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What Do You Think About Ipod

Gondero Werkus

Personally I think there are too many different kinds of Ipods now. I mean why buy an Ipod Nano for like a million dollars when you can buy a normal Ipod that holds anywhere from 40 to 60 times as much music for only half a million dollars? Now obviously those aren't the correct prices on the units but the concept hold the same I know people who have every kind of Ipod that is out on the market today and I keep asking myself why people need so many different kinds of Ipods? Isn't one enough?


I think its great. Who cares what the hell it looks like as some of you said. It's made for music. I couldn't find anyother .mp3 player for the same price that holds 40 GBs. That is why i got it. I have over 3,000 songs and counting. The battery lasts a long time and it has never had any problems at all.


The only reason that I got an iPod was because I had heard about ipodlinux, and how you could make the older ones do the same things that the newer ones do, minus the color. I'm sorry about being impatient, but I wish that they would hurry up with getting it modified for the 4g iPod.


Yea i got the 4gb nano when it first came out and that thing scratched up way too easily. So i later got the 60 with the video and everything and it seems to work out well for my so far. I just really hate the idea of the generations. Right when someone goes out and buys the best ipod they have on the market, you know a better one will be out in less than a week. But i guess apple is doing good from it, its got to make up for there poor computer sales.


I will give you 2 reason's why I love the iPod.1. Size of the Hard Drive. Come on, when your burning at 128k and can fit roughly 10,000 songs on a 40 gig Hard Drive, there is nothing better. Knock it down to 64k lossless and you raging at 20,000 songs. Now this is not for the person who likes just a couple of songs. This is for the person who is out there to enertain, which means any and all music. Especialy the tracks most people dont know, and few that do. And who knows, when you have 8,000 some odd songs, you can find out some songs are preatty cool, when your not listening to the same musician or ban for about an hour before hand. Also you can get some preatty cool mixes going, that you never would have thought of. Which leads into reason number 2.2. iPod Upgrades. iPod has the widest range of upgrades you could possibly get for an mp3 player. Going to be on the road for awhile? Why not slap on the iTrip, and now your favorite tunes are blastin' on your car stereo... trippy aint it (ha ha) Going to DJ for a big part? Grab the iDJ, a power amp, and a couple of speakers. Next thing you know, your running a sub-prefessional sound system, and anybody can bring up an iPod, and you have extra music options. Are you into wrapping or some other profession? iDJ V2, now has scratch pads and a few other neat little devices. Along with these upgrades you can also get remotes, and small home systems for your musical pleasure.These are my two reasons why I love the iPod.


I love my nano but I really would've rather had a 1 gig nano or shuffle, because I honestly don't know that much music. And now that I've found some good music to add I can't find the damn thing...So other than my crappy luck it is a good player.


i personally love my iPod Video, but you do NEED conversion software to get vids on there that arent from iTunes sadly

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