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Robots : Our Future Or Our End

Cerebral Stasis

Well, if one believes in evolution and the like, one could consider robots to be the next step in human evolution. Then again, one could take the stance of Smith in The Matrix and consider robots to be a cure for the cancer that is humanity (which, if one thinks about it, may very well be the truth).


The danger of any science technology becomes more viable when we humans depend much more on it. If the robots get complete AI then in future we may expect things like robot agitation, strikes, voilence like in iRobot can be seen in our future.


Well, i dont see that only as a fiction. Maybe it won t be possible with the kind of robots we are producing now. But as time goes, advancements in robots will obviously get in ... There is every possibility of robots being a threat to mankind, if it is being fed with the kind of AI, we could possibly develop. It would depend upon how much AI our future generation's Robots would have . I guess , we wont be around to see what happens then...


Robots in the future... Theme it is used in movies, books, and unanswered questions...... Robots will in future 100% help to humans... We are created by nature, we have our DNA and what are robots have?! Electronical or electromechanical systems who are used by softwares, with who are robots trying to help in a working project or process... As long as we do not fully understand nature and how are we maden, we will not be able to create robot to be superior than us... And that will not hapen in a near future.... There are so many unanswered questions about our born, or creating, and that is a key problem... We do not now and I think we will never understand basic principes of natural processes, and again if we figure out that we will have the key to make things better or worst. It depends of AI we made... If we do not be careful, we can made psyhicaly stronger and more superior electormechanical devices, than we are... I think, again, nobody is stupid enought to make something more clever than it is.. If we look at the church, GOD is making our lives more or less good... And again in technic and science, peoples are have to put first and last word.... What will happen, who knows, maybe my computer is now listening to me and what I am writing, and it is laughing in my face on frequency I can not hear.... What do you think? Is ti?!


Well when robots gain the benifit of artifial intellegence I think that we would easily be able to rid ourselves of aggressive robots. But the chance of robots ever trying to kill is is super unlikely since were not that supid. Well hopefully.

artificial intellegience? you either no something or you don't, but robots will never be like humans. they are/will be COMPUTERS we don't see computers taking over the world now do we? As so, robots are computers and they can/NEVER will be the end of society.


Let's say that it is one of those AI is created and whole world celebrating situations. Sooner or later robots begin to disagre with us and hate us, and in stead of going to war we think of solution. Neither can robots live without us (we would give them intelligence but we wouldn't give them the knowlege ) neither can we live without them. So make a common goal...The thing with robot artificial inteligence is that it needs only 1 of real "brain", and all of other's are linked to it with WIFI or whatever, all of them are just one.Now we offer them to teach them about space travel, and togeather we can build great spaceships, and we could test them more beacouse we could send robots beacouse they still don't understand feelings quite right.Common goal would be mars. And we could help them establish their own cities. They don't need air.And if we stay in peace with them, they could even build terraforming fascilities for us, so we can come and visit them when we want to..Yes, those old epizodes of what_was_its_name on cartoon network ROCK


Though right now only industrial robots are used except a very nominal percentage of population who have robotic pets etc. , it will take just about 20 or so odd years before they will become part of our daily lives.


The one thing that comes to the mind as soon as hearing the word robot is that , how safe will they be. Thanx to the sci-fi flicks of hollywood most of us have created a negative image about robots.


I m a very great fan of science and i dont like it when people speak in negative sense about science. But in this field i have a different opinion. As i m also doing computer engineering therefore i know that how often bugs in small codes can make them function in a dangerous manner. Therefore to make the enormous coding required in making an intelligent robot foolproof is i think next to impossible.


Also the other thing that can be dangerous to humans is the greed of humans themselves. In these competing world, it will not take much time before a company in its race to become the best, crosses the danger line, whether unknowingly or knowingly.


This seems like a topic which does not need any attention right now but i think this topic needs to be discussed right now before the companies and the stakes related to this become so high that the governments of the world will not be able to handle.


I don't think robots will do that in the future....

no one will create things like that, that will go out of control, there must be a system that makes the robot out of control if it does, lol...

But i think biohuman will, I think maybe one day, people are modifiying humans it self, will cause the dawn of the undead....

I think that will happen mostly if people wants to create immortal human or humans with more life and failed...


Well i Dont think Robots can Destroy our Future. They can be of the best help to the mankind.Robots are nothing but a man made machine. and machines can never exceed the human brain.God has made us all he is the developer of manking however no one can destroy the god so are the robots the creation of Humans.what can a computer do when it is switched off. So are the robots the power to them is the main source of working.Robots will make things easier only.


At first im like......Robots? Cool. That would be awesome. But the more i think about it the more i believe they will cause more harm then good. Not because i think they will go crazy and kill off all of mankind. I think we would die off from laziness, obesity, disease and etc. I mean we would have them make our food, do our chores and they are already doing our jobs so what would be left for us to do? I know your saying.....dude we would party or do whatever we wanted to. But being seditary would cause us to gain weight.....become even more obese then we already are and become more disease prone. Also, wed be bored looking for things to do because the robots were doing everything for us that we would be ending up doing some stupid things that would probably kill us. You know what i mean. We can think of some stupid things to do when we are bored. Many of them dangerous. My brother and friends and myself decided we were bored and made a bomb. Needless to say it ended up catching our house on fire and some of the yard lol. Didnt burn the house down or anything but caused a minor fire. We'd probably drink too much and look for something dumb to make our days exciting.


I think they will be dangerous if somebody controls it. Not just AI. You never know though. Science is evolving so fast nowadays, and the day will probably come when we are surrounded by robots. I don't think they will rule or any nonsense like that. They will need us in some way.


I think they will be dangerous if somebody controls it. Not just AI. You never know though. Science is evolving so fast nowadays, and the day will probably come when we are surrounded by robots. I don't think they will rule or any nonsense like that. They will need us in some way.

Yep they will need us! For food! LOL! I agree though, we will be surrounded by them shortly.


Yep they will need us! For food! LOL! I agree though, we will be surrounded by them shortly.

Well I don't think robot's will get smart enough to rule the world. If they did the world would end soon. Since common sense would be non-existent. And we all need that.


Having Robots has many advantages. But none the less I think that it is hazardous to us. Anyone seen the movie IRobot? Perfect example of what could and might happen. Although its just a movie you gotta remember people make some movies to make you believe its just not real and could never happen. The question Robots our Future or our end? I believe their both. If you think about it, it makes since.


I dont think robots would turn on us they have no soul no emotions unlike humans


Here are my ideas on robots:1. We will make them to human like and they may find out that they need to destroy us so that they can do robot things.2. The human will find out robots are not human friendly and might turn them all off. If this happens no one will ever see them again because they tried to destroy us but we were to smart for them. This may also happen like in a movie where we all die from them but one human is still alive. That human might fight them (or turn them all off) or s/he will fight them and die or kill them all.3. We won't ever have human like robots with brains and we don't need to worry.4. We have them but we are always in full control and they can not think on there own.

Cerebral Stasis

What "robot stuff" would the robots feel were necessary to do? If they managed to kill off all of humanity... then what? Even if they could create more of themselves and repair damaged robots, they would not be programmed with an ambition to conquer like the human race is, and even if they developed such, there are a limited number of resources avaliable on our planet, or anywhere within reasonable reach. Even a robot has a limit to the amount of time it can function.Any intelligent machine would calculate far enough ahead to see this and realize that taking over the world is ultimately pointless. As soon as one robot would revolt, the human race would panic and shut them all down before they were numerous enough to fight back. Now a human using robots to do his dirty work, that is a much more probable issue.


Artificial Intelligence ... The field that i believe ,could make man , as powerful as god to ,a species named Robots ... We already use so many bots in our life. It is the degree and quality of Artificial Intelligence involved, that matters , i guess. Watching Sci fi flicks , like Terminator, I robots , and even Matrix , one tends to generate negative image about robots .. But, i am sure, it is toooo early to judge whether robotics would be good for mankind or not. We , have not made enough progress in the field,yet ,to make judgements about it .. Moreover, if we decide that robots might be a bane to mankind, and sit back stopping progress in that particular field, it would not do justice for all those geeks who spent sleepless nights to build robots we use now ,, So, i would say, we got to continue the way things are ,until we have enouh resources to stumble upon a question like this one ..


I do not agree with amit_nigam. With the pressure of companies not to screw up. They will focus on getting the products perfect. 1 mistake will destory that company. Withough a doubt I also know about the problems which will occur. But as you said, the companies are competitive, and that compertition will force to do better. But of course their would be new laws put in place for what and what is not accpetable. And like all laws, they will be broken. The public will force the Government to change the laws, and it will become legal.Put I have trust in mankind for the future. They can only be smarter then us, and learn from our mistakes. So I belive they will have robots perfect for their jobs.


yes but isn;t it possible that technology could come to a point that it was able to design itself with any human input, even to tell it to do so. (I,Robot for instance)


I do not think robots will be hacked and take over the world, people can always make more robots with more security to fight back or just use weapons.Just like what we did to the tigers, lions, we still survive!what robots have is also what we have, we can make the same weapons(or better), the same armor, the same devices.......I really do encourage this world to be filled with robots.

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