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  1. I think there are some no name Gurtar controllers out or coming out. So that would probably make it cheaper. You could also buy the game used at EBor gamestop and that should also with the cost. or you could go to target or something they tend to sell stuff a little cheaper some times. That is the only thing I can think of.
  2. My favorite snes games would have to be Super Mario World. I found this game to be amazing. It was one of the first games I ever liked. The game play was great and I still continue to play it today. Zelda is also an amazing game. The old school snes game is really great. Its right up there with the new Zelda games minus the graphics. They just don't make the games like they use to with snes. When those games where being made we got tons of superhero games and Mario games but now they are making totally different stuff. I wish we would still get snes type games but for the wii or Xbox 360 or ps3. I think that would really bring the market up. But that is just my opinion.
  3. Really good game. One of the few games that is better on the pc than console. The game had a good storyline and the game play was pretty good to. I can't wait for the next one it's gonna be awesome.
  4. My favorite type of pet is a dog. I would say that my faovrite breed of dog is dobmerman. A doberman is the mix between greyhound and great dane. I really like both of those types of dogs as well. However, I feel that greyhounds are a little bit too skinny and I prefer a dog with a little more meat on his bones, but I do still like greyhounds. Great Danes are definetly one of my favorite types of dogs. I really wanted to get one, but my doberman isn't friendly with other dogs or people, so that would'nt really work out. Another type of dog that I like is the french bull dog. They're a really cute type of dog. German Sheppards are also nice dogs in my opinion. I'm pretty much a fan of all dogs, cats etc. I'm a true animal lover. I wish that some wild animals could be taken in as pets because I really like some of them. My favorite animal in general, is a koala bear. They're adorable and I really like them. I want to go to Australia one day so I could possibly get to pet one or hold one. Aligators are cool, but I wouldnt really ever want to see one unless it was enclosed somewhere where it couldnt get to me. I just feel that they're very unique. For one thing, they can survive in water or land like humans and they even the same sort of lifespan as a human. Most of them live to be about 70 years old. They're also kind of interesting because if you take an aligator and cut open it's stomach you can find many cool things because they eat whatever they can find and if they can digest it, they do, but if they can't then it stays in the their stomach. Well .. those are the types of pets thats are my favorite and I also listed the types of animals that I really like and find interesting as well.
  5. In my opinion (keep in mind, that at times I can be very picky) google is a better search engine than yahoo. I find that at times when I search for something on yahoo, very rarely does what I'm looking for come up. Usually just some random stuff with those certain words on it. Dont get me wrong, some stuff is sort of hard to find, but between the two, I think that for the most part google would come up with better things than yahoo. Another site that I would try is ask.com, that one also comes up with some pretty good sites when I search. However, your best bet is google, ask.com is second, and yahoo is third in my opinion. If you try tehem all, I'm sure you'll be able to find something.
  6. The tutorial seems very easy to use. I will defiantly be trying out. Thank you very much for posting this, it is very useful.
  7. If people want to continue driving v8's it's gonna be a time soon when you will have to have an alternative to gas. Gas prices are getting higher and higher by the day and I can only imagine what they will be like in a few years.
  8. Mine would be Need for Speed Underground 2. The first was ok but really nothing special. But in the second one they really out did themselves. The graphics and game play was amazing. The new features they added really made it great. I really like how they made it similar to Midnight club which was also a great game. All in all I would say this is one of the best racing games to date.
  9. Some of these online games are really becoming great. Some are very simple and can still be great fun. Most I didn't even know about so thanks guys for posting so many great links. I will defiantly have to check some of these sites out.
  10. Looks like the game is gonna be great. Thanks for this news becuase I never even knew a new game had been announced. I really hope they can make the game even better. I know it's probably gonna be really hard to top the last one but I hope they can do it. Well I wish it was gonna be released sooner, but I can't wait for it to come out.
  11. Personally, I'm not into drugs and I never will be, but I do think some drugs (such as marijuana) should be legal. It's a very common drug and whether it's legal or not, a lot of people are still using it. If it was legal, people selling it and smoking it wouldnt get in trouble for it, which would be better. And the government would get all the tax they want so badly. I do think that soon weed will be legal because its just as popular as cigarettes pretty much. And on top of that, actual cigarettes kill you faster than weed and cigarettes are legal. I think thats kind of stupid. Well .. anyway, whatever.
  12. I agree that you should look at the writing styles and compare them. You should also explain to her that myspace is a website that is hacked into a lot and to not be upset with you over that. That you wish whoever hacked your account in the first place hadn't done it but you couldnt help it. She should understand, considering she's a close friend. Wouldn't she already know that you wouldnt say those kinds of things to her? I hope that everythings works out with you guys. I know it would really suck to have someone be mad at you for something you didnt even do!
  13. I agree that smoking is really bad. I've learned about it myself and I refuse to ever smoke. I read that there are over 4000 chemicals in one cigarette along with poisons like arsenic. It also blackens your lungs causing lung cancer. smoking cigarettes can put you in an early grave. smoking weed will kill your brain cells but smoking cigarettes will actually kill you faster than weed. Funny how cigarettes are legal, huh? However, some people know the consequences of smoking and they still dont stop. it seems like they just dont care. It would be much better if smoking wasnt so harmful. Another thing about smoking is that its bad for the people around a smoker as well. I've heard that second hand smoke can even be worse than actually smoking the cigarette yourself. All in all, I'm for a smoke free world. People that smoke are only looking for problems. Even though its a life choice, smoking wont help you in anyway, it will only create more problems for you. STOP SMOKING PEOPLE!
  14. For me it would have to be Pizza from Pizza Pizza. It has always been my favorite meal.
  15. never tried these mods before but i heard they are great. But I hate it when people abuse it by hacking the game and messing it up for everyone. I remember when I was playing online once and some guy did some mod or hack some that everyone died instantly and it was like he kept killing them.
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