. Maybe, just maybe you have noticed that the weather is changing, changing in a different way it usually does. Here we are getting more rain. In the winters we have no snow at all, and in the summers almost no sun. If that is not a serious change, then what is it?


Also I am horrified of how some of you thing that we can do whatever we want without consequenses. What is the point of leaving your lamp on all day long, when you are not using it? When you can take the bus, why not? What is the point of burning tires in your backyard, are you addicted to that horrible smell or something? Many signs are here, so I say people must do something about it.


How can you say that over 2500 (don't know if that number is correct) scientists in the UN are wrong? Sure you can say so. You say this is a theory, and that the theory must be proven right before anything drastic is done. Well at that point it would be to late. I am sure you would not mind getting fresher air in your city, or anywhere else.

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