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Ice Cream Injected into Cookies


Hrm.. A ice cream cookie with milk! Thats going to be lovely. Maybe they might already have it done already, but who knows, I would like to try one! I wonder how much trouble it would be to sell in mass productions. They should make some kind of recipe or some sort of your idea, but check if it's been done already!


Well. I was looking more into it. There has been somthing like it and it wasn't sucessful. The cookie gets to cold and not as yummy. So I tried it and ya didn't work that good. The icecream ozzes out the sides and splits the cookie. It was really bad. But icecream and cookie is good. Just not icecream in cookie. If this would work like make a hollow cookie this could work. But so far there is no "Hollow" cookie. I will look into this more and keep you posted. If anyone else wants to try tell me.


Nice topic to start off... I jumped into the topic on seeing the words cookie,ice cream etc... I should say your idea is a very delicious one.. But it is already implemented, i should say.. One ice cream company in our region prepares such baked cookies with ice cream between it . And the good news is that it is a very popular and fast moving item from that company... So maybem you could start improving yourself as a chef and give a thought on pursuing catering for your career... You seem to have brains of a Good Chef..


pull the cookies out of the oven and dont let them cool down, but immediately start pumping ice cream into them like a madman and then stick them all in the freezer!that should do the trick...oh and about muffins and yogurt....eww!


It's the same sort of princple as a cream puff, isn't it? With a cookie instead of a pastry. Youd have to have a cookie that was somewhat fluffy on the inside and with the small size, as velocityprofiles suggests, you'd have to inject them while they were hot. You'd have to use sort of softserve homemade ice cream. But, yeah, if it was possible to do I would definetly eat that. Regular ice cream sandwiches are onew of my favorite "cheating foods" in the world.


I made ice cream sandwitches with chocolate cookies. Dosn't work, the cookie loeses it's flavor from beeing frozen and it tates nasty. I wouls suggest you don't try it. Just drive down to the store and buy some ice cream sandwitchs. I made my mind this would NEVER work. Unless we can have warm cookie with cold icecream.


Jajajaja that well look that my I like much the desserts and this one this one very good this idea of conbinar the elados with the cookies is good shaft prepares it todayThe life is the alone one it is necessary to enjoy it and better even with the sweet thing that is


Yes, it's true, you would need a rather thick cookie to do this. The only problem with this invention would be once you freeze the ice cream cookie, you would have to wait a while for it to dethaw and then once it dethawed it would probably make your cookie soggy and then the icecream would probably leak through the cookie, leaving you with a horrible mess. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm an avid fan of cookies and ice cream, I mean I work at Dairy Queen, so I know a thing or two about the combination of the two, YUM! I have a recipe for theses cupcakes where you make chocolate cup cake mix like normal, put it into a cupcake pan with liners and then drop in a mixture or cream cheese, chocolate chips and some other stuff with a spoon and tada: Uber Yumminess!


Sounds interesting. I don't know if actually cookies however are flexible enough to have ice cream injected into them. I know its possible with cake, because the cake gives way without destroying the entire thing. A cookie on the other hand is hard and would crumble to bits. Maybe if you make a cookie that is similar in texture to a cake, but keeps the taste of the cookie I think you can do it. Either that or make a cookie mold with whole in the middle.


If you were going to do the syringe idea you would have to get a big needle. Maybe a baster would work better. You would ahve to make sure that nothign would clog up the thign that you are suing so no chucks of chocolate. Also, I think it would be better to melt the icecream or have it soft and thta it would go into the cookie fast and you could get more in their.


Well one day when i can bake the out side and freeze the inside i will be able to. Like a micro wave cooks from the inside out make a frezzer that freezes the inside and not the outside. Then i could make a fine cookie. In other words here are some things i need:1. FAT cookie2. Freezer thingy3. Icecream DUH!!!4. NeedleAnd then there we go not sure how to make a fat cookie though.


Whilst reading this i was thinking of the process you would have to go through and about the cookies themselves. My thoughts on this are, you would need melted icecream not frozen so that it will inject properly. You would need something like what people use to put icing on cakes, and you would have to inject it into the cookie whilist warm, just cooked. I think it should be done whilst warm is the cookie isnt hard yet and still quite soft so it should be able to be injected. But you could also try it while cold.My advice would be to make several batches of the cookies as you can try thousands of different ways to make them and inject them. Also once you have worked out the best way to inject and keep the cookies intact, you should definatly write it down and not rely on your memory to remember how it was made.Good luck on your icecream cookies, and i hope they turn out well.


Maybe you could take two cookies that haven't been baked yet, so I guess, that would make them blobs of cookie dough, and put one on top of the other, except kind of mold it together at the bottom. Then you'd have something like a hollow lump on your cookie, and after it's baked you can somehow put ice cream in there with a needle or something similar. Or you could just leave a hole in the lump, and then put ice cream in the cookie with a seringe.


Even though the idea sounds fun and delicious , Caped Crusaider is right. It would be impossible to fill a cookie with real, iced ice cream because it wouldn't squeeze in the shringe. I also believe that even melted ice cream wouldn't work because it is way too thick. Then again, there's also the idea of making a gigantic cookie and "pump" ice cream inside, which brings me to my off-topic idea:


One day in Golden Coral (a buffet restaurant around my area, or around all of U.S.), the bell rang signalling the new load of fresh bread rolls. I quickly grabbed one and strode back to my seat. But on the way, i noticed the ice cream machines nearby. So i took up a knife and cut a pretty narrow but large hole in the roll, then using a spoon i stuffed as much ice cream as i can inside. After finally taking a bite, i found it to be ginormously (yes, gigantic + enormously) delicious! You won't believe the taste when you combine something hot and cold together!


Which also leads me to think that the best way to eat this ice-cream filled cookie, would be to fill the cookie with ice cream when it is hot off the oven and eat it immediately.


Hey, this is making me terribly hungry for ice cream!


Melted ice cream in a liquid how would it be to think? I think this would work now just make the cookie dough like a hollow ball. YOu guys are kinda of weirdos saying liquidfied ice cream wouldn't fit cause its to think.


how would you make cookie dough into a hollow ball? Now there's an interesting thing to try to figure out. You could figure out a way to have a hole on the inside before you put them into the oven but it seems that the dough would collapse onto itself during baking.


While reading Tractor and Brandice's posts it came to me, you need ice cream in the middle of the cookie right? Ofcourse, Making the cookie hollow isn't easy right? Wrong, well this isn't what you should use but you should use something along the same lines. Well, first you need to find something that is edible and hard so it wont callapse along with the dough, something like cake icing well you need it to be hollow, and also hard thats important, but maybe not too hard. While making the dough get your hollow hard edible thingy and put the cookie dough around it, it would probably be a good idea to put the ice cream in first, now all you need to do is bake it and then it will be what you want once its frozen.This may not be what you want to use but it is along the same guidelines that may actually work. I immagine that this will work as the dough will stay hollow and wont collapse, also the ice cream can be injected into it and not be difficult. I am sorry if this isn't very helpfull, but i hope it has given you an idea on what to do.


I think that having ice cream injected into cookies is a good idea.It would probably be quite difficult getting enough ice cream in the cookie so you are able to taste it. Cookies have quite a strong taste, or at least the cookies that I've eaten (In England) have quite a strong taste.Also, the cookies are quite small, so there wouldn't be a lot of room where you can place the ice cream.However, I can't see why it couldn't be done. All it needs is someone to produce it and bring it out on the market.I reckon something like this will be out in the supermarkets fairly soon. Cookies and ice cream sound like they go together nicely.


XD Sounds like a nice idea, though I wouldn't like it home made. OOoh Reminds me of Maxibon! That's always yummy. Icecream biscut, kinda.


LOL, yeah it reminded me of a maxibon aswell, i didnt particularily like those. Maybe because i have semi or full sensitive teeth, they always hurt my teeth. I think it was the whole biting into ice cream thats cold, but the cookie with icecream may make it warm and easier to eat. Good luck with this Tractor. Post if you have any advancements in the field of Ice cream cookies.

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