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Lightscribe Personalise Your CD/DVD


I hate products like this where everyhting sounds fine and dandy but in fact it jus creates more problems than it solves...as snipe said where could you get these discs?I dont like the sound of this program why not settle for a simple label maker?


Omg thats sounds really cool.. but i think that the lightscribe will be expensive


Yes LightScribe is Expensive at present. But as it gains popularity and mass acceptance the prices will go down and will become affordable to the comman man.

Cerebral Stasis

I dont like the sound of this program why not settle for a simple label maker?

Label makers can be expensive (you need a special adhesive sheet of paper, a special printing application, etc.), and it can be difficult to put the labels onto the disks (one needs a little device in order to get it properly centered and such, or else one ends up with a sticky mess). They both have their advantages, but this looks like it may be the best way to create a colorless label (especially since the label can't be torn off or something).


Well, I like the LightScribe, because of its laser technique features!! But when I planned to purchase a DVD - Burner by itself i thought of lightscribe drive and went to purchase it.. But the price really amazed me.!! Its like 150$ for the Burner!! I then went to another shop.. the same price! Its really expensive and also you need seperate CD / DVD media to print on to the CD/DVD..


There is no wonder that LightScribe Drives are very expensive. Because, they havent yet become the prime products or mostly bought like other drives. We have to wait until the price drops. This will happen only after a few months or may be nearly a year.


Hey thanks for letting me know about this lightscibe, but here in india we dont have it. WOw great thing to know so that we can put our own label. If i would get it in india then it might have possible for me to get this one. Man using this how do you burn the cd's, please let us know if i get it by my friend then it would be more useful for me too . Please kindly let me know about this more, this would help many who stay in india and have an account in Xisto.


Hai puffy I am also from India. LightScribe Drives are Available in India.You can find them in Metros. Even if your local vendor dosent have it you can buy it from eBay India. Or even you can ask one of your friend to buy you LightScribe Drives from another City.As of LightScribe Media (CD/DVD) is concerned, the Indian Media manufacturer MoserBaer is manufacturing LightScribe CD and DVD in India and they are available everywhere LightScribe Drives are available.How to use LigtScribe will be added soon.


LightScribe isn't terribly expensive. When I got my new computer (an HP, bought in April 2005), we paid about $100 extra for the drive. As far as the media is concerned, it's expensive: about $5.00 for a five pack of discs with slim cases.


i was about to get one of these but then i found a cheeper one that worked the same but without and i was a little short on cash so i went for the cheap one lol...but yeah thats pretty awsome *BLEEP*!!!they also make the discs with color look at all you dvds and *BLEEP* lol...or is that just painted on?


My dad does that with his cd's on a printer!Well something like that!It rocks!


XGamer what ur dad does is not LightScribe, it is printing directly on the labelling side of a printable CD/DVD with a CD/DVD Print Capable Inkjet Printers.


LightScribe is Done with a LightScribe enabled CD/DVD Drive


Wow that maybe be good technology.It sounds attractive to me.


lol, yes, its quite a good technologymy bro was gonna buy it but for some reason he did noti think you need those kinda cds or dvds that have no imprint on the surface for this to work properly and they are not available in the place i live, so this not for me........


For Indians,


In India HP is providing LightScribe Drives through its dealers.


LightScribe Media is at present provided by MoserBaer, Verbatim and HP.


I tried LightScribe but ended up switching to the DiscPainter disc labeling devise. This stand alone labeler print full color images directly to any printable disc media. The software is easy to navigate and it prints 600 dpi images in 1 minute and 1200 dpi images in 3 minutes. This is the only disc labeling device/system I have ever used that works simply without the many drawbacks and limitations of other methods.-DJ Jazz

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