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  1. Hello there! It's been long since I last visited these forums, guess I'll create a new account hehehe.

    Well, see you around!

  2. Spam emails are not sent from the email provider itself, them are sent from people advertising their products or offers, using the mass email method. I think that these people look somehow at the email addresses created on the email provider and pick many of them randomly, i doubt that is cause you throw your email address over the internet, because i was already getting spam mail right when i created my Gmail account.In really, for me Gmail is the account that gives me more spam messages, but never in my inbox its always on the Spam folder.My Hotmail account never gives me any spam mail, weird thing.
  3. Yep, you are right, the game is now called UT 3 and as expected, the release date has been extended (again) until the second half of this year (June or July), well, here is an article about it: http://www.ign.com/articles/2007/01/25/ut3-its-real It will be also available on PS3 and Xbox 360, what i find... well, pointless, its always hard to play a FPS on console. Im a fan of the UT series and just cant wait for it to be released XD the thing is that because of the amazing graphics, im going to need a few upgrades on my PC if i want to run the game smoothly.
  4. I think, that all of those subjects, like History, Chemistry and some others are given with the purpose of exert the discipline on the students, i mean, those subjects make the school harder, so that makes us put all our efforts on it.But well its also annoying to know that you are being forced to learn something that you may never use, specially when that subject is as hard for you and the teachers make you take extra classes or courses.By the way, i enjoy the school too, but only because I have fun on it with my friends and the sports we do I seriously dont enjoy learning.
  5. Well, I would say, as the others, be who you are and be happy with that... but what the h..! being popular makes you feel better in many aspects.Borda said many true facts that you must consider, have a good appareance, confidence... always be sure of yourself when you are talking with your friends, specially with girls, dont be shy, talk as much as you can well, the guy above says that you should not talk that much, but that may be on his school, every school is different and so are the classmates, but well, in mine, people who are so talkative are generally most recognized because they are hard to forget ;)I tell you what... if you get involved in a fight, you will become very popular, im not saying you should punch someone i dont like that way for earn popularity.Also, if in your school are practiced sports, if you are good at any, you will also gain popularity and will make some friends.One big advice: You wont become popular from today to tomorrow, so all of this, do it gradually, dont arrive to your school as a totally different person, that will just cause people to ashame you. Also, if you gain any popularity, dont forget your other friends, even if you think they are "dorks", they are your REAL friends, never forget that, they like you because who you are really inside, the friends you meet when you are popular like you just because you are acting like them, so set your priorities correctly, your real friends are first.Wish you luck with all of this
  6. Cool nice tip bro, i barely work with premade grayscale images, but anyway i bet i will gonna apply this trick on some of my future work.I did something similar before, when on a image, all the Image Adjustments were disabled, i figured out that the image was on Indexed color mode, so i just switched to RGB mode and everything worked fine.Thanks for contributing, good tip
  7. Great! Free domains at Xisto, but sounds pretty hard to get one, considering that while you are hosted you lose credits too, 280 is a looooong way to go.Anyway im glad the business is going pretty well opaque, keep the good work up
  8. MIGUE2k7


    Yeah a bit late introduction, but anyway... welcome to Xisto! :lol:You already have your hosting account so hope you enjoy it, and of course keep it up by quality posting on the forums.Wish you a nice stay here
  9. Heyy nice work there bro. I specially liked the 2nd one, because of the rounded corners and the font.The first one seems good too, dont know how you did that bright flare effect but looks great for me.As for the 3rd one, it looks simple, but the lighting effect is ok.Well you gotta post some more of your work :PKeep 'em coming.
  10. Yeah, in really, the SOTW last about a month counting the time it passes for voting, sometimes even without announcing a winner.I think it would be good 2 weeks for entries and 2 weeks for voting, because i have seen that the voting process is the most inactive of a SOTW, and the topic must be bumped so much. People should look at the GFX section more often .3 weeks for entries would be fine too, but only if we are sure people is gonna vote for a sig in the period of 1 week. Yes, everyone on Xisto is allowed to vote, not only gfx crew members, but i dont see so much interest on people voting for this, so 1 week would not be enough, or at least thats what i think.
  11. Blogger is a free service of Google, with it you can make your personal homepage, and there you post your news, about anything you want. People can become member of your blog and leave comments on your articles.A blog is great when you wanna let the others know what are you interest and how things are going with you.Many people also use Blogs as a normal website, with some implementations, it can work pretty good for downloads, video sharing, image uploading, etc.The thing i like about blogs is that almost every one has a good layout and design that gives it a professional look, and many are already using web 2.0 graphics that makes them look fancy :(You gotta try it, its FREE and it gives you the chance of experiment with the basics of web mastering, and maybe your blog can become a popular one
  12. Well, seems not bad, the rating of your system depends on what kind of stuff you do on your PC. Of course that would not be enough for gaming, but it is great if you do coding, graphics, etc.I think you need to upgrade your processor (me too ), for me it looks slow , even though its AMD, and maybe you will need to get some more hard disk space.As Plugcomputers said, if you want a cheap but efficient upgrade, get 512MB more of RAM, it will do a good boost of performance.
  13. Yea those colors force you to look at the sig but is not that bad for be a sig with only 2 colors. As vamp said, its a unique style of sig, it may be simple but at least understandable. I like how the render is done, it looks grunged or something.Dont really know what style or effect you tried to achieve but the result is good. Also you can always do a redo of this style.Good job on it, keep posting your experiments
  14. I dont really know so much about this celebration but anyway here is my entry: Good luck
  15. First of all, Welcome to the Xisto community. Im MIGUE and im 15 years old. Umm... Latvia, i have no idea where it is located , but sounds interesting.Is true that your credits will be reset to 2 or something if you get approved for hosting, so its right that the later you get hosted, the most credits you lose, but you will also need to keep posting so your account wont get terminated, thats why i do the same, right now i have about 100 credits, and it will feel sad see them dissapear when i apply for hosting again but oh well..have fun on the forums and see you soon.
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