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Plasma Monitors Vs Lcd Monitors the true history and risks behind this new technology


Planning to get an LCD TV for my home. LCDs definately have an edge over Plasmas. As far as the price is concerned, they come in the sweet spot whereas plasmas seem a distant option. Even my LCD monitor is working fine and I love watching movies on it(much better than my current CRT TV).


Well, the difference beetwen Plasma and LCD is this:LCD: They use the same technology as the computer LCD monitors, so they have rows and columns of points (pixels, dots of color and light) which are always illuminated, in high density LCD's (like Full HD) and with the appropriate input (High Def Player as a Blu-Ray or HD DVD one) they could generate truly impressive image quality, even better than Plasmas. They tend to have better colors on high light places.Plasma: They use a different technology, they produce the lights and colors by the excitation of fluorescent substances by creating a shock beetwen two crystal panels. They tend to have blacker blacks, and more vivid colors in living room-like places, where the light is soft.Hope it helps.


LCDs tend to be a lot sharper but that'll come at the expense of anti-aliasing so I recommend using LCDs in a media centre. Because then you can tell the GPU to do for example 16xAA?Plasmas tend to have higher contrasts (blacker blacks and whiter whites) but since they burn in and their extremely high power comsumption they might just fall a little behind LCD. I prefer LCD since it uses a lot less power, its sharper (so better for windows applications if your using MC) it also has the advantage of better PC inputs (some Full HD (1080p, 1920x1080 res) will only support VGA) such as DVI, VGA, HDMI, S-Video etc...So I recommend LCD, but if you really want to plasma is fine. There are down-points to LCD such as stuck pixels, low contrast, poor viewing angles.The decision is mainly up to you, but I and many others recommend LCD*off topic slightly* GO LCD!!!!!!*end slightly off topic*


Thanks for all information regarding Plasma vs LCD monitors. As many stated here, LCD provides better picture and longer lifetime.They had a outsale for monitors and my brother bought a Viewsonic 22", for 200 Euro, he was satisfied, he could put up the monitor on the wall if he likes to. I got a plasma 19" and its soon two years old, and the monitor works just fine. After playing games on mybrothers viewsonic, I realise I want a bigger monitor. The seller we bought the LCD monitor from told me that viewsonic is world leading when it comes to monitors, is it? Are there other brands thats better? What am I looking for specific to determine whats a good LCD monitor?

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