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Homework Site A P2P Homework site/program?


well this site or program would be a nice idea but every good idea has a bad side on itit would make the people more lazy then normal, since they wouldn't even attempt to make their homework themselvesdecreasing their own creativity by using the others's, which surely isn't the best thing to dojust imagine what effect it will have later when you are applying for a working spot in the worldalso the teachers would know where you got it from, since that's the first thing they do if you hand in something ^^(personal experience ^^ and also i've heard a conversation between teachers once, they know an awfull lot of homework sites)o well, it's your personal choice what you do, but still attempting to make the work yourself is a way better


I don't think it would help anyone, although it would pose useful to avoid an over-zealous teacher that likes to hand out punishments that definitely don't fit the crime (if can be called a crime at all). Maybe if you had reasons for not getting a prep or work done in time, but reasons you know a teacher is too up their own a-s-s to understand, this would be a uesful resource.Trouble is it would be overused by those people who shouldn't actually use it and get their own work done.As there are site like this already, you may as well go and do it! - to provide a nice resource - as those ones already out there aren't so nice, but are certainly used anyway, there is really not much to lose.good luck!


I'll probably end up doing the site by myself and you will see how it will pose useful more then to be hated and dispised. I hope you all will come see it soon. That is when it is done I'll make sure everyone had negative comments about it can't join! just kidding open enrollment!


Dude, i had the EXACT same idea a few weeks ago. I mean EXACT! Down to the points required to dl and we give each other grades!


This would be the perfect thing for people who don't care about education and hate learning. Those kind of people will not like learning now and will not learn later in life: for those, this could be a godsend. For those who want to expand their knowledge, even though it might be hard and take lots of time, this isn't for them.


I think it's a good idea and not damaging at all, because you have two ways of being clever: - One, study everything, do all your homework properly, etc. - The other, try to get some extra help from somebody, something, etc. Yes, the first one is more ethical, but... which one do you consider as more intelligent? Probably the second, because it less time consuming. In the real world almost everybody would choose the second although some people wouldn't tell. In the real world even the best thieves are hired to work on security. You have the example of hackers... so in real life it's better to know how to fake something than to do it. Sad maybe, but definitely true. and if you don't like the second optiopn, simply don't use it.

Midnight Blue

Let me start by saying: Even if my school wasn?t ridiculous about ferreting out plagiarism, I would not use such a service. I morally object.


Now on to the fun part.


Jimmy: A resource like this would be useful for when you can?t get the work done for a reason, but have one of those teachers who refuses to acknowledge that students have outside lives.


In my experience, those are the teachers who would care whether you wrote your own essay, even if you had done an equal share of someone else's work.


BooZker (And Alex1sp34kL33t): The idea of having people submit for points with which to buy others? submissions.


I think the idea has some merit. I?ve seen essays online before, but they have either been free (baaaaad idea) or for money. There will always be students who want to get prewritten essays but can?t, because their parents won?t lend them their credit card. These kids may well end up on a site like yours, if/when it exists. Their parents don't have to know.


In addition, a lot of teenageres are still trying to decide what they believe in ethically and morally, and may decide that they?re ok with a service like yours. You?re not buying the essay. You?re earning it by putting in your fair share. Some of your market may come from people who would otherwise object.


Well if anyone knows any coding and would like to start it email me or PM me. I wanted to do it and then after the negative comments I stopped posting in here and started another project I thought of with some members here called HAP. The "Human Autobiography Project" and is that name just until a logo is finished. I can do all the design and the main XHTML and CSS, but I am swamped with work, school, AND HAP, and this if anyone wanted.so just let me know.

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