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  1. I have anti tailgating lights on my truck, but most poeple call them brake lights. And since I drive a 85 dodge Ram 150, (old half ton truck) I really don't care if someone hits my bumper, there isn't even paint to take of of it. If someones hits my bumper, I wouldn't even see a sign of it. People can tailgate me all they want, if I get too mad I can just flash the brake lights and if that doesn't stop them... I don't care if they hit me. A 20 year old steel bumper stands up a lot better than a new plastic one. I might even make sure it gets reported so it counts against their lisence and insurance.
  2. I use Windows Media player 11 for all of my music. I have come to really like the library functions, although they are kinda incomplete, they still help you find you music.For my videos I mostly use Nero Showtime. It comes with lots of codecs which was handy.Windows explorer still opens my videos with WMP11 but it does not have good fast forward for movies, and does not handle DVD menus well, so I use Showtime more my movies.
  3. My favorite would have to be volleyball. Our school came 4th in provincials in Saskatchewan. Along with that I like I bit of track, but I don't do too much.Plus I really like to get up north and do some hiking and canoeing.
  4. There really isn't much to know when fixing the internet. Rebuild WinSoc2few network setting to find you modemrebuild a dialer (dialup)try plugging it in lol it helps oftenAnd set proxy settingsThat's about all I know how to do with internet, And I have never been stumped by a internet problem for quite some time.Maybe you dad spent a lot of time talking to you ISP tech support, Thats where I picked up some of my stuff and now I haven't had to call them for at lease a year. And I have had close to a dozen problems, no, not all on my computer.
  5. These sites would are use at your own risk in terms of damage to your education. Teachers give finial exams for exacly this reason, it is a lot harder to cheat on a finial as compared to daily homework. If you don't write the essay yourself it will usually show up on the test.I almost wish that teachers would put a larger part of your mark based on unit and finial tests. Making it more important what you learn and remember, rather than trying hard on daily work.I guess part of the reason I say this is because I feel that I could learn all the information in some semester classes in a month then write the test and be done with it.Personally I have handed in a couple essay that was not my own, but I find it really hard to find essay that have the same topic as mine. Teachers tend not to be real general with essay topics, they want to get a certain thing. I am guessing it would take quite some time to get a large enough database of essays to be good at answering the needs of people.morally I would suggest not allowing things like term papers or finial projects, just smaller assignments that will get people through the boring essays that come up so often. You can cheat through out the daily work in a course but you still have to prove what you know in the end.
  6. I just got a standard t-10/100 base network setup in my house, everything is working fine for file and printer sharing and going multi player on my newer games but I am interested in playing some older games that use IPX rather than tcp/ip. Is it possible to configure your network to run both tcp/ip and ipxI kinda want to play doom 2, tzar burden of the crown, and starwars x-wing vs tie fighter.
  7. Correct me if I am wrong but doesn't a Hi Def disk hold something like to 20GB. I don't know what some peoples connections are like but that seems like a lot to download. Plus you have the issue of Hard drive space, unless these work something like the current download rentals
  8. I have the same problem. I don't really like the idea of timing how long you study for because it doesn't help me. What I like to do is break up an assignment. And example would be an english essay where you have to read something and discuss a point in it.I find the best way to work through this is to do one piece at a time then set the assignment aside, usually for a day.So first day you do the reading, next you do some research if you need to, next day you write a rough copy (I usually use handwriting, just more fluent), next day I write a good copy edit it and print it off. This method works pretty good for me but I have a bad habit of doing the same thing, doing a full essay, starting at 10 done by about 3 am.But one of the most important things to do while you are on the computer is turning off IM and and email notification. And don't open anything that is not related to your work.
  9. Well I updated my video driver; it didn't make a difference.must have something to do with the way the WMP11 works. I am planning on buying a new video card before too long, I am pretty sure that it will fix this problem along with some poor game play I have been putting up with.I finally got a new video card and the problem is gone. But it still confuses my as to why covering just a couple hundred pixels would make such a dramatic performance increase. Nothing like that is visible now, now increase on CPU usage or decrease in quality.
  10. Looks like you are on the wrong side of the country. I have been told that if you go to Alberta you can make big money. They have such a labour shortage that jobs that are usually minimum wage are at least 10 bucks a hour, usually closer to 15. Then again I remember hearing something about Alberta being the most expensive place to live in Canada. SeriouslyIf you were a worker and a half I am sure your managesr will miss you, but I doubt they will feel abandoned. And if you don't leave behind any bad feeling with them, they ought to make a good job reference in the future.I don't know what the job market is like in Ontario, but farther west (I am from Saskatchewan) especially in the rural area, you can't get anyone older than 16 to work for minimum wage.
  11. In order to get the full amount of energy implied in Einstein's formula you need to bring antimatter in contact with matter. While this sounds simple there is no source of antimatter that we can access. This sounds interesting and impossible in my mind. Do you know where you can find more information about this idea?
  12. On my one computer it's a good day when I don't get a bluescreen. Then again it is windows ME running way too many programs, many of them horribly build. I know I have gotten a few on my XP computer but the are pretty rare. I think the last one was trying to run Doom 2. That's right Doom 2 not 3 it's a 1994 MS DOS program, something messed up and things started crashing and freezing.
  13. We did this project in Bio class, something about the bi-polar attraction of water molecules that hold the carbon in place until something in the mentos causes it to be released all at once. It works with any kind of carbonated drink. But of course the outdated (flat) ones don't work nearly as well.gotta love first yea bio teachers who don't really want to be teaching bioAnd Nero...I am sure you would be left with some major belching and probably some serious crams and stomach pains.
  14. I am a believer of science over religion. In my mind scientist have done great work in explaining evolution. The problem comes when you try to explain the origin of the universe. Matter can be created from energy, but you are still left with the problem in explaining where that energy came from. I can not believe in heaven or hell, because science says that live as we know it is controlled by the activities in our brain. After we are dead these activities stop and we are no long able to think. The as if you fell asleep and never woke up again.As for the religion that people live by today, religious teachings are all about the how people should act to one another and how they should live their lives in order to create a greater society. The way I see it, there is no heaven or hell truthfully, but they are created in your mind to remind people how they should act from day to day. If you look to the core, all religions have the same base, you should treat others the way you want to be treated, With the results being heaven or hell. This idea keeps society peaceful the way a court system would. With the idea that god is watching you, people are inclined to be the best they can be. Rather than thinking it's ok as long as no one see it, religion creates someone that is always watching.
  15. Sorry it took so long to get back to this form. Thanks for the tip on updating your video driver, I got this computer a few months ago, surprisingly updating the drivers never crossed my mind. And yea I know you can turn off the visualizations but sometimes it's relaxing just to stare at them until you are dizzy. And as for switching media players, I have come to like the WMP 11 interface, and non of the others are are good. I am sure itunes is a good media player, and i hate Microsoft as much as the next guy but I hate apple even more.
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