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What Will Happen If Oil Ceases To Exist?


The real problem is if we haven't go an alternative method of transportation in place when oil does run out. Most of our food in Brittan has traveled at least 100 miles, and huge amounts of it come from overseas. The supermarkets aren't doing much to help either. Also I don't really think we have enough land to feed everyone on it. If we don't get something in place by then, the population will drop till we can support it. 50+ Million deaths. That of course is the worst case scenario.When oil does run out, and we don't have anything to replace it, the west will probably take a huge economic crash as our society is at present based around oil. If I were to vote for what to call this age, it would definitely be the oil age.Hopefully the government will have invested in alternative forms of fuel to be able to deal with the total lack of oil, but I don't hold out to much hope that it will happen any time soon. I don't think any methods we have developed yet are economically viable, and there is also the problem that polymers are oil based, and they are very much in daily use.

Teri Luketic

If this happens then we will just have to find another resoucre. Like corn oil or something. Also many people will have to buy new cars because most cars only run on gas. This will cause an epidemic to buy new cars, but somebody, i think, wll invetnmt something that will allow people to use different oils in a car that is made just for gas. Just my thought but I really think it wont be a problem. Maybe it will help the environment, because the oil refineries pollute the air and stuff and this will lessen the chance of pollustion of the pollution and people will hav e to go towars more fuel friendly vehicles!!!! YEAAAA

I don't think buying new vehicles would necessarily be as big a problem as some may think. You distribute the cars at high prices so only the rich will buy them first. And then you gradually make them less expensive so that the car dealerships aren't being bombarded with insane people needing those new cars. Gradually, you deminish the access to fuel so those left over have to buy the new cars. It would take time, of course, but it would be worth it to more than just the fact that we're loosing our fuel, but it would benifit us in the case of our climate changes.

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