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  1. Hello out there! Many people think that cream puffs are hard to make. In fact they are one of the easiest things...and yummiest things to make. All you need is 1cup of water, 1cup of flour, a pinch of salt, one stick of butter and some filling. I just use heavy whipping cream and add a little powdered sugar and what ever flavoring I want in it, usually chocolate. So easy, really!So, how does this magic work? Boil the water and butter on the stove in a pot. When the butter is melted, turn off the heat and stir in the flour, it will turn into a pastey dough. spoon the dough out onto a cookie sheet and bake at 375. For the best cream puffs make small dollups of dough, and make sure to bake long enough, until medium golden brown. If they are too big or not cooked enough they will fall. Take the golden puffs out and let cool. Split in half and fill with cream! Yum!
  2. I was just listening to the radio last night on our local NPR. They were talking about trans-fats. Their overall messsage was that trans-fats are bad for you but partially hydroginated oils are not. However, I thought that partially hyrogenated oils ARE trans fats. The folks on the radio last night were talking a lot around the issue. This is how I see it: Patially H oils have added hydrogen to make the oil solid at room temperature, however, our bodies cannot process this kind of fat,a nd it leades to cancer. Other counties do not used hydrogenated oils. Why do we. America has made it's citizens into guinea pigs, and it makes me think that our leaders do not care about us. The folks on the radio show were talking about how it is soooo hard for industry to find a products that will work instead of H oils, but other countries do it, so why not us?
  3. I think Psychiatry has been the victim of what every institution is victim to...apathy. Folks go into Psychiatry with good intentions, but the longer they stay in the field, the less they try. Professionals get stuck on certain theories and certain solutions that they use all to often. If a patient does not fit into their mental paradigm, then they become a victim of professional apathy. Personally, I think that all mental problems can be dealt with in the paradigm of purification. As children we are pure, and we are exposed to our environment we develop in healthy or unhealthy ways. What we are all seeking is the purity we had as children. Those who are immediately exposed to unhealthy environments never get the opportunity to experience their innate purity. Problems psychologically that come from unhealthy experiences can be worked out by talking, being educated and being given experiences that can purify what sediment has settled in their lives. I for one believe strongly in the power of diet, environmental healing (being outdoors, crystal healing, ocean healing etc.). Most of all people need understanding and to know that they are worthy of positive and pure experiences. Second of all people need to live in healthy communities. Communities where problems can be addressed and solved by its own citizens. Communities that empower citizens and strengthen the ties between community members. No man is an island, and those who are probably have mental problems. As individuals we need to be kind and understanding of one another and be willing and able to lend a hand when a neighbor needs it. In the very least we need to bring back the idea of ethics and the idea that we should all be respectful to one another no matter what a person looks like or how much money they make. Additionally, I think people need to be honest about what is happening in their lives. We can take race as an issue here. What is racism? I believe that racism is not the effect of hate, but rather fear. When a white person, who lives in a rural, historically white area has the experience of encountering another ethnicity, their initial reaction is fear...not fear of the person, but a fear that that person probably thinks that they are racist. The person of ethnicity only sees the look of fear in their eyes and thinks, "This person is afraid of me, they must be racist" and then reacts accordingly. This miscommunication leads to misunderstanding which then leads to hate and what we all identify with as racism. If people talked about what really happens to them when they have these encounters, the truth would come out that white people, in general, are not racist, but feel a deep sense of guilt and fear that they are perceived as racist, then a more honest discussion of racism would occur and possibly white folks could stop feeling guilty and diverse populations may see that we are all trying to work through the crimes of yesteryear and want to move on without tensions. What do you think?
  4. Well, I smoked a pack a day for seven years from age 14-21, and then one day I really didn't want to smoke anymore. It just did not fit my lifestyle. I realized that I started smoking because of peer pressure and that I only smoked when I wasn't sure what to do. It make me feel important, like I had something to do all the time. I also took note of the amount of time I spent smoking. 20 ciggs at 5min per cig...that's 100 minutes or one hour and forty minutes of smoking. I don't have that much extra time on my hands anymore. The greatest thing that is keeping me from becoming a smoker again is...i didn't really quit. I smoke when I want. It may be none per month or twice per month, or I might splurge if I am having a particularly celebratory or morning time. The trick is to not have a cigg if you don't want it. That is just wrong. Have one if you like, but most likely you are not going to WANT to smoke 20 ciggs a day. that just hurts.
  5. So, you've had your guitar for years and it just sits around collecting dust. But you don't have the money to get lessons and you don't think you can play anyway. Well, most likely you can play, all you need is practice and little tolerance for pain in the first two weeks. Pain? Why pain? Pain because you must condition your fair fingertips for the constant bombardment of pressure from metal strings. (Nylon strings are a bit easier and I like them, but it is best to practice on the worst strings possible...accoustic, high action and thick gauge so that when you pick up your playing guitar, electric, someone elses nice guitar or get a new guitar that you deserve, you will be able to play like butter.) basically, any guitar you have will do fine...it either sucks...which will make you the best player in the end, or it is good, which will be easier for you to learn on. Even if you only have a broken guitar with an intact neck, or a childs guitar, you can get started on the most important part of learning to play...fretboard visualization. What is fretboard visualization? It means knowing exactly what note each fret of the guitar makes, knowing the patterns the notes make , and being able to visualize them for improvisation. Now, this most important fretboard visualization usually takes years, and it is broken down into 3 positions, to make learning easier to manage. This tutorial will work for any kind of guitar: accoustic, electic, classical etc. hERE IS THE BASIC CHART OF THE GUITAR FRETBOARD, YOUR GOAL IS TO BECOME FAMILIAR WITH EACH FRET, STRING AND ITS RIGHTFUL TONE E F F# G G# A A# B C C# D D# E B C C# D D# E F F# G G# A A# B G G# A A# B C C# D D# E F F# G D D# E F F# G G# A A# B C C# D A A# B C C# D D# E F F# G G# A E F F# G G# A A# B C C# D D# E FRETBOARD VISUALIZATION A LITTLE MUST BE EXPLAINED ABOUT THIS CHART BEFORE YOU CAN COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND IT. IF YOU HAVE A GUITAR YOU KNOW THAT IT HAS 12 FRETS. (if you are not sure of terminology, please google "guitar anatomy") THE CHART HAS 13 COLLUMNS SYMBOLIZING THE 12 FRETS. IT ALSO HAS 6 ROWS SYMBOLIZING THE STRINGS. A guitar has 12 frets and 6 strings. SO IF THE GUITAR HAS 12 FRETS REPRESENTED BY COLLUMNS, THEN WHY ARE THERE 13 COLLUMNS ON THE CHART? BECAUSE THE FIRST COLLUMN REPRESENTS THE TONE OF THE SRINGS WHEN THEY ARE PLAYED OPEN, WITHOUT DEPRESSING ANY STRINGS ON THE FRETBOARD. THIS FIRST COLLUMN REPRESENTS THE NAME OF YOUR STRINGS (according to the gauge and length give a certain tone) (depressing a string makes the string shorter and therefore makes the tone higher, hence the gradual increase in tone up any string (or row)) So, the names of your strings are the following... E--------------------------------------------------- 1st String B--------------------------------------------------- 2nd String G--------------------------------------------------- 3rd String D---------------------------------------------------- 4th String A--------------------------------------------------- 5th String E--------------------------------------------------- 6th String The bottom A and B strings are bold because they represent the thicker strings on your guitar. Some (like myself) consider this to be an upside down representation of the fretboard, but this is how it is represented in Tablature, so this is the method I will use. The first string is the thinnest E string or TOP string and the 6th string is the fattest E string, or the BOTTOM string. Now, I will explain the matrix of the patterns that make up the tones of the fretboard. How to simply say...the matrix of tone patterns. In the United States we use twelve tones and seven major intervals from an old Catholic adaptation of intervals. The twelve tones being: C C# D D# E F F#G G# A A# B C ...the twelfth note is the OCTAVE (the same tone one pitch higher) You can see by carefully examining these twelve tones (which together are called the CHROMATIC SCALE, implying a scale that includes every single tone) have a pattern. There is no sharp (or flat) between EF and there is no sharp (or flat) between BC. If we look for a pattern of only whole tones (excluding the sharps), you will see the major scale pattern. Here is the major scale pattern: Every tone is considered a half step. (On the guitar as you move up a string, every fret is a half step) Two half steps are a whole step. Whole step Whole step Half Step Whole step Whole step Whole step Half step Using this pattern we can see that for the C scale (that is, starting the pattern on the tone "C") Here are my twelve tones CC#DD#EFF#GG#AA#BC And here are the seven major intervals: C D EF G A BC From C to D is a whole step...or two half steps...one half step from C to C# and one half step from C# to D. If you look at your guitar fretboard and the tone chart above 'FRETBOARD VISUALIZATION" you will see that C is on the second string, first fret. Since every fret is a half step...the second fret on the same string is C# and the third fret is D. One whole step from the first fret C to the third fret D. THE C SCALE HAS NO SHARPS(#) OR FLATS ( Flats are the same tones as sharps. Call them sharps (#) when going up a scale and flats ( when coming down The reason the C scale has no sharps or flats is because the major scale interval pattern has half steps that land on BC and EF, the only intervals in the major scale that require only a half step. Let's try this exercise starting on the tone D Here are my twelve tones (starting on D) DD#EFF#GG#AA#BCC#D Here are my seven major intervals using the major scale pattern discussed above. D E F#G A B C#D THE D SCALE HAS TWO SHARPS, A C# AND AN F# This pattern has been called the Circle of Fifths, because starting with C, as you move 5 spaces up the major scale each fifth tone's pattern will add a sharp. Here is the circle of fifths: C G D A E B F C HAS NO SHARPS OR FLATS G HAS ONE: F# D HAS TWO:F#,C# A HAS THREE:F#,C#,G# E HAS FOUR: F#,C#,G#,D# B HAS FIVE SHARPS; F#,C#,G#,D#,A# F HAS ONE Bb This leads into the Circle of flats that I will add on later... Now you know how to construct any major scale on any instrument and, specifically, where to find the fingerings on your guitar. There are many scales, not just Major scales. By simply adjusting some key intervals we can configure minor scales, augmented scales, diminished scales and more... Now I will outline how you can create other scales besides the Major one. Scales change by changing the interval pattern. Many blues songs are played with minor scales. Minor scales generally sound sad, as you will notice if you can construct one and figure out how to play it on your instrument. To construct a minor scale, simply flat the 3rd tone of the major scale. This requires you to know the major scale first. I recommend that you become familiar with the major scale before trying to morph into other scales. Lets use C again as a starting tone: Major Scale C D E F G A B C 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Now flat the 3rd tone, which is E, to create the minor scale. C D Eb F G A B C Remember that flatting a tone just means to move it one fret down to a lower tone. Eb is the fret before E. Let's try the same thing in D First construct the major scale from the chromatic scale (the chromatic scale uses all 12 tones) using the pattern: Whole step, Whole step, Half step, Whole step, Whole step, Whole step, Half step ...remember a whole step is two frets and a half step is one fret. DD#EFF#GG#AA#BCC#D D E F#G A B C#D 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 now that we have the major scale constructed, make it into a minor scale by flatting the 3rd tone, which is F#... D E F G A B C#D, this is the minor scale. 1 23 4 5 6 7 8...you can see that only the 3rd tone has changed and it is flatted one half of a step. Okay, now I am sure that all of you string players out there want to play chords. Now that you know the basic structure of major and minor scales, you can play any major or minor chord...Here is how you do it. A chord is simply the 1st 3rd and 5th tone of a scale. Looking above and using the D minor scale, if we locate tone 1, 3 and 5 you will know the notes of the D minor chord. 1=D 3=F 5=A a MAJOR D chord would have: D E F#G A B C#D 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1=D 3=F# 5=A Now let's look at the guitar fretboard and find at least one way to play the D MAJOR chord with 1=D;2=F#, 3=A: E F F# G G# A A# B C C# D D# E B C C# D D# E F F# G G# A A# B G G# A A# B C C# D D# E F F# G D D# E F F# G G# A A# B C C# D A A# B C C# D D# E F F# G G# A E F F# G G# A A# B C C# D D# E FRETBOARD VISUALIZATION Okay, let's try another chord: C Here is our C major scale C D E F G A B C 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Take the 1st, 3rd and 5th note of the scale: CEG, these are the notes you can play to make the sound of the C chord. Where are these notes on your fretboard? Let's just look at the first four frets, since most of our chords are traditionally played in this posistion. (However, the beauty of learning the basic matrix of chord formation is that you can be creative and find the 135 of any chord anywhere on the fretboard) E F F# G G# A B C C# D D# E G G# A A# B C D D# E F F# G A A# B C C# D E F F# G G# A There is the traditional C chord.
  6. I think we are what we are. Energy is neither created nor destroyed. You are what you are when you die. Actually, I think that life as we know it is regulated by magnetism and motion or vibration. I think if we could find a way to stop movement, then we would be able to stop time, and possibly time travel by creating the frequency we want to go to from that section of stopped time. Back to our spirits. Our spirits are held in our bodies by magnetism. Once we are set free from these mortal material shells we have to be able to keep our spirit together or risk being dispersed into the unified energy of space. If one is a good person with their energy all together, I think they will have their spirit when they die, and according to what thought pattern they have been thinking their whole life, they will go to that place, or transcend to another plane for another game of life. I think this life is to refine our spirits. We can refine our spirit exactly by denying our mortal desires. I think that every life form is a "pattern" with it's own lessons and experiences. We are placed into certain life forms to learn a lesson. Humans have the highest ability to manipulate energy, and I think it is one of the last tests before our spirit is released from our mortal bodies. If we cannot train our spirit then it will dissipate, if we can then we move on to where we always thought we would be, or to another plane to learn another lesson. And, yes, I do believe in G-d, Jesus, and heaven.
  7. Well, this is interesting. I never saw that footage before. It is compelling...makes me think that it could be fake. However, we obviously have made great strides in space. If we had not made it to the moon then we would not have had the successes that come after that fact. My grandfather actually worked on this mission. According to my aunts and uncles he was pretty aloof about it. He did not even tell them that he was working on the mission until it was complete. When my aunts and uncles asked why he did not tell them or take them to the launch, he replied, "I didn't think that you would be interested." Did he really think that? I don't know. He traveled around a lot, so I wouldn't be surprised if he had some other family where he was working. My vote: it was real, largely because of the progress we have made so far.
  8. I agree with some of the previous replies:This girl wants something from you, and unfortunately because girls like to play games, you have no idea what it is. Possibly one of her friends likes you and she wanted to get you to a place where she could find out if you like anyone, or possibly her friend. Who knows, it could just be a bet like the other person said. I like the solution of asking her out point blank, then you will get the real story...Good Luck!
  9. Hey there are lots of very nice forests in N. America. Take a jouney down the Appalacian Trail, or explore the Redwoods in Northern CA. Just take a trip to PA or New York or geez any NE state, Mississippi etc. Lovely forests!
  10. It may make you feel better to tell her the whole story. At least then she knows the whole truth and can make a decision based on that, and you can go on knowing that you gave it your best shot. Breaking off an engagement is a huge thing. My "husband" and I have been engaged for 5 years. Yeah, that's a long time. We made a date for last fall...but he forgot. I know this is not the same, but I think the effect is the same. You crushed her like she is crushing you right now. Even if you did get back together, the event will always linger in her memory and she will be second guessing whether you really love her or not. You must have had some serious second guessings to call it off. Also, did you talk to her about your feelings before you called it off. Maybe a real heart to heart conversation would have dissipated your fears, but if you did not talk to her, then you have in a way disrespected her, not trusted her, and betrayed her love. Think about it, it was almost like you were saying, "Well, I could take you or leave you, but you are not important enough to me anymore, and I don't even think I have to, or want to discuss it with you." That HURTS BAD. Did she deserve it? Because, and I know you already feel bad, but you did deserve it. Love is a hard thing to nail down...what is it, how many different kinds are there, and why do we want it? Hopefully this experience will give you some experience to go off of with ALL OF YOUR FUTURE RELATIONSHIPS. No doubt there will be many. I echo myself from a previous post when I say. Don't have sex with the people you date. It allows you to date many people at once, fool around and REALLY SHOP AROUND.
  11. Has anyone heard of this new machine? I guess scientist all over the world have been working on stuff like this for a century. I tried to look up on the net the exact machine and scientist I saw in a magazine earlier this week...Basically, it's like Back to the Future. There is a machine now that you can put any trash in, or anything for that matter except nuclear waste, it heats the trash to a high degree breaking all molecular bonds and creating ethanol, hydrogen and other forms of fuel. The only problem is a toxic bi-product that looks like obsedion rock which they propose to make floor tiles out of. Uh...I don't think that last part is a good idea. However, there are algae that eat waste bi-products, even nuclear as long as the bi-product is in small pieces. There are folks who have mechanisms to turn all of our trash into energy and roads. A wide open market that will be seeing its hayday soon. So, invest! Invest in clean energy and ride the next wave to a prosperous future.
  12. I need some help. Don't know if it is possible for anyone to give me easy tips on how to launch my website, but I need it. Our organization has big events coming up and I need a front page where I can have links to online applications and registries for volunteers. Anyone have any suggestions? I do have dreamweaver on my reg. computer and I am kind of familiar with HTML, but I am not familiar with all of the administration tools. I would love to set it up on my JOOMLA account, but nothing seems to be coming up on my webpage, and I cannot figure our how to manipulate the web tools for JOOMLA....PLEASE HELP!!The big event I need the webpage for is a FOLK FEST. I need to be able to register volunteers etc.....;)I could only install one MySql database. I could use some tips on the post indentifications of databases i.e. .forum etc...Wenever I try to install something else the site says only one database can be stored in the core or something like that....;)Also, I have joomla as my only installed database, but I cannot figure out how to manage the tables. On PhpMyAdmin I can see all of the different elements (blogs, chats) that have been uploaded, but nothing show on my webpage, and I cannot figure out how to manipulate these elements (blogs, chats, etc.) to make them show up and work at my domain page.I am crying out for help
  13. Oh my gosh, that War is peace thing is so offensive. Is there some deeper meaning I don't get...or it's just supposed to be offensive? but, yes. Early cars bodies were envisioned as being made out of hemp fiber...stronger than steel and completely bio-degradable. And they were made to run on vegetable oil. It's the oil companies. They are too bleeming rich, and they got that way by boondoggling us, our mothers and our grandmothers. Actually, oil was very cheap when the first discovered it, and it became very useful. Generations back they did not know what the effects of burning it in a billion cars would do. Vegetable oil is only about 25% less polluting than petroleum, but it is a good transition for diesel vehicles.
  14. Um...I didn't think that guy was being touchy. Why do people even want to think about what other people do sexually with anything? That is a place that one should not venture. Next time you walk down the street pretend that everyone is thinking about how and what you have sex with. See? People shouldn't go there, and why the helk do they? I never understood. And then you know those people who are so ani-gay that end up being gay. Like in American Beauty, that Military Seargant? My best friends mom married a Seargant named *BLEEP* Pringle and he left her for another man. The Govonor of New Jersey. Really, the people that it worries seem to have some personal connection. Someone want to explain that to me?
  15. The U.S. and many non-profits around the globe pitch in billions of dollars to world hunger. But sending food is not a soulution to the problem. We need to focus on sustainablility...the ability for the people to grow food and build communities from a grassroots perspective. All it takes is education and tools. Spend billions of dollars sending qualified agriculture and energy and education professionals to communities and see how well folks can fish for themselves. Additionally, the idea that the US will remain an economic and military power is not a given, and by no means should be thought of that way. Our army is already to its breaking point and we are so much in debt that China owns about 90% of us (in trade deficit). The only thing we have done with the war on terror is allow our president to be accountable for war crimes and created more terrorists. The rest of the world can see this, although some Americans who choolse to be patriots to a man instead of the Constitution may not be able to see things so objectively. What exactly do you not understand about the question? The whole point is that we are not protecting anyone. We did not go into Iraq to create a free, decomcratic state...we went in there to get rid of "weapons of mass destruction". The U.S. government make people believe that Iraq had something to do with 9/11. The 9/11 commission said that there is no connection. The United States President lied and covered up data that was contrary to his "message". We have created more terrorists with our foreign policy. We have weakend our military. The worst possible affect, though, is that we have isolated ourselves. You know when a country wants to start a war with another, the first thing they try to do is isolate them. We have isolated ourselves! and made other countries feel threatened! and have made allies not trust us! Could it be any worse as far as out global position. Anyone who does not feel less safe now than they did in 2000 is fooled by a fool.
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